Follower likes, and comments are integral parts of a page, whether related to business or influencer. However, not everyone wants others to see the number of reactions to their posts. In such situations, you can hide likes on your Facebook page.

This situation can also happen to a new or small business page. You see, the number of reactions to a post always pushes your content toward popularity. For instance, if you see many users liking a post, you will inevitably get interested.

However, what if the likes count is low? It will instead have a negative effect. So, sometimes it is necessary to disable reactions for a strategic retreat.

Besides this, there can be other reasons like personal preference, privacy concerns, and so on.

Whatever the case, this article will teach you to hide likes on your Facebook page, along with a few handful tips. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to add a service area on the Facebook page while at it.

Can you Hide Likes on Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can hide likes on your Facebook business page. However, this applies only to the post you published on your page timeline.

It will not work if you have posted content to a group, events, marketplace, or updated your reels. People will continue to see reactions to such content.

So, covering up the likes count on your post published on the Facebook business page is possible.

Once you hide the likes, users can no longer see the number of reactions to that content.

This doesn’t mean they won’t see who gave the reactions to your post. They only won’t see the number. You can look at the two images below to understand it better.

So, all you are doing is hiding the like count, not the entire reactions altogether. Hence, don’t worry about your post looking deserted.

This feature is very useful for a starting business page. Not everyone has loads of likes in their pocket. It takes a lot of work to get reactions, and it takes time and effort.

So, to avoid discouraging the followers with the small number of likes, you can hide it until your business profile is popular.

Furthermore, not all pages are meant to garner huge reactions. Hence, you can conceal this count to avoid unnecessary competition.

Overall, no matter what reason you have, if you use this feature properly, there are many benefits you can gain.

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How to Hide Likes on Facebook Page: Hide Reaction Counts

It is quite easy to hide likes on a Facebook business page using a smartphone and a PC (Windows or Mac).

Here, hiding likes means hiding the number, not overall reactions. Once you do this, nobody will know how many of them you got on your post unless they manually count it. So, let’s learn to do that below.

Note: Currently, there is no option on the Mobile app that lets you hide likes on a FB business page. You can do it on your personal account using a Smartphone, but this option seems to be missing for a page.

So, for now, use a PC (Windows or Mac) to do this. To find out whether this option will be added to the Mobile app in the future, you can look for the “reaction preferences” option on the page settings.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the process below on your computer or laptop to hide likes on your Facebook business page.

1. First, launch Facebook Web on your desktop web browser and go to your page account.

2. Next, click the user icon from the upper right corner and choose the “Settings & Privacy” option.

3. After that, open the “Settings” and then press “Privacy” from the left panel.

4. Then, click the “Reaction preferences” option from the bottom of the left panel.

5. Finally, toggle on the “On your post” option (2nd one) from the right panel.

This will immediately hide the likes and reactions counts on your post. It applies to all your old and new content.

However, you can still see the number and will have no issue. So, this feature only restricts your followers from seeing the count.

Of course, it won’t hide who is reacting to your post. And if you publish content on another group, event, reel, or marketplace, this effect won’t apply. So, no need to worry about affecting your external activities.

Quick Tip: You can also hide the reactions or likes count on the other user’s post. This feature is helpful when you don’t want to see the number of likes on other’s content ruining your mood.

To do this, toggle on the “On posts from others” option (1st one) on the “Reaction preferences” screen.

This feature applies to any post that appears in your news feed. But it won’t affect other areas like the marketplace and content like reels.

How to Unhide the Number of Reactions on a Facebook Page?

If you change your mind or want to unhide your post’s likes and reactions for other reasons, you can easily do that.

For this, open your page, and go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> Privacy >> Reactions preferences.

Next, turn off the “On your posts” option (second one) from the right panel. This will immediately enable the reaction count on your post and un-hide it.

So, now people can see the number of likes and the count of every reaction on your Facebook page post as before.

How to Hide Your Page Liked on Facebook?

When someone visits your business account, they can see a lot of information. Out of which, they will easily find out which pages you like from your business account.

Similarly, they can also see your preference in movies, books, music, group, and many more. This information can be found in your page profile’s “More” drop-down menu inside the “Like” tab.

While this info can help you convey your hobby and preferences, you may not like to show this to the public.

However, as you know, everything on a Facebook business profile is “public” by default. And it won’t let you change your privacy easily.

So, instead of changing the privacy, you can directly hide the pages liked by you. Let’s look at how to do it below.

1. First, open your page account on a desktop web browser and go to your profile.

2. Next, click the “Moreoption from the horizontal menu.

3. Then, scroll down to the bottom of that drop-down menu and select “Manage sections.”

4. Now, go through the list, and uncheck the box next to the “Likes” option.

You can do the same for any other sections, such as movies, music, etc., that you want to hide from the public.

5. Finally, press the “Save” button.

This is how you can conceal your likes on the Facebook business page. When you want to show it to the public again, just repeat the steps and check the box next to the “Likes” option.

Can you Hide Facebook Page Likes and Followers?

No, you cannot hide your Facebook page likes and followers. However, you don’t actually need to do this since it is sufficiently hidden by default.

It means a user can never see your likes and followers list completely. Instead, they will only know if their friend has also liked that page.

If there is none, they will see a text saying, “None of your friends have liked this page.”

Hence, no need to make it private since the information is protected by default.


Why can’t I hide Facebook page likes?

You can’t hide your Facebook page likes since there is no need to. A user can only see the number of likes your page has and the list of their friends who are also following it. But other info is hidden by default.

Can I hide the likes count on individual Facebook page posts?

No, you cannot cover up the likes count on individual Facebook page posts. Instead, you can hide it for all the content (old & new) you publish on your timeline.

Can I hide the reactions count on Facebook page comments?

No, you cannot hide the reactions count on your Facebook page comments.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, hiding the like count on a Facebook business page can help you avoid unhealthy and unnecessary competition.

Remember, you can always make it visible again whenever you want. So, use this feature to your advantage if you are just starting a page.

Overall, let’s hope you now know the value of this feature. For more ideas, you can check other Facebook page tips on this site.

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