When you have lots of contents on your webpage, it is better to divide the contents into sections or pages with the help of CSS and HTML and use pagination example from below. For example, if you have an article on your blog that is long, you can divide it into similar sections. These sections can be viewed as pages on a book. For easy navigation, we have HTML CSS Pagination. The pagination marks a page on the website just like in a book or table. But, its not just a number that sits at the bottom. Have a look the following HTML and CSS Pagination templates.

They are more than just numbers. They have navigation links to next or previous pages. Some of them are even responsive. They are beautifully crafted. They will make you want to play with them rather than look at the main article. When you use HTML to make pagination table then you are making the right decision.

18 Best Free Pagination HTML and CSS Templates For Web Designer

Most websites have simple paginations. They just have the page numbers and links to the corresponding pages. These paginations are mostly built using just HTML and CSS. Here, we have HTML and CSS, as well as Java Scripted paginations. Since JavaScript is a dynamic scripting language, the paginations are dynamic as well. There are lots of eye catching animations and transitions involved. They are wonderful to look at and enjoyable to play with.

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So, have a look at these HTML and CSS Paginations. The JavaScript Paginations are listed below these ones. The links to the paginations have free demos and code download available.

1. Simple Pagination (css pagination templates)

If you are done with the introductions then lets move towards some examples. As you can see in the demo below how pagination works. In the demo you can see that it is much more simple. You get only three page options at a time but as you move forward or backward these numbers will keep on shifting. The best part of using this kind of pagination is that you can get the job done and save a lot of animation which can be used somewhere else. You can make pagination like these with the help of HTML and CSS if you have a large table.



2. Dark Pagination (css pagination templates)

Before you saw just one example but now you can see there are two of them. As you can see in the demo below that the pagination that has been used has two rows that are used to divide two different contents in the same page. As this pagination is suitable for almost all the web browsers you don’t have to worry about making adjustments for each and every web browsers. This type of pagination is made with the help of HTML and CSS by first making table.

Dark Pagination


3. Pagination UI Concept WIP (css pagination templates)

For instance if you have huge amount of contents and you dont want to include in the same page then what can be done. Well it is rather simple if you use this html pagination example. As you can see there are so many pagination numbers that you can choose from. All the content that you want to include in the page but couldn’t due to the large content. Now with the help of this example you can do it in no time.

UI Concept WIP css pagination examples


4. Tooltip Pagination

Using the same type of simple pagination is not always the best way to go. When you mix a little CSS and think little creative then you can make the contents look much better. As in the demo you can see that there are five dots. But when you hover over those dots you can see what those dots represent. All the dots represents the contents that they will show you when you click on them.



5. Pure CSS3 Responsive Pagination

Having more choices while designing is something that helps you to make the content look better than ever. Using HTML and CSS you can some sick pagination table as seen in the example. Here in the example you can see that there are so many variety of pagination which are made with the help of CSS and HTML. Their are so many types of pagination that you can chooses from either one which saves time and effort.

Pure CSS3 Responsive


6. Responsive Pagination

Just looking at the example you can see that just how much the author must have give their time to make this pagination. This pagination is a work of art as the background color is much more dark but the number is light. There are 49 page from which you can select contents. When you reach to the page 9 there are three dots that represents that there are more pages from which you can select other contents.

Responsive Pagination html table pagination


7. Pagination from CSS Spinners

Until now you may have seen pagination only but now you can see that their are spinners as well. Now you can also select from two different ways. As seen in the example that this pagination is using CSS as it main designing tool. When you choose different content then you can see that the dots below also moves along.

Pagination from CSS Spiners html table pagination


8. Pagination Hover Animation

Having more and more amazing example may be what you have wanted for your website design. When you first look at the demo all you will see is a big button that says next. But when you hover on the button then you can see that their are two arrows at the end of box. At last when you hover to either of those arrows you can see the pages you can select. This pagination example is made with CSS and HTML.

Pagination Hover Animation html table pagination


9. Pagination

Paginations can be very useful if you know how. When you use pagination then you can make huge content look a little bearable. As you can see in the example below that their is pagination that expands from one to sixty nine. But showing all the content numbers in the same pagination may not be possible. So you can see that the author has used 1 as the starting point and made the point fixed and 69 is the last one which is also fixed. Where as the numbers in the between are changing as per the requirement.

Pagination html table pagination


10. Pagination with Thumbnail Previews

Pagination table made with CSS and HTML can be used in each and every part of the website if you have large contents which takes up a large portion of your webpage. In this demo you can see that there are only three dots but their is a little background image that makes the pagination look much better. As you change the pages you can see that the same picture is shown in the background. But if you don’t want it to repeat you can simply make the content have different images in the background.

Pagination with Thumbnail Previews html table pagination


11. Infinite Pagination

We have already seen lots of pagination examples till this point. But this one is little different as there are more animation than the other one. In the demo there are three dots in between two arrows. When you click on those arrow you should notice that the little orange ball says in the middle and always jumps. That little orange ball indicates as the page indicator that is used mostly for designing purpose.



12. Current Indicator

Paginations that we have used so far had something more unique than the other. When you look at the demo you see just how amazing the background looks with the pagination at the beginning. When you change the page you can see that the red dot that acts like the indicator will change in other dots which indicates the user where they are. You just see that with the help of CSS , HTML and JavaScript you can such amazing pagination table example.

Current Indicator


13. Step Indicator Pagination

Well till this point you must already have clear idea about what pagination are and how can they be used. Similarly in the demo below you can see how much the author has gone through to give us such as amazing example. Like every pagination it also starts from one but you can see that circle in the steps they fill up when you chooses the. This is not so easy to make but once used will make the process of making your website easier.

Step Indicator css pagination example


14. Pure CSS Pagination

Alright you might have seen lot of example above and i am sure that you have seen somehow familiar . If you remember than well you can continue but if you don’t you can go check it out. When you see the pagination you will see there are three numbers and then there is 19 in the last. But when you select number more than 5 than the number two will disappears. This is what you get when you add JavaScript to CSS and HTML.

Pure CSS css pagination example


15. Flexing Pagination Arrows

Using different paginations to make the website look better is something you all may have thought is the best way. Well you have thought right. Pagination makes the long contents more bearable. When you see the pagination below you can see that there are five pages which can be changed with the help of arrows. When you click the arrow you can see that the arrow will flex a little and go back to normal.

Flexing Arrows css pagination example


16. W3Schools CSS Pagination Examples

Having too much animation in a webpage well is not so much good as you may think. That is the reason why we have a simple example that has made to the list. It is simple and works just like any other pagination would. If you are not looking for something fancy then i would like to recommend you this pagination for your website.

W3Schools CSS css pagination example


17. CSS Pagination Examples

When you have only one option to go with then what do you do. Well you will have to go with that option only. In this example you can see that their are so may options. As you explore you can find the best and suitable pagination for your website. All you need to do is search. With CSS and HTML you too can make them or simply copy them and then tinker with them.

CSS html table css pagination example


18. 12 Pagination Ideas

As we are at the last example in the list we are giving you a bonus. In this example you can see that their are more than just one pagination. But look closely there are more than one type of pagation as well. When you look at the example you can see there are circle style, square style and even styles that don’t include numbers but just dots that fills with color. Well that was all for now.

12  Ideas html table pagination


Pagination makes your web pages organized and accessible. Without them, pages will overflood with words and contents. A well-organized content and easy accessibility is what viewers want when they visit a website. So next time you build a website, arrange your content and page theme. Be sure to include these HTML and CSS Pagination example wherever necessary. So in conclusion we can say that paginations are not just some numbers that are used to make page shift but they are those part that can make the website look amazing.

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