No matter what may be your occupation? Either you may be a student, employee or may be great businessman; blogging is best way to build a trust and established the good impression in the industries. More over blogging is one of greatest medium to explore your creativity as well as connect yourself with the world. Here we collect best blogging platform for 2022.

The blog can be on any topic like photography, business, marketing, religion and so on. In fact blog can be created on almost every topic of this universe. According to marketing report about 80% of business uses blogs as their marketing strategy. In addition 82% of businesses think the blog critically.

10 Best Blogging Platform in 2022

Blogging is not just about writing the journal or your idea. It’s about exploring your idea or thoughts all over the world and for that you need good platform. There are some blogging sites which provide the free services but some of them provide the paid services with some extra feature.


6 Best Freelance Website For Designers and Developers

12 Best Free Bootstrap Blog Templates provides you the option to customize the themes and plugins to create your blog according to your choice. Starting blogging with WordPress is quite difficult for the beginners as you have to find out own web host and it should be maintained by your own.



Wix is one of trending blogging platform for beginner, Afterward it is considered as one and only drag and drop platform for building sites. It is free account provides 500 GB storage and 1 GB bandwidth.In addition, the premium plan includes the feature like online storage, own domain and Google analytics.



Blogger is free and one of the oldest blogging platform. It is easy to use as you don’t need any skill to start blogging. It is owned by the Google so you need to sign up through Google account. The Blogger host your blog on for a free. In the terms of design it has only the standard layout.



Starting blogging in Yola is very easy as it provides multiple customized templates for building the blog. As similar toWix it also contains the drag and drop widgets with flexible layout. You can also customized the blog by editing the CSS if you have knowledge about it.



Tumbler is greatest blogging site which is actually made for the bloggers who post shot content like pictures, videos, quotes, GIF files. As like the Blogger, Tumbler also hosts your blog for a free. You can customize your blog but you may need to pay for some feature.

Moreover, Tumbler is also community where user comments and promotes on each other’s blogs.



Jekyll is one of greatest blogging platform. It actually transforms your plan text into static website and blogs. Hosting is free in Jekyll as it is hosted by the Github.

By creating the Blog with the Jekyll you can reduce you work like database installation, comment moderation and pesky update installation.


Medium is also one of the greatest platforms for the beginner. User can customize the HTML and CSS according to their choice but they need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. Medium has build- in audience.

Medium host the blogs of user for a free. It is extremely easy. All you need to do is sign up as Medium and start posting you stories.



Another blogging platform is Weebly. This is mostly used for business as it provides the wide range of feature which is easy to use. It provide the option of drag and drop which makes the creating of page quick. High coding option is not preferred by Weebly. It is mostly used for the business and marketing purpose.



Unlike other blogging platform, Ghost is a bit different. It is open source blogging platform which provides a live preview of the post that you are currently writing and you can easily correct your mistake before posting it.

The downloadable version is free for Ghost. For the Pro version price depends on the traffic. Ghost only hosts for the pro version. In addition it has inbuilt plugin like SEO, social media, comments etc.



Another greatest blogging platform is Squarespace. It provides the varieties of option for customization without actually knowing how to code. It is all in one site which offers blog, business site, e-commerce store and many more.Price is based on the subscription. Squaresspace hosts for the blogs of users by its own.

In my opinion choosing the platform depends upon the types of blog that you have created. Such as if you just want to post the image or videos then Tumbler would be the best option rather WordPress or ghost on the list. So choosing the suitable platform is as much important as writing the blog.

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