Content accordions make a helpful design. You can utilize them for a wide range of things: for menus, records, pictures, article extracts, text bits, and even recordings. Most accordions out there depend on CSS, mainly on CSS3, however since the utilization of cutting edge JS strategies got across the board, we can likewise find pleasant examples that utilization both CSS and JS, that make them open in conditions with empowered JavaScript. There is a purpose behind the ubiquity of accordions surging such a great amount throughout the years! For those bigger and text-substantial substances, the basic and viable approach to make it all the more appealing and less boring are accordions or collapsible. Combining the entirety of the free choices online where you can get thoughts for intense, proficient looking and stunning examples, today we have a collection of Top and Best JavaScript/JS Accordion Menu example for you to appreciate!

Accordions are present broadly over a wide range of websites and applications. At the point when we have to crunch different substance within the given zone that too in an appropriately sorted out way, accordions are the best decision.

As responsive designs are becoming an unquestionable requirement, converting customary elements into portable good elements is a challenging activity. The accordion is one component that you can use in both the PC rendition and the portable form of your design.

JavaScript Accordion Menu Examples with Source Code

Hand-picking out these varieties, the best part about everything is that you likewise gain admittance to their full coding structure.


1. JavaScript Accordion Left Menu Example

The developer Benjamin has given us the accordion menu for dashboard design. Because of the idea of accordion to spare heaps of screen space, they are the best choice for navigation menus. Particularly in dashboards, we have just an area held for listing the navigation menu.

Accordions will assist you with organizing the navigation menus and hold them under one hood. The drop-down impact is smooth and clean so it shows the alternatives are uncovered with elegance.

JavaScript Accordion Menu

In the event that you are making a dashboard design, Take a glance at our Free PSD Admin Dashboard Template Design. All the fundamental choices including accordions are given in that, which will spare a ton of your time and cash.


2. Beautiful Design JS Accordion Menu Code Snippet

Let’s get to another basic example by Agustin Ortiz. Designed in view of effortlessness and clean tasteful, everything about this interests to the clients. From the dark and white shading example to the utilization of oversimplified icons this is an incredible method to include adapt the segments your site.

HTML is utilized to define the structures, substance and shapes while the straightforward JS and CSS are utilized to include that smooth changes. Presently, with the accordion when tapped on the particular segments, it grows to show the substance inside.

Beautiful JavaScript Accordion Menu

The little subtleties with the shading change and the icon changing its shape is the thing that that makes it so interesting. Before implementing it into your website design, first make sure to change the language.


3. Accordion Menu Design Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

From the image itself you can comprehend that this design has nested or various level accordion design. Slick drift impacts utilizes to appropriately show the accordion that the client is going to pick. The default design is an ideal choice for the accordions on the sidebar. In any case, you can alter the code and resize the accordion size according to your needs.

The icons also faces to the up when you click on the corresponding menu. Shadow effects are neatly present in the design to distinguish the design from the background.

JavaScript Accordion Menu design


4. JS Accordion Menu Display Favorite Books List

Presently for a progressively mind boggling design, this is a further developed and in vogue vivified JavaScript accordion design. A pen by Jon JuliaRietveld, this design uses SCSS just as JS codes to execute the smooth change and positions of parts.

At the point when one of the title is tapped on to uncover the substance inside, the past choice automatically withdraws. Everything about this is very mesmerizing as the creator has paid attention to in the inconspicuous subtleties.

JavaScript Accordion Menu display Favorite books like

Depending on the title tapped on, the menus slide up or down to uncover the substance. The icons nearby the shading plan of the chose title additionally changes to feature the determination.


5. Multilevel Website Accordion Menu with Source Code

So this one is more progressively commonsense and practical design, this is a multi level accordion which implies that it holds accordion inside the accordion. The straightforward dim and white shading palette makes the design rich and basic.

Nonetheless, the multilevel design is the thing that makes it stand apart from the remainder of the examples on the rundown. When tapped on a particular segment it uncovers more choice to grow which likewise extends to the third degree of the accordion.

Despite the fact that this is just a demo, you can utilize it for your site effortlessly customizing any subtleties according to your inclination.

Multilevel JavaScript Accordion Menu

Every one of the segments additionally executes a basic drift impact. In our opinion, this is practically an extraordinary alternative for any text-substantial locales or pages.


6. JavaScript Vue Tree Menu Example

In the event that you are looking for Tree Menu example to group different information, this JavaScript accordion design may intrigue you. The animation is quick and smooth so the clients don’t need to stand by long for the information to show up.

The icons also move accordingly when you click on it. You can likewise add new time by clicking on ‘Add New Item’. The gradient background likewise looks so beautiful with the dark shaded Accordion example. Subsequently, it is a light-weight code bit and can be utilized effectively in any website and applications.

JavaScript Vue Tree Accordion Menu


7. Vertical Accordion Menu Using jQuery And CSS3

Presently this is an increasingly minimal and basic design of a Jquery accordion on the off chance that you are looking for one. The creator has given anybody a head-start on the off chance that they need to include their custom touch as the general styling and design is truly plain. The accordion anyway works pretty easily.

Also, you can see, the entire structure depends on 4 basic lines that fills in as the outskirts for each title or the substance. Simple to execute and recreate in the event that you wish, with a couple of changes to a great extent you can make it into your own design. Follow the link beneath to gain access to their full source code structure.

JavaScript Vertical Accordion Menu


8. Awesome Accordion Menu Design JS Code Snippet

This is a further developed and awesome accordion example. The straightforward accordion is defined by five elements each expanding to uncover the contents list inside. The menu with an icon at the right indicates that it has more to show. Hover effects is properly utilized to indicate which menu is being highlighted.

In general, the design perspective is minimal yet modern with the text styles, shading plans and the entire structure. Combining HTML, CSS and JS, the creator of this accordion menu example has played with oversimplified highlights to get this stunning variety.

Awesome JavaScript Accordion Menu


9. Metro Style Accordion Example

This accordion by LukyVJ is another expert looking example that you can without much of a stretch gain access to through the link beneath. The red and dark accordion utilizes the white textual styles on each of the boxes. In any case, the chose area expands to show you the inside contents. As soon as you click over the other menu, the previous menu’s content draws back in.

Very easy to accomplish, this is a simpler alternative you can begin with. The codes are on the whole spotless and well-remarked with the goal that you can without much of a stretch comprehend the entire structure.

Metro style JavaScript Accordion Menu


10. Expandable Item Menu Accordion with Source Code

Making utilization of effortlessness and plain design, this is another amazing alternative to actualize JavaScript accordion menu onto your site. In spite of the fact that the style is entirely minimal, it despite everything is an extraordinary alternative. Why? Since every one of the areas are styled and enlivened to flawlessness for a smooth performance.

The boxed segment slides up and down to uncover the substance inside. On the right hand side the information icon likewise changes to exit or cross segment which restores the entire structure to its original position.

Expandable JavaScript Accordion Menu

With a couple of changes to a great extent, you can undoubtedly change the text styles, shading plans and the sizes effectively in the event that you like.


11. Simple Accordion Menu With Jquery

In case you have an online selling website and want to show your contents and items to the users, then you can think of this one. When tapped on, these areas grow or slide down to uncover the remainder of the substance. On hovering, the white background of the menu changes to a dark shade.

Using HTML, CSS and a touch of Jquery, the final product is most likely worth an attempt. Likewise the arrow icons changes accordingly. You can also use this accordion menu as a sidebar model.

Simple Accordion Menu


12. AccordionMenu Design For Web Designer

On the off chance that you are going for something increasingly minimal and straightforward example, at that point this is another incredible method to actualize JS accordion menu onto your site. The entire structure is outwardly perfect and rich. With various buttons that develops snap to uncover the substance inside, it is a truly direct design.

The substance segments are designed to just slide down and furthermore work like a conventional toggle. This implies only one category can be shown at that point. The buttons likewise have an inconspicuous hint of hover impact with a slight shading progress.

AccordionMenu Design


13. Amazing Concept Of Accordion Menu Design Using JavaScript

In this JavaScript/JS Accordion Menu example, you get a beautiful finishing design. Despite the fact that the original design is made for navigation, you can include different elements in it. For example, this one utilizes in an individual website so you can add a little portfolio gadget to minister your crowd. You can utilize this design as your sidebar as well.

Both icons and texts are present in here to indicate the menu. Out of the 8 menus, 2 of them has a ‘+’ icon in it. On click, the inside contents shows up smoothly and the icon changes into a cross sign. Also a ripple animation is present as you click on the menu. Thanks to the Keyframes property.

Amazing Concept Of AccordionMenu


14. Hamburger Slide JavaScript AccordionMenu

Hamburger Menus are present in almost every websites nowadays. The designer has used the same concept in here. So in this design, a hamburger menu icon is present at the top left. On click, the menu icon changes to a cross icon and the three menu items are seen. Submenus are seen as you click on the menu items.

All things considered the creator Anya Melnyk has given the thought a remarkable style and we definitely love the final product. Look at the full code snippet and view the live demo using the link down underneath.

Hamburger Slide Java Script AccordionMenu


15. Accordion Multi Menu Snippet

Made with CSS and a little touch of JS. The utilization of JavaScript assists with making different animations. Using :checked pseudo-class we can produce different animation on the website. This menu will cause parcel of changes to the website and will to permit us to make the substance new as could be expected under the circumstances.

On the off chance that you need to list numerous submenus, this accordion design will be a decent arrangement.

Accordion MultiMenu


16. jQuery Menu Example with Source Code

As you can see, this JavaScript/JS Accordion menu example is for mobile devices but you can use it for desktops as well. Both icons and texts uses in the design. Two of the menu has a ‘+’ icon in it which slides down to show the sub menus. The drop-down impact is smooth and clean so it shows the alternatives are uncovered with elegance.

By being innovative it doesn’t mean you need to bargain with the functionalities. The developer of this accordion has made this an interactive one as well as offered space to include highlights.

jQuery Menu Example


17. Simple Vertical Accordion Menu

The one characteristic I like about customary accordions is the manner by which one menu thing consistently remains open. This implies on the off chance that you click another thing the past one auto-closes simultaneously as the upgraded one opens.

Each input is intensely customized to mix right into the accordion. It utilizes a genuine straightforward design, however you can likewise change the hues/text styles with some modification.

Simple Vertical Accordion

The magnificence of this piece is the straightforwardness of the design. It doesn’t depend on extravagant animations or anything complex past simply showing substance and creating a usable interface.


18. XTND AccordionMenu

This accordion menu, originates from one of the designer’s wordpress themes. It utilizes the xtndAccordion jquery plugin to produce the usefulness of a lovely, easy to utilize and apply accordion menu.

This one is a simple and basic accordion menu. ‘+’ icons are present at the right of the menu items which shows the inside content when you click on the icon. Free and worked with CSS and JS, this thing is a genuine treat to utilize.

XTND Accordion


19. JavaScript/JS Accordion Multi Menu Design Example

From the name itself you can infer that the client has utilized multi menu concept in this JavaScript/JS Accordion menu example. The JavaScript utilizes in here for an additional wonderful animation impact.

Anyway this one depends on click events, so it works increasingly like a customary accordion. The design leaves a ton to be wanted, so on the off chance that you work with this code you’ll presumably need to tidy up the interface a smidgen.

Be that as it may, by and large the conduct is wonderful, and this pen is perhaps the least difficult one you can begin with.

Accordion MultiMenu Design



Using accordion menus can make your websites increasingly effective and incredible. This increases the quantity of end clients on the website. In the event that you can, at that point include some a greater amount of the impacts on websites. Making the website is a certain something yet making it increasingly appealing is significant. Magnificence can once in a while be the way to uplift your website and make it look progressively rich as could be allowed.

All these above accordions are free to use. They are perfectly working from the Front-end. So you now need to work on the functionality of these structures.

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