This huge world is now so confined as the global village and this closeness is brought by social media. Facebook, Twitter Instagram, WhatsApp and many more links up people and add up spices to daily life and that is why modern WebPages try to link up with user’s social media for better link up to the larger community. That’s why a beautiful animated social icon hover effects in your webpage can be the best design for betterment and popularity. Animation, color, hover, and ripple are some medium to attract people. Moreover, they make your web page look beautiful and eye-catching.

Social media icons get freely integrated with your .html or .php files. They are embedded in WordPress, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and many more and thus animation could be of your choice and hover effect by being of any kind like transition, rollover, Spin kit, fade out and many more.

Beautiful Animated Social Icon Hover Effects Design Examples With Source Code

Over the internet, you can find many ready to use codes for adding as many as social media you want. Among them, we have listed our best in flexibility, compatibility, and functioning.


1. Glowing Social Icon Hover Effects

Glowing Social Icon Hover Effects

This is a simple, beautiful elegant looking code by Rajesh over CodePen. This HTML, CSS and Js codes initially link with five very popular social media.

Moreover, if you want more, you can easily add them considering its flexible nature.

Code and Demo

2. Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

Aysha Anggraini made this very uniquely designed and conceptual animated icon. It has seven social media linkage which is hidden in some kind of box and appears when you touch the boxes.

This one has a beautiful color combination and animation which is unique.

Code and Demo

3. Stylish Social Buttons

Stylish Social Buttons

Chris Deacy made this light-weighted code with the beautiful hover effect. This actually occupies very less space of your webpage and also makes the webpage look beautiful.

HTML and CSS codes maintain this Stylish Social Buttons.

Demo and Code

4. Side Animated Social Icon

Side Animated Social Icon

These light codes actually makes your media icons fit in the corner of your webpage. This only saves space of your page but also makes it look attractive.

Moreover, the icons show beautiful animation once touched. This HTML and CSS codes are compatible and flexible.

Source Code

5. Sexy Social Buttons Example

Sexy Social Buttons

Though a name as sexy social buttons this rather looks simple and light. Stephen Burgess designed this over CodePen which initially has three media but you add more on your own. We can easily integrate use its simplicity.

Source Code

6. Social Navigation Code Snippet

Social Navigation

This is a simple and flexible design over Github. Arranged in a vertical line so it occupies less space and gives more area for other work on your page.

But if you are looking for some beautiful animated icon this may not be in your choice.

Demo and Source

7. SVG Social Media Button

SVG Social Media Button

This is a very beautiful design among all by Sasha. On the first page, it shows the “share bottom” and furthermore animates other buttons once you touch over that “share” option.

This actually saves your space and thus thousand of viewers prefer it.

Demo and Code

8. Fancy Hover Social Buttons

Fancy Hover Social Buttons

As the name suggests, here you can create attractive social buttons. You can just feel it attractive when you go through such media icons.

Designed by Ben Hodgson, here you can adjust the opacity and presentation styles, text and many more.

Source Code

9. Cool CSS3 Hover Effects

Cool CSS3 Hover Effects

Designed by Danisey with reference to codepen, Cool CSS3 is in fact, the design where you can adjust the position of social media icons and change dimension and change the opacity, add text-decoration and many more which allows creating the attractive and best hovering effects.

Code and Demo

10. Social Section with Source Code

Social Section

The social section created by Dominik Dabrowski is now with more hover effect and more updates and here you can manage various text-decoration and adjust the dimensions of what you can show the display.

Also, you can transform the dimensions you want, add decoration and change orientation.

Source Code

11. Flat Social Buttons in CSS3

Flat Social Buttons in CSS3

Another creative way to present the social buttons in CSS3 is the flat social buttons. Here the menu to social Media appears vertically.

As a matter of fact that flat social buttons have been much in trend now which polyglot considered.

Demo and Code

12. Animated Social Media Icons

Animated Social Media Icons

Bootstrap presented by UX engineer is the platform where you can have your social media icons in an organized and efficient manner and this updated version of bootstrap helps you to have icons in managed ay and you can have customization too.

View Demo and Code

13. Social Media Slide Out Menu

Social Media Slide Out Menu

Powered by Tony Ooi in light of code pen, this is something where we can have organized social Media slide out and here you create the presentation and maintain the position and orientation.

Moreover, you can transform the median icons, hide wherever you want and do accordingly.

Demo Plus Code


Making your webpage attractive is important. But linking them with your users and other similar is more important and what could be better than linking up with the social life of your users and having often connected with them.

Indeed the sites listed above will give you beautiful animated social icon hover effects for this linkage and even make your webpage look beautiful and attractive. So why not to choose one among these and best for your WebPages?

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