We regularly observe different sites with different plans for their layouts. Layouts assume a crucial job in making the site look great. In the event that the site has flawless layout, at that point, the vibes of the site look simply extraordinary. Designers invest hours of their work energy in arranging and finding the layout that would strike to watchers at a solitary look. So today in this article, we will discuss different examples of Bootstrap 4 page layout whose row uses .container or .container-fluid(full width), where some of them are responsive to adapt to the screen sizes.

So also, we as a whole have thought regarding the word Layout. Layout essentially alludes to the plan or the course of action of the page by separating the entire page into various pieces and various sizes. We can just gap the page into equal parts or three parts or in any capacity we like.

There are hundred of UI parts at transfer for astounding layout and picking a solitary library for that isn’t a simple errand. You have to think about ease of use, program backing and ease while choosing among layouts.

Collection of Bootstrap Layout Design Examples Source Code

So what is the best layout plan for you? It has no particular answer. Only you can respond to that question. It tends to control by the layout style you might want to show to your group of spectators.

To give you a superior thought, I’ll show you a few layout plans.


So let us start our journey to some of the top lists of Layout designs.. I hope you will stay till the end.

1. Bootstrap 4 Responsive Page Screen Sizes Layout

The designer of this format is to give business people a superior thought on the best way to make their site progressively intelligent.

As should be obvious from the picture, it has place for pictures and substance. The register choice is given to the client too. This format is made to show the restricted release or the subject of the period.

It is one of the best possible methodologies to give the guests a chance to tap on the thing effectively.

Bootstrap full screen layout example

Despite the fact that your site isn’t about business, this format can likewise be utilized by bloggers who need to show their displays on one page. It is additionally for quicker navigation purposes.

Besides that, Jason Chan, this design maker, needs to share his thoughts on how he made this style. As the Bootstrap design is responsive, it will fit in any screen size.


2. Bootstrap Web Layout Example

A matrix configuration gives a visual strategy to make different organizations contrasting with devices on which the site is appeared. For example, your site will be seen on work regions, tablets, and phones. You can use grid organizations to decide plans for all of these contraptions.

The architect has likewise used a comparative thought in this structure. There are 9 blocks of the region in the arrangement. You can either place the images in them or the contents. It’s up to you.

Bootstrap full screen web layout


3. Common Grid Layouts

The designer has shown how the columns are placed in the layout. In the One column centered justify-content-center is included on your column div. Likewise, the columns are arranged in the layout. col-sm, col-md is used for the sections.

Also he gutters between columns in our predefined grid classes can be evacuated with .no-gutters. This expels the negative margins from .row and the flat padding from every single immediate children columns.

common grid layouts

The whole Bootstrap layout design is responsive as well so it will fit in any screen sizes. The demo along with the code snippet is underneath.


4. Bootstrap Layout Full Width Container

As should be obvious from the image, the pictures and subtleties are masterminds in a card-like structure with rounded corners. What is the motivation behind this bootstrap style? It is frequently used to sites that need to show a great deal of data to a solitary page.

The card-molded sneak peeks show an image and a short portrayal of what is inside. It encourages the group of spectators to discover the thing they like by basically tapping the card.

This sort of design is adaptable wherein you can control it to change sizes, number of sections, dispersing, and the style of cards.

layout containers

You can see for the most part observe this design in Youtube and Pinterest (which is a similar format on this image).

Rather than utilizing JavaScript – which is the standard application for this design the designer has to utilize CSS.


5. Bootstrap 4 News Page Layout Screen Examples

As the name says, this type of layout mainly suits for News Websites. You can see series of pictures on the right side and one single large picture of the left side. On refreshing the picture changes.

It is without a doubt a virtuoso method to grandstand your blog too. You can utilize this sort of section boxes on your site as well.

You can also add hover effects to the design. Both images and contents can be added as well to make the design look impressive.

Bootstrap full screen news layout


6. Bootstrap Sidebar Layout

This Bootstrap sidebar design by Brenna Veen would be an incredible fit for a modern web application. As should be obvious from the screen capture, this sidebar is present on the left half of the page.

The white texts are under a dark foundation. This sidebar contains navigation menus clicking which the client can explore to the different pages of the site. The Bootstrap container-fluid class uses here which defines the Full width.

Remember that you don’t really need to utilize a sidebar for just indicating navigation menus, you can likewise show different things, for example, your contact data or your organization data in the sidebar segment.

sidebar layout


7. Card Layout

This is an excellent card plan for items. The gliding item image and a white foundation give an extraordinary look to the item card structure. A call to action button for add to bag option is present.

Also the item subtleties are present on top left of the card. The shadow effect here plays a vital role to make the design look gaga.

All the animation impacts are smooth and clean, which clients will love to use on both versatile and work area gadgets.

card layout


8. Bootstrap Nesting Columns Layout Full Width Container

To nest your contents with the default grid, include another .row and set of .col-sm-* columns inside a current .col-sm-* column. Nested row ought to incorporate a lot of columns that indicate 12 or less (it isn’t necessitated that you utilize each of the 12 accessible columns).

This may come as an amazement, yet you can include a row inside a column!

The row which will have the width of its parent column) will at that point be separated into 12 (smaller) columns that you can reference through the .col-* classes.

Let’s investigate what happens when we embed another line inside a column

nesting columns layout


9. News Template Layout

In the News layout, the maker has perfectly sorted out the substance and arranged them to help the client effectively discover the story they need. On the landing page, you have space to include advertisement flags so you can without much of a stretch adapt your site.

At the top bar, you can include a climate gadget and helpful links like part login and information exchange. Like in all other free news site formats, mega menu choices are present to give you a chance to sort out the links.

news template layout

All the fundamental components are present in this format so you can focus toward the back work and on building up the custom components and pages you need.


10. Bootstrap 4 User Interface Card Page Layout

Getting into increasingly proficient and varieties with the UI card plan, this is a choice to decide on. Why? Since with a similar style, this incorporates various sizes and view styles to browse.

Much the same as with the different kinds of cards, all things considered, the card looks like a name card with simply the image, title, and the catches.

In the left segment you can also include the extra contents. Also you can change the background color.

user interface card layout

So any way you wish to empower on your site, it is anything but difficult to execute.

It utilizes the amazing CSS, HTML and to some degree JS to get this inventive outcome so once you get its hang, you can do likewise and accomplish a comparable outcome.


11. Bootstrap 4 Grid Page Layout Example

Bootstrap’s grid framework permits up to 12 columns over the page.

In case you would prefer not to utilize each of the 12 columns exclusively, you can gather the columns to make more extensive columns.

Bootstrap’s grid framework is responsive, and the columns will re-mastermind contingent upon the screen size: On a big screen it may look better with the substance sorted out in three columns, yet on a little screen it would be better if the substance things were stacked over one another.

Here medium devices are characterize as having a screen width from 768 pixels to 991 pixels. For medium devices, we will utilize the .col-md-* classes

grid layout exmaple


12. Bootstrap 4 Responsive Page Screen Sizes Layout Examples

The responsive configuration acclimates to screen size and heading, ensuring consistency transversely over formats. So We have a full web design beginning from the navigation bar to the footer region.

Under the Navigation area, we can see welcome screen which you can replace by carousel impacts so that the design looks more beautiful. The content section also has three areas to place contents. The different colors use for including each content.

responsive layout

The Bootstrap design is responsive, so there is no doubt that it will fit in any screen sizes.


13. Material Design Lite Portfolio

In the event that you are searching for modern and trendy portfolio website, this material design layout may motivate you. The maker has utilized the substance squares to richly sort out the substance inside the given space. On the perfect white foundation, the texts and the blog entry images are plainly unmistakable.

Also the hamburger menu is as well place in the left side of the navigation bar which opens the sidebar on click.

Bootstrap full screen material design  layout

Also the whole code content to make this layout is present to you legitimately. Since this layout utilizes the CSS3 content, it can deal with every cutting edge shading and textual styles effectively.

Also redoing this layout will be a simple activity for the developers.



When picking bootstrap layout plans, it is ideal to discover one which is important to your topic. Putting disconnected columns confound and drive out guests. Cautious thought is essential for this. On the off chance that you are into images, you can pick gallery style layouts. Something else, in the event that you need to have a more extended substance in your site, Magazine or F-Shape layout might be the one for you.

You don’t need to stress over the nature of the layout above. The makers who modified these layouts have sufficient learning to give you sound layout plans. Truly, content is fundamental, yet a decent website design drives more traffic than those sites that couldn’t care less about the structures by any means.

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