A bootstrap alert dialog is used to inform the user about the action to the present event. It helps to update us about the event that we have triggered. The bootstrap alert box provides us the information on the window transition so we can know about our action. As mostly alert dialog is created in reaction to the click event because it makes us aware of the current situation.

There are varieties of bootstrap alert dialog with a different design. The functional activities of these alert dialog maybe somehow the same but the design makes a great difference for the user. The experience of the user will be different according to design because of the smoothness, animation, ease in use, etc. In general bootstrap alert dialog is used to give information about a current event in best design as possible.


Bootstrap Alert Dialog Code Snippet For Website Designer

Here we have some bootstrap alert dialog code snippet with simple and attractive source code. They are described in brief as below:


BootboxJS is the simple bootstrap alert dialog to give the information on the click of the button. It provides three function alert, confirm, and prompt. All of these function are equally important because they provide us with information about our activities on the webpage.


This bootstrap alert dialog is clean and smooth. There are lots of dialog box with animation and also with different purpose too. The javascript function provides completeness in the functional activities for the alert dialog model. The developers of BootboxJS have support for this project because they have well-written documentation for this project.


2.Material Design Dialog – BootStrap

This example is by Shahen Algoo in Codepen. This pen shows two alert dialog model with a different button click. These two dialogs are differed by their size. This example is based on pure HTML and CSS because of this, bootstrap alert dialog in this example is easy to understand.

Material Design Dialog

The simple and elegant design of this alert dialog really makes it beautiful. The use of animation is clean and perfect for the user experience. This dialog is applicable for a user to make a decision on the button click.


3. BootPopup – Popup dialog boxes for Bootstrap

BootPopup in the popup dialog boxes in bootstrap. Its a kind of bootstrap alert dialog with multiple options with a different function. We have documentation of this bootstrap alert dialog. This even provides the popup form for the user to give input.


There is an installation guide for the BootPopUp with example. We can see confirmation, alert, custom bootstrap message in alert, etc in the example of the BootPopUp bootstrap alert dialog.


4.Bootstrap Dialog

Bootstrap Dialog is the bootstrap alert dialog with lots of available choices. In this alert dialog project, we can see different types of the popup box. The manipulation in the title, as well as a message, makes this project really better. There is an installation guide in GitHub so its much easy to use in your project.

bootstrap alert dialog

The availability of source code and documentation makes it easy to use this in your project. This project has support from the community so it is more stable and updated. This is very user-friendly alert dialog but it is only for Bootstrap 3.


5. eModal for Bootstrap

This is one of the cool projects for bootstrap alert dialog. The installation guide and documentation are there so the user can use it easily. The design and animation effect is amazing. The guide to each model of the alert dialog is clear and easily understandable.

emodal bootstrap alert

Here we can see the different type of cool bootstrap alert box. We can see the input-form, video dialog box as well as the AJAX model. The screen loading animation is also present in this project.


6.React Bootstrap Dialog

This bootstrap dialog is all we need for the bootstrap alert dialog model. It has various range of the option to choose from. The documentation and installation guide are clear so the user can use it in their projects.

React Bootstrap alert

This is specially designed for react application. This is based on react-bootstrap’s model. This project gives you every possible bootstrap alert dialog model like alert, prompt and confirm.


7.Modal Alert Bootstrap

Model alert bootstrap is the bootstrap-based model box. In this project, we can see the button classes and effect from the bootstrap. The effect of this project is quite amazing too.

Modal Bootstrap Alert

With the colorful bootstrap alert dialog, we have effective animation int this project.


8. Bootstrap 4 dialogs

This is the simple dialog box with a simple design. The documentation is well written as well as setup guide is given too. The demo contains all the alert models like alert, confirm, prompt also the customizable model box too.

Bootstrap alert dialogs

We can see the explanation and the source code in the project official website. The guidelines are clear for the user to understand.


9.Bootstrap Modal Wrapper

Bootstrap Modal Wrapper is a big project of bootstrap alert box modal boxes because it includes lots of modal boxes. There are lots of option from the given project example. It consists of the modal for the plugins, forms, table, charts, etc.

Bootstrap Modal Wrapper

The design of the popup boxes is beautiful and clean. This project is based on the bootstrap also the documentation is available too.


10. Auto-Close Bootstrap Alerts/Modal

This is the example by Brandon Kennedy in Codepen. There are two buttons in the example. The alert box from the first button will auto-close after some time whereas alert box from second will popup at the bottom of the webpage.

Auto-Close Bootstrap Alerts/Modal

This pen is done using HTML, CSS and also JS. This type of bootstrap alert dialog can be used as notification for the user.


11.Custom alert dialog

This pen is by Onsen & Monaca. This alert dialog is simple and useful for showing the errors. The dialog in the example presents the message in the popup.

Custom alert dialog

This example can be used when an error is triggered in the event.


12.Bootstrap Modal Example

This modal is a simple example of bootstrap alert dialog modal. The dialog box has heading, body and also the button. It is useful for most of the cases. This modal use HTML and CSS for the action as well as it is based on the bootstrap.

Bootstrap modal

This type of modal box can be used to give information on some topic where a user might read or not.


13.Autocloseable alert message

The autocloseable alert message is the bootstrap-based alert dialog that will close itself after a given time. Also, we can see a normal button with these auto closeable buttons. This types of button are useful to give notification to the user.

Autocloseable alert message

The source code is present in the example and it is clear to understand so we can use it in our project too.


14.Multiple Alert

This alert modal gives the popup alert that provides the information on current activities of the user. Also, it provides a suggestion on the basis of current activities. The bootstrap alert box in the example is a popup that comes with window load.

Multiple bootstrap alert

The source code is easy to understand because it uses HTML and CSS only. The use of bootstrap makes it better.


15.Flapping Dialog Box

Flapping dialog box gets its name from the animation effect that we can see while loading. This is a confirmation alert dialog box. Its animation makes it attractive to use.

Flapping Box

This example uses HTML, CSS and also JavaScript. The animation is done with CSS as well as manipulation of the dialog box is done by the JavaScript.


16.Mac dialog box

Mac dialog box is the confirmation dialog box. It asks for the user decision whether to confirm or not the user action. This example is simple because uses HTML and CSS with the bootstrap.

mac dialog box

This is a special design taken from the Mac and also it looks clean and beautiful.


17. Simple Error Modal Dialog

This is the information providing bootstrap alert dialog model that popup when the button is clicked. Upon click, it displays the information for the user.

bootstrap alert dialog

The example provides the dialog modal which uses HTML and Bootstrap. The design is simple and really useful when we want to give notification to the user.



There are many different types of bootstrap alert dialog modal. As we know this different type of dialog modal has its own function and work especially for them. The different design will also have an impact on the use of the dialog model. The better design will provide a better user experience. We can see there are lots of examples available for the dialog model but we need to choose it according to its need in the projects

The proper use of the bootstrap alert dialogs will give the user their current activities or the information on their current activities. Sometime popup dialog’s suggestion might save their file from being erased. This bootstrap alert dialog is important to inform the current condition of the user.

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