There are many features available on Facebook and many styles for publishing content. You can post your event as a Story (that disappears after 24 hours), as a regular post, or as a reel. Out of them, reels are an excellent choice to showcase your short videos to audiences. But can you see who views your Facebook reels?

Sounds good, right? If users can see who is viewing the Facebook reels, they can accurately judge their preferences and the popularity of the posts with their friends and followers. It is excellent data that can help increase your FB influence.

But let’s face it seriously. Nobody wants to let the users know they are seeing their reels on Facebook. It is a downright violation of privacy, and people don’t like that.

Hence, it is impossible to see your reels’ accurate viewers. However, you can always gain insights into the number of viewers, likes, comments, and other interactions on your account.

So, this article will go over whether you can see who views your Facebook reels, what to do if you can’t, and a few other helpful tips. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook while at it.

Why Might You Want to Know Who Views Your Reels?

There are many benefits of finding the users who are viewing your reels on FB. It is not only about curiosity; instead, if used properly, it can act as a decisive factor in increasing your influence on social media.

So, let’s look at a few important points why you might want to know who viewed your FB reels.

1. To See Who is Interested in your Video

Most of the time, people want to see who is interested in their video and who isn’t liking it.

This lets them quickly understand their audiences and prevent making any mistakes on future posts.

So, you might want to know who views your reels to find out the interested groups of people.

2. To Target Your Reels

If you know the audiences of your reels accurately, it is quite easy to target them according to their interest. You can easily find out which kind of content they like more and publish it in your account afterward.

3. For Analysis

When you have enough data, you can quickly analyze your audiences and their preferences. Likewise, it is also possible to do a competitive analysis if you are an influencer or a business person.

4. Privacy Concern

Some users are concerned about who sees their posts because they do not want their privacy compromised. Perhaps they will find a stalker or someone who should not have been viewing that post in the first place.

Besides these, users may also want to see their reel viewer to increase engagement and gain relevant feedback for acknowledgment, marketing, etc.

Can You See Who Views Your Reels on Facebook?

No, you cannot see who views your reels on your Facebook account. This is the case for personal, professional accounts, and business pages.

Like it or not, this is actually a good take from Meta. You shouldn’t divulge the user’s privacy just for data and insights.

While seeing the viewers on a Facebook reel may sound good for a publisher, for someone who is seeing it can be a nightmare.

Remember, users often just scroll through their feeds and aren’t taking the initiative to see the specific reels. They are just enjoying surfing through the short videos in their own space.

So, if Facebook goes crazy and tells everyone what you’re looking at, there’s no way you’ll be able to scroll through those shorts without caring. Instead, you might get scared when you open the reels section.

That’s why, on any platform, watching short videos (which are public) is a private action. The owner can only see the number and other insights but won’t know who is viewing in real-time.

Remember, if the content is private (like a Story on your account), it makes sense to know the viewers since only close friends and followers can see it.

But for pubic content (like reels), it isn’t a wise idea to allow seeing viewers’ lists.

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How to See Who Viewed Your Reels on Facebook?

You might be disappointed, but you can only see the number of views but cannot see who viewed your Facebook reels in any manner.

It will be surprising if Facebook allows this. You know, privacy is a thing, and once FB adds a feature that helps to see viewers, it also needs to add a setting that prevents it.

This doesn’t mean you cannot see anything at all. You can always find out the number of viewers and likes, comments on your posts, number of shares, and so on.

Remember, many third-party apps on the market claim to do this for you. Some apps may even work.

However, such software never shows real-time data, and it violates the FB privacy policy and community guidelines.

You don’t want to get blocked or suspended, right? Never use such shady third-party apps for petty benefits.

How to Check How Many Views your Facebook Reels have Get?

Though you cannot view the users who see your Facebook Reels, you can still check the views and other insights whenever you like.

While that is the case, let’s learn to see available insight on a FB reel depending on the types of accounts. You can see the views count, likes, shares, and comments on your reels.

Personal FB Account:

For a personal FB account, you must open the related reel on your Facebook account to see the views, likes, and comments. So, follow the steps below on your Mobile Phone or PC (Windows or Mac) to check the views count on your FB reels.

1. First, go to your Profile page on your FB account.

2. Next, tap the “Reelsoption from the horizontal menu just below your Profile and Cover photo.

3. After that, look at the lower left side of a Reel to find out the number of views you got up to now.

You will see an arrow with the number of viewers. For example, it may look like “>379,” meaning you got 379 views on your short video.

View counts on FB reels

To see likes and comments, you can tap it open on your device. Now, look at the lower right side of that video below each icon.

Professional FB Account:

If you have turned on the Professional mode on your account, you can find all the insights on your dashboard.

To access this, go to your Profile page on your device (Smartphone or PC) and tap the “Views Tools” option. Now, scroll down to the “Performancesection to see all the insights related to your posts.

Next, you can tap the “See all” option next to the “Recent content” heading and choose “Reels” from the top. This will open the insight related to every reel you have published on FB so far.

Note: You can also go directly to your reel on the timeline and tap the “See insights” button below it. This is only possible on a desktop web browser.

Business Page:

For a business page, you can apply the same steps as on a professional account above.

Besides this, you can also use the “Meta Business suit” to access the insights on your FB reels. It is better to use a computer or laptop than an application.

So, click the Profile icon from the top right corner of your FB page and select the “Meta Business suite” option.

You can also download the “Meta Business Suite” app from Play Store or Apple Store.

Now, go to Insights >> Contents >> Reels, and analyze the data as you like.

Why Can’t You See Who Views Your Reels on Facebook?

Due to privacy concerns and technical challenges, you can’t see who views your reels on Facebook.

There are many intricate reasons behind this, but the main ones sum up to privacy and technical reason.

Let’s face it; a Facebook Reel is a public content means for publicity, unlike a Story shared with your friends and followers.

When you publish short video, you expect your viewers to be all FB users, not just your friends and followers. It is an excellent feature for marketing content. If not, why not just post a Stoy instead of going through all this?

And when content is public, and viewers are strangers, FB needs to consider the privacy of its user.

It isn’t that they can’t allow you to see the viewers list in a Reel. However, if they do that, they also need to make the necessary technical change within the app to protect the privacy of every user perfectly.

Instead of doing all this extra, which obviously isn’t that important, FB completely makes such data private. Now, users don’t need to care about such things and can enjoy short videos without care.

Overall, you can’t see who views your reels on Facebook due to privacy, technical difficulties, and for a better user experience. It also helps divert the attention of a market to other important data (likes, shares, comments, etc.).

So, if you don’t want to deal with stalkers, harassment, spam, and unwanted attention, you better wish Facebook doesn’t release this feature in the future.


Can I see who viewed my Facebook video?

No, you cannot see who viewed your FB video or Reels. However, you can see the views count, likes (number plus users), and comments.

Can I find recently viewed reels on Facebook?

Yes, you can find recently viewed reels on Facebook if you have liked or saved it before. To see this, go to your Profile page and tap “Reels” from the horizontal menu below your Profile picture.

Now, select the “Saved” or “Liked” option from above to see your recently viewed reels. So, don’t forget to save or like your favorite shorts if you want to watch it again.

Can I see who liked my reels on Facebook?

Yes, you can see who likes your reels on Facebook. For this, open that reel and tap the number below the “Likeicon from the right side. You will now see a list of users who have liked your video.

Can I use a third-party app to track who views my reels?

Yes, you can use a third-party app to track who views your reels, but it isn’t always accurate and not recommended. You shouldn’t use any unofficial software for this purpose since this violates community guidelines.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you cannot see who views your reels on Facebook for privacy and technical reason.

However, you can see the number of viewers, likes, comments, and shares at any time you like.

So, use what is available to you rather than running towards unnecessary things. And let’s also learn to hide likes on your Threads posts if you have time.

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