To engage your friends either on your or other’s content, you can mention them in the comment sections. Like other apps Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also allows you to tag someone in a comment on it.

Despite a private or business page, you can tag anyone on Insta comments to increase their engagement on the post.

In this way, you can also promote your business page or brand by tagging someone on your business page. And if you find content that resembles the relation between you and the other person, then you can choose the tagging option to make them feel special.

This article will cover all possible and easy ways to tag someone on Instagram comments. So, keep staying until the end of this to not miss any information regarding mentioning features of Insta.

Can You Tag Someone in Your Instagram Comment?

Yes, you can tag an account in your Instagram comment. The app offers a feature that you can use to mention someone in a particular post’s comment.

Mentioning someone helps ultimately assists them in reaching the content in no time without any hindrances.

You can mention anyone, no matter whether they are friends with you or not. This clearly shows that you don’t need to be friends with someone to tag them in the comments.

How to Tag Someone in a Comment on Instagram

You probably know about the tagging feature of the Instagram app. But you may be unsure about the process. If so, then there is no matter to worry about because we will discuss the easy and quick steps to tag someone in a comment on Instagram.

Go through the given step-to-step guide that will assist you in walking through an easy way to tag someone in a comment on Instagram. You can use both smartphones, either Android or iOS, to complete the process.

1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone. You will directly land on the app’s home page, where you can see several posts from the accounts you are following on the app.

2. Find the post on which comments you want to tag someone. If you feel hard to find content, you can find the account using the search bar. This helps in finding the post more easily.

3. Open the comment section of the post. This icon is at the bottom of the item, along with the like and share icon. Once you open the replies section, you will see all the remarks the post obtained.

4. Tap on the typing box from the bottom of the screen to access the virtual keyboard.

5. Then, type @ and the account name of the desired person you wish to mention. The app shows the accounts related to your search.

How To Tag Someone In A Comment On Instagram

6. Select the person you want to join by commenting on a post on IG. Add your replies according to your wish.

7. Touch on “Post” to complete the process. After this, you will find that the person has been tagged in the comment of a specific post.

Now, the person gets a notification that you have mentioned them in the comment section of a particular post.

How to Mention More Than One Person in an Instagram Comment

Sometimes, you must mention more than one person in a comment on Instagram for various reasons.

If you wish, you can do so without facing any obstacles. The process is as simple as that of tagging a single individual.

If you wish to tag a bulk number of people in a comment, go along with the given steps.

1. Open the Instagram app and then find a post of which comments you want to mention your friends.

2. Once you find the content, open the replies section and type @, then one friend’s name. After this, give a space and then type @, then the name of the other account. Repeat the same process until or unless you tag the number of friends you want.

3. If you are done with tagging, then tap on “Post” to complete the process.

In this way, you can mention multiple people at a single time. All the people will get notifications at the same time and can also visit the content according to their wishes.

Besides this, you can also tag multiple friends on a single post by another method.

For this, open the comment section of a post and then mention a single person, then tap post. Repeat the same process for other friends also.

You can also learn to unfollow everyone on Threads.

How Many People Can You Mention in a Single Instagram Comment?

You can tag up to 5 people in a single comment. This is because the app allows you to mention just five people in a single reply on an individual post.

What Happens When You Tag Someone in a Instagram Comment?

When you tag someone in a comment on Instagram, the app immediately sends a notification to that person. That means they can get to know that they have been mentioned in a comment.

You probably know about tagging someone, and you might also mention your friends sometimes. But at the same time, you may also wonder to know what happens when you tag someone in a comment.

If you tag a person, they will be notified with a notification to view the content. They can also visit the post through the medium of a tagged notification.

Not only a tagged person but other people who visit the comments of that post will be able to know that you have tagged someone’s account. And random people on the app can also visit their profile through the mentioned profile.

You can also learn to report a post on Threads app.

How to Know If Someone Tagged You in a Instagram Comment?

If someone tags you in a comment, then you will get a notification on the Instagram app. In this way, you can know if someone tagged you.

There is no silent method to tag someone on Instagram comments, which means you get to know if someone mentions you in the comment.


Q: Does tagging in comments on Instagram work?

A: Yes, tagging in comments on Instagram definitely works. To mention someone, you need to type @ and then the account name to make it works. When you mention a person on Instagram, they will be notified.

Q: Why can’t I mention a friend in an Instagram comment?

A: If the person you are trying to mention doesn’t have an Insta account, you can’t mention a friend in an Instagram. Or, if the person is on the block list, you still won’t be able to tag them.

So make sure to mention a person who has an Insta account and is not blocked by you.

Q: Can I tag myself on Instagram comments?

A: Yes, you can tag yourself on Instagram comments. For this, you have to go through the same process as mentioning other people.

Q: Can I mention someone in a comment on an older post?

A: Yes, you can mention someone in a reply on an older post, but the post must have existed on the account.


Instagram offers an amazing feature that you can use to tag someone in a comment on the existed or new posts. This helps connect someone to the content if it is related to that person.

You can mention a single person or multiple users in a single comment. And this will gradually help in increasing engagement on the post as there is a chance that they will share the content with their followers.

To tag someone on an Instagram comment, go through the above given step-by-step guide that leads you in an easier way to complete the process.

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