Though for many interfaces, a strong alert box is required. Keeping these things in mind, javascript plays as the role model to constructs the awesome alert boxes. The alert( )feature is one helpful feature that is indigenous to JS. In a dialog box that appears on the screen, this feature will show text. We can instruct JavaScript to watch these events and perform the given feature if they happen or when they happen.

The Awesome javascript alert box is helpful to warn your clients to something significant. A tiny box will pop up and show the text you specify in your JS code when a JavaScript dialogue box is triggered. All you need to do is you should pass your message to the built-in alert( ) function.

Awesome JavaScript Notification Alert Boxe Design Examples with Source Code

For every programmer code snippet helps a lot. From many alternatives here we are going to discuss 15 plus awesome javascript alert box.

The JavaScript alert, confirm, and timely techniques show dialog boxes. Hence that pops up and concentrate on the page, forcing the user to read the message.

1. SweetAlert2 Code Snippet


SweetAlert2 is an awesome javascript alert box. It is a Wonderful, Responsive, Configurable, replacement for JavaScript popup boxes. Sweet Alert is a beautiful and extremely customizable JS modal dialog library to substitute, confirm and prompt indigenous Javascript alerts.

Preety cool huh? Due to its zero dependency, SweetAlert2 automatically focuses on the page and looks good. Regardless of whether you are using a desktop, mobile or tablet computer. Try it once and get your dream websites.

2. Noty Design Example

Noty: awesome javascrip alert box

Short-form noty i.e. notification. As we have seen notification messages on devices, but this one is quite different than others.

These javascript alert boxes show your notification on the top-left sides and vanish after a while which is not bothering. It is a dependency and free-notification library.

Toastr – Simple Javascript Toast Notifications

Toastr: Awesome javascript alert box

Simple Toastr JavaScript notifications. Toaster is a straightforward, easy-to-use, and extendable JavaScript notification library.

As it looks like a noty, but has some more advanced characteristics with more options. Have a premium look and try these effects on your websites.

3. Flexible Bootstrap-style Dialogs

 Flexible Bootstrap-style dialogs.

Bootsrap is a models which made it easy to design your websites. Flexible bootstrap-style dialogs refer to Bootbox.js is a tiny JavaScript library that enables you to build programmatic dialog boxes using Bootstrap models without worrying about generating, handling or removing any of the necessary DOM components or event handlers.

4. AmaranJS jQuery Notification Plugin

AmaranJS jQuery Notification Plugin

It’s an awesome javascript alert box than other alternatives. Not only javascript but using of AmaranJS and JQuery had made it more amazing. With the help of this, you can make your websites more stylish nice and sleek.

Notification can be seen by using the plugin. To see how it works you should go through this plugin and see the results by import in your websites.

5. Vex – Modern Dialog Library

Vex - Modern Dialog Library

Vex is a contemporary, extremely configurable, easy-to-style dialog library that gets out of the manner. You’re going to love vex because it’s tiny (5.6 kb minified and gzipped).

It is clear that, easy API, operates on mobile devices, and can be tailored in seconds to suit your style.

6. SweetAlert Example


It is same as the SweetAlert2 but added some more features. It makes the popup message simple and reasonable. Just give your valuable time here how beautifully your websites will be created. You can call the swal feature by importing the documents into your application (make sure it is called after the DOM has loaded!). For your games and websites, SweetAlert is a way to customize alerts.

It enables you to alter the JavaScript button from the normal one. We can add buttons, alter the text color, and even add alerts that change based on the user’s button. We can also use our alerts to put icons.

7. Sweet Alert – Success Message

Sweet Alert - Success Message

If you want to get a success message then here you go. No need of making lengthy effects. Just you have to create one button and click on it then you see what will happen after all.

Pretty simple huh? SweetAlert- success message gives you a notification when you about it to click on the button you create.


8. Clean And Simple Notification

Clean and simple notification :Awesome javascript alert box

Well, you have seen or might be you have learned what Javascripts do to make an awesome alert box. It is not much that difficult task than you thought.

A clean and easy javascript notification, input and selection suite, with no dependencies. The notification system for Android is quite robust, particularly now that . App that bundles all your notifications into one easy, plain card.


9. AlertifyJS with Source Code

AlertifyJs:Awesome javascript alert box

AlertifyJS is a javascript framework for the development and notification of nice browser dialogs. Nowadays programmer makes their websites and wants some rating or review.

So, for these techniques, AlertifyJS is one that helps to fulfill your dream. people give best rating by giving 5 stars, 4 stars and so on. Get your own review or ratings on your websites.


10. Alert.js Code Example

 Alert.js:Awesome javascript alert box.

Javascript uses different boxes out of the alert is one If you want to make sure that data passes to the user, an alert box is often used. JavaScript supports three key dialog box kinds.

These dialog boxes can be used to increase and warn, or to receive confirmation on any input, or to have some sort of user input.

11. Notification Bell

Notification bell:Awesome javascript alert box

Are you looking for notification bell?,You are in right place. your dream is to create things that best fit in your project. There are too many alert box from which user might upset that their choices are not made in their way.

Notification bell which is awesome in looks. It is bit advance because it will notify you whether you got success! or warn you for improvement.let’s have a look and try this one in your project.


12. SweetAlert for Bootstrap

 SweetAlert for Bootstrap

A lovely substitute for the “warning” of JavaScript This is just a clone for the initial SweetAlert’s Bootstrap. SweetAlert Custom alert demos based on the SweetAlerts plugin bootstrap for Bootstrap Medtronic alert. Sweet Alert Bootstrap ,It can be put on a paragraph of any text.


13. Sweetalert Demo Code

Sweetalert demo code

As you have written codes to make Alert box many times. And you have not get your results successfully. Try it once,make your SweetAlert dialog box. Here you can see the demo which is useful to you check it out.


14. Alert, Confirm And Prompt Dialogs

Alert, confirm and prompt dialogs

The alert( )method you have used many times and have a look to confirm and prompt box as well. Most of the user’s approval to any choice is taken from a confirmation dialog box.

It shows a two-button dialog box: OK and Cancel. If the user presses the OK button, the confirm) (window technique returns true. If the user presses the Cancel button, confirm) (will return false.

The method prompt) (shows a dialog box that prompts input to the visitor. If you want user to enter a value before entering a website, a prompt box is often used. Note: When a prompt box comes up, after entering an input value, the user must either press “OK” or “Cancel


15. Responsive Alert Box

Responsive alert box

Almost all the times you have made your alert box on windows, pcs. Now if you want to move ahead and make it responsive then you are here in the right place.

Just have a premium look, you have to enter your sample messages. Furthermore, choose the options below what you want to do obviously you will get your results back in a second.



In conclusion, javascript becomes one of the easiest and simplest techniques to construct dialog boxes within a minimal time seconds. programmer can choose best from many more and make their desirable design in a efficient way. Javascript brings out many methods that will be very helpful to the programmer.

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