Threads now present a feature to hide likes counts on your post or comment. And poof! The allure of popularity metrics is gone just like that.

With this feature activated, users will more likely focus on quality content rather than posting random stuff just for some amount of reactions.

However, there are different intentions for using this feature depending upon the user.

While some may utilize this feature for privacy matters, some might use it for maintaining social pressure from validation.

So, if you also intend to hide likes on Threads posts or comments for some reason, let us guide you.

Can You Hide Likes on Threads?

The short answer is Yes! Threads have made hiding likes accessible on posts according to user preferences.

In fact, you can choose if you want to hide likes or not on your post; it’s not a compulsion for you to disable likes.

Thanks to Threads, it has set up its services that favor the interest of different users.

While this is only a chuck of many features Threads has, it also allows you to turn off comments by restricting them.

Hiding likes on pictures or posts is another factor that helps you enjoy unexposed social life on this platform.

And as this feature has been popular and more like a trend, you can see many users hiding likes counts on their content.

How To Hide Likes On Your Threads Post?

Well, the digital world has been changing drastically time and again to satisfy user experience. And nonother than Threads is the best example here.

This platform now provides two different ways to turn off likes counts. You can choose whether to hide likes from a single post or all of the posts; crazy, isn’t it?

You also might have the itchy feeling of hiding likes on Threads.

And if you have no clue how to do so, there are different ways for both. Just follow the step-by-step process below; it’s a piece of cake!

On All Post

1. Take out your mobile phone and open the Threads app.

2. Tap on the profile icon.

3. Press on two horizontal lines at the top right corner.

4. Ignore all other options and tap on “Privacy.” Following the process, it will redirect you to another list of features.

5. Then, tap on “Hide likes.”

how to hide likes on all posts on threads

6. Enable the button, and all the likes on your posts will no longer be displayed.

On Single Post

As we’ve stated that you need to go through a different process for this case; here is how it goes.

1. Take out your smartphone and open the Threads app.

2. Go to the specific post you want to turn off likes counts from.

3. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your post.

4. Among three options, tap on the Hide like count” button, and the process is completed.

how to hide likes on single post on threads

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(Note: Both of the above-guided methods work on both Android and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.)

How To Hide Like Count on Threads Comment?

The interesting part about Threads is that not only you can hide the likes count on posts, but you can also disable your comments.

Given access to those features, we cannot ask Threads for more regarding a balanced and authentic social environment.

So, let us guide how you can hide your reaction count in your comments!

1. Open the Threads app. 

2. Go to the post you commented on.

3. Press on the three dots at the right end of the comment.

4. Choose the “Hide like count” option, and the process is completed within four steps.

What Happens When You Hide Likes on Threads?

Hiding likes on Threads has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the user.

Let’s see what happens!

Hidden like counts

Normally, you can see the number of likes on your posts. But when you enable the hide-like count feature, the number will vanish.

The only thing that you’ll see on the screen is view likes.

However, you can still count the reactions if you tap on view likes and count the person’s names one by one.

And if there are thousands of reactions and you are stubborn enough to count it all, may god help you!

Thus, adapting to new trends and updates plays a crucial role here.

If you’re interested, take a look at what happens when you take a screenshot on Threads.

Like button still available for users

Even though you turn off the number of reactions, it won’t change anything for the like button. The like feature will still be accessible to followers.

The user can like or not the post depending upon their interests.

Likewise, it’s the same case in the comment section regarding the liking feature.

Still able to see who has liked

Even though you hide likes, others or you yourself can still see who has liked your Threads posts.

It’s just one tap(view likes) far from other users.

What are the Benefits of Hiding Likes on Threads?

Every social media app, including Threads, is built with the intention of providing quality online services for people to enjoy.

Still, every feature they provide comes up with pros and cons. And it’s not their fault; it’s just the dissatisfaction of alter users on the platform.

If we take a deep look at reactions hiding features on Threads genuinely, there are lots of benefits. In case you don’t know, let us tell you how.

Focus on Content

While users are lost in greed for likes, they create gibberish content to catch people’s attention.

After the reaction count is disabled, the significance shifts from popularity metrics to quality content. Do you know how?

Well, the common practice in social media applications is that we watch videos that are popular and have more reactions than videos with fewer reactions.

But now that most users have enabled the hide the likes feature on Threads, other users won’t watch videos based on reactions; the quality content sells out the most!

This is why content creators will be compelled to push on quality content rather than earning more reactions.

Reduced Pressure and Anxiety

While this may not actually seem so, hiding likes might actually help a lot to get rid of the pressure of gaining more reactions.

It’s the competition of “like comparison” that annoys the most users. And the hiding likes feature perfectly fits the bill here.


Why can’t I hide likes on Threads?

You might be confused why you can’t hide likes on Threads. There exist many reasons, including you are offline while enabling this feature or there may occur some problem in the app server. So, we request you try to turn on this feature after some time.

Can I hide how many likes I have on Threads posts?

Absolutely yes. It depends upon your choice whether you want to hide the number of likes on Threads posts. The only thing you need to know is how to turn it off.
Still, other users will get to know the number of likes if they decide to count users one by one from the “view likes” section.

Can I hide what I Liked on Threads?

No, you can’t hide what you like on the app. Once the other user taps on the view like button where you liked it, your name will immediately pop up.

If I hide likes on Threads, can others see it?

The short answer is yes! Even though you hide likes on Threads, others can see it.
It’s because the algorithm of the likes features doesn’t allow you to hide likes completely.


Hiding who likes your posts can be potentially beneficial in various ways, which is why many users have already made good use of this feature.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give it a shot with the guidance we’ve provided above if you enjoy your digital privacy on Threads.

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