Since Discord is a communication platform mainly for the gaming industry, sharing images, clips, GIFs, documents, etc, is inevitable. So, learning to send files on Discord is important to avoid getting stuck when needed.

You see, like any other platform, Discord also has its own take on sharing files and some restriction. So, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it may affect your experience.

On Discord, you have private communication on the one hand and channels and servers on the other. Likewise, files like GIFs and stickers you see on a server may require a premium subscription.

But you will have no issue sharing your content (photos, videos, MP4, PDF, etc.) from your device. Of course, you cannot exceed the limit.

So, this article will discuss how you can send files on Discord, some document limit restrictions, how to increase them, and other helpful information. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to send a Picture on Discord if you are interested.

Can You Send Files on Discord?

Yes, you can send files on Discord. It includes pictures, videos, audio, documents (text files), word documents, application, and many more.

However, since this platform has servers and channels, there may be file restrictions on the types of documents you can share on a specific server. Some won’t even allow you to send files to reduce spamming.

Another thing to note is that don’t send any files as you like on a server. If they are unrelated, offensive, or include graphic scenes, the Admin can ban and report you.

Furthermore, never download everything you see on Discord. If you do that, you may encounter harmful materials.

Downloading files directly to your device without knowing and trusting the sender is foolish, and you aren’t that, are you?

Overall, though you can send files on Discord, be cautious about what you are sending and downloading. It is always a good idea to think twice before acting.

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How Big Files Can You Send on Discord?

On a standard Discord account, you can send files up to 25 MB in size, and with the Discord Nitro upgrade, you can share documents up to 500 MB.

Previously, Discord only allowed you to share max 8 MB in size. However, it has now been increased to 25 MB. At least you are receiving an improvement.

Another thing is there is no document compression feature on the free version of Discord. You cannot auto-compress image size automatically like on another platform.

So, you can only upgrade to the Nitro if you want to compress large files directly before sending them.

You can purchase Nitro Basic packs at $2.99 per month. And for the better Nitro plan, it costs $9.99 per month.

Remember that subscribing to a basic plan only allows you to share a maximum of 50 MB file size. However, with Nitro Pro, you can send up to 500 MB.

How to Send Files on Discord?

Sending files through Discord is very easy, which you can do from your Mobile app or the desktop web browser.

So, let’s learn this process for both devices below since you may need to send files with different devices based on situations.

On Discord Mobile App

Follow the steps below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to send files on the Discord application.

1. First, open a Direct chat, server, or channels’ conversation box where you want to send a file on your Mobile Phone.

You need to open a text channel from a server where messaging is allowed.

2. Next, tap the plus icon from the lower left corner of that conversation box.

Note: With the gift icon next to it, you can give Nitro as a gift to your friend; crazy, isn’t it?

3. After that, you can select the photos and videos from the Recent section.

You can also tap the “Files” option to open your Gallery or Photos app and select the documents from here. You can also use the “Camera” option to take a photo directly.

However, be sure to select only a file size up to 25 MB from the list. You can select up to 500 MB size if you have a Nitro subscription.

But you can always choose multiple documents from the list. For instance, you can easily send two files with 25 MB size but can’t exceed this limit for a single one.

4. Long press a file and tap multiple items from the list.

Now, press the “Select” button from the top menu and hit the “Sendarrow.

You can type a message before sending that files to your Discord account.

If the file limit is correct, they will be delivered immediately; otherwise, you will get an error prompt.

On Discord Web App

Follow the steps below on your computer or laptop to send files on the Discord DM or servers.

1. First, open the conversation box of a person or channel by selecting it from the left panel.

2. Next, double-click the “plus” icon from the lower left corner of the input field.

You can also single-click the “plus” icon and select the “Upload a file” option.

3. Now, select a document or multiple files from your PC (Windows or Mac). Remember, don’t exceed a single file size limit of 25 MB if you don’t have a Nitro version.

4. Next, click the “Openbutton from the lower right side and type the message you want.

After that, press “Enter,” and your documents will be sent to your friend or channel immediately.

Quick Tip: You can also drag and drop files on the conversation box and skip these steps.

How to Send Large Files on Discord Without Nitro?

Even though you cannot send large files (more than 25 MB) without Nitro on Discord, there are other ways to do this. So, let’s look at a few methods below.

1. Compress Your File

The first method to bypass the storage limit for file sending on Discord is to compress your document. You can compress your files to ZIP or RAR format, and others can download and extract them on their device afterward.

For this, use third-party software like 7 Zip, WinRAR, etc.

2. Send a Cloud Link

You can also upload your large files to a Cloud service like Google Drive, One Drive, or others. After that, share the downloadable link to your Discord account, and people can visit your Cloud account and download it directly.

3. Use a Streaming Service

You can also use a streaming service like YouTube or Twitch and share the link afterward. First, upload the large videos or audio on your channel and share them to your account.

4. Use the Files Transfer Service

There are many file transfer service on the market that helps you send large documents quickly. They also allow free transfer (e.g., up to 2 GB). So, you can use software like WeTransfer, SendGB, etc., and share on Discord.

So, although it takes a few more steps to send large files on Discord, it still isn’t mandatory to purchase a Nitro subscription. Choose a reliable method from above and use it long-term.

How to Send Multiple Files to Someone on Discord?

Discord allows you to send up to 10 files at a time to someone. So, you have more than that; you can do it in installment form.

To send multiple files to someone, press the “plus” icon from the lower right corner of the input field and long-press a photo, video, or document. You can now tap on the other documents to select them.

To select multiple files at once on a PC, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the files.

After that, press the “Sendarrow, and your friend will immediately receive those documents on that server.

Other methods to send multiple files (more than ten documents at a time) include using a Cloud storage link or compressing a folder (with all the files) into ZIP or RAR format.

For large sizes and numbers of files, it is better to use the external method than the built-in feature unless you have a Nitro subscription.


Why can’t I send files on Discord?

You may be unable to send files on Discord due to server restrictions, size limits, number limits, or lack of necessary permission. So, carefully each of them to solve this issue.

How can I send more than 100 MB of files in Discord?

If you want to send more than 100 MB of files to Discord, subscribe to the Nitro plan ($9.99 per month), which allows up to 500 MB of documents sharing.

Whereas to send more than 100 MB of documents for free, you can use ZIP-compress or use Cloud Link, file transfer or streaming services, or other methods.

Can I send files from my computer to Discord?

Yes, you can send files from your computer. For this, double-click the “plusicon from the lower right corner, select files from your storage, and press Enter.

How do I send files to a specific user?

To send files to a specific user on Discord, open their conversation box (DM) and press the plus icon next to the input field. Now, select the files (up to ten with a single document size limit of 25 MB) and press the “Send” icon.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to send files on Discord despite many restrictions. However, you can still apply external tricks to send multiple larger files easily.

So, it isn’t necessary to pay money for a Nitro subscription just to send bigger files.

In fact, using other methods is more practical than wasting money to transfer files on Discord. Well, ultimately, the decision is yours. While you are making it, let’s also learn to unfollow everyone on Threads if interested.

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