When you have lots of contents on your webpage, it is better to divide the contents into sections or pages. For example, if you have an article on your blog that is long, you can divide it into similar sections. These sections can be viewed as pages on a book. For easy navigation, we have HTML CSS Pagination. The pagination marks a page on the website just like in a book. But, its not just a number that sits at the bottom. Have a look the following HTML and CSS Pagination templates. They are more than just numbers. They have navigation links to next or previous pages. Some of them are even responsive. They are beautifully crafted. They will make you want to play with them rather than look at the main article.

Most websites have simple paginations. They just have the page numbers and links to the corresponding pages. These paginations are mostly built using just HTML and CSS. Here, we have HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScripted paginations. Since JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language, the paginations are dynamic as well. There are lots of eye catching animations and transitions involved. They are wonderful to look at and enjoyable to play with.

Best HTML CSS Pagination Templates

So, have a look at these HTML and CSS Paginations. The JavaScript Paginations are listed below these ones. The links to the paginations have free demos and code download available.


Simple Pagination

Simple PaginationSource

Dark Pagination

Dark Pagination Best HTML CSS Pagination TemplatesSource

Pagination UI Concept WIP

Pagination UI Concept WIPSource

Tooltip Pagination

Tooltip PaginationSource

Pure CSS3 Responsive Pagination

Pure CSS3 Responsive PaginationSource

Responsive Pagination

Responsive PaginationSource

Pagination from CSS Spiners

Pagination from CSS SpinersSource

Pagination Hover Animation

Pagination Hover AnimationSource



Pagination with Thumbnail Previews

Pagination with Thumbnail PreviewsSource

Pagination with HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Infinite Pagination

Infinite PaginationSource

Current Indicator

Current IndicatorSource

Step Indicator Pagination

Step Indicator PaginationSource

Pure CSS Pagination

Pure CSS PaginationSource

Flexing Pagination Arrows

Flexing Pagination ArrowsSource

Pagination Examples


W3Schools CSS Pagination Examples

W3Schools CSS Pagination ExamplesSource

CSS Pagination Examples

CSS Pagination ExamplesSource

12 Pagination Ideas

12 Pagination IdeasSource

Pagination makes your webpages organized and accessible. Without them, pages will overflood with words and contents. A well-organized content and easy accessibility is what viewers want when they visit a website. So next time you build a website, arrange your content and page them. Be sure to include these HTML and CSS Paginations wherever necessary.