As a part of resources on web site design and development for web designers we have collected another set of attractive css component in the form of paper effect. The article deals with simulating a realistic paper effect with the likes of 3d css effect, folding animation, shadow, curl layout as well as stacked layer for a number of implementations. These effective and efficient effects are for every one looking inspiration web components. They can range from pure css effects to more realistic javascript effects.

When talking about animation our mind starts to process a number of complex things. However its possible to get simple animation with effort equal to none. In same regards the paper effect examples that we are putting forward can be used as image gallery layout, multiple content management layout along with some cool over lay and hover effect for any web component.

Collection of Inspiring CSS Paper Effect Examples

As always these collection of frontend web components are free to implement. However we encourage all to get the inspiration and take it as tutorial and get some amazing results. You can apply some twist and turns to get a new magic. So here’s one of the gateway to make stunning and attractive website.


Here’s the list of 14 inspiring css paper effect examples containing shadow, stacked, curl and many more hover effects for beautiful design.

1. CSS Stacked Paper Effect

The stacked paper effect using css shows that there are multiple articles for the users to go through. Instead of loading an entire article within a single page this alternative offers better readability approach. Remember you don’t want your visitors to run away within few moments of getting into your site increasing the bounce rate. With this approach they get clear idea that there’s multiple offers to go through but without being blown away at the very beginning.

multiple paper effect

Although for the given example its a text layout which will suit a newspaper website perfectly; the same layout can also be used as image slider. This gives a unique layout to your website.

Demo | Code

2. Notebook Paper

This example of paper effect will take us back to our schooling days. It is because its the same common paper layout that we used to prepare notes in the class. Remember its more likely to take note when you’re in a hurry. I mean not take a minute to prepare for making note. They just grab any piece of paper nearby and get things noted. This effect gives the similar vibes making it a popular choice for note applications.

paper notebook effect

Its not a static layout as we can edit the text very easily in the paper. This makes your note making application project achievable within a coupe of minutes with majority of the work already being done here. Since the source code is just a link away you can now focus on other features of your application to make it even better.

Demo | Code

3. CSS Stacked Paper Effect Edit

With each iteration we are getting better and better with next example of css paper effect involving sacked and 3d shadow effect at the same time. The sacked layout was actually just sufficient to get a realistic view for the layout but with the inclusion of shadow its even great. However that’s not all this paper effect has to offer. Its a hover effect that makes it interactive with the users.

CSS Stacked Paper Effect Edit

Initially the css layout looks to have shifted from a proper alignment with each of the stacked paper differing in terms of their orientation. However just a hover effect and all the papers beside the the front layout arrange themselves to match with it. Its such simple interactive effects that enhance the user experience.

Demo | Code

4. CSS3 Shuffled Paper Effect

This example of paper effect is not much different in terms of effect from other examples that we have seen. However its the difference in implementation that can be of interest. Comparatively these paper layouts are small as if they were cut out from a larger layout for some collection. Therefore this stacked paper effect deserves to set the layout for headlines of your articles.

shuffled paper effect

What’s more interesting about this css paper layout is its shadow effect. Unlike other examples where shadow are limited outside of the layout’s border, this one offers a dark shadow effect within its border layers. Therefore an effect both inside and outside the layer to get a realistic front end layout.

Demo | Code

5. CSS Paper Fold with Hover Effect

Here’s an introduction of 3d and interactive paper folding animation using css only and html of course for just structuring. The css curl effect of the paper on hover makes it responsive component for users. Its just the folder part that responds on hover without affecting other layouts of the frontend component and thus causing less distraction from contents.

Fold with Hover Effect

If you forget to apply the glue properly on all side of the paper before sticking it into the wall then you get such effect. The same effect is an example of art with css. It provides a way to interact with users without even deteriorating the main offer. That’s a win win situation and another win situation is that it is free to implement for your website design accessible from link below.

Demo | Code

6. CSS Notebook Paper

Who doesn’t love a realistic notebook paper effect? I mean if its a note it should look like a note rather than just a document printed out. In the same regard the following example shows the use of an actual paper to give a realistic note vibes.

CSS Notebook

If you were considering to download an image of the paper, use it as background image and then get the contents overlaid on that then this example might just be there to rescue you. Although the higher level principle is same, this tutorial shows exactly how to get a realistic paper layout for your website and then get the contents that appear to be just in line with the background.

Demo | Code

8. Folding Paper CSS3 Animation

Taking the paper effect is next level here’s a 3d css folding animation effect to add in the list. Its a common habit to fold a paper and place it in the pocket for all. This effect took the inspiration from the same habit and got a effect that looks scarily realistic. Some of the visitors might even say that it must be a video art to achieve the paper effect; they aren’t entirely wrong but its the art coming from css.

folding paper animation effect with css

The paper is folded on two parts that’s just visible for eagle eyed visitors but not everyone may notice at the beginning. However its on hover that paper actually folds to give a responsive layout. But I would like the effect to be just inverse with initially paper being folded and on hover becoming straight to allow users read the content. So web designers can you give me that effect if I give you the source code from link below ?

Demo | Code

9. Paper Textarea

The paper layout is not just a static layout; infact its not static at all with inbuilt editor effect. That means users can type and edit the text that perfectly aligns in a notebook layout. On top of that the font style is a clean curved writing that looks to be hand written. Hence making it a realistic paper effect from every angle possible.

paper notebook editor effect

As said earlier, you get an editor itself as the initial layout. Therefore, the core functionality is already present and now you just need to add the functionality so save the text from the input field. Also if you’re wondering if its a fixed layout that may suit only short note and don’t worry on that part. Users will be able to make note as long as possible with scrollable option on reaching the bottom of the initial container.

Demo | Code

10. CSS3 Paper Folding Effect

You might be wondering if the examples that we are discussing today are just multiple ideas for note application layout. That’s why here’s a 3d css animation on paper folding effect that will curl its way into any content management layout. Its because the paper folding effect is not just an attractive responsive component but offers space efficient navigation option.

paper folding 3d animation effect using css

Describing the demonstration example that we have been provided, its a multi layer component. Image lies as a top layer while a number of related options such as download, share compose of deep layer. On hover these stacked css layer become visible thanks to folding 3d animation effect of top paper layer. Not only that but the paper shadow animation also follows the 3d folding effect to give the realistic layout from every tiny detail possible.

Demo | Code

11. Pure CSS Paper Lift Effect

In order to describe this paper animation effect, consider a sticky note that sticks up perfectly on the top layer but rest of the layer remains unattached. Its the same paper lift effect that the following example is providing indicated by small shadow effect as initial layout and css transition effect of paper on hover.

simple paper lift animation effect

Its a very simple 3d paper effect. You may have heard the saying that something is better than nothing so even if you’re not confident on working with 3d paper effects, this is a very simple and small effect to begin with. Although its simple it gives an enhanced user experience over non animated and non interactive web components.

Demo | Code

12. CSS3 Paper-edge Effect

Want to achieve the best possible realistic effect for your image collection or content layout without any complex animation included? Here’s an example of paper edge effect that aligns with that need. If you ever owned an auto book with collection of images then you’ll find this one effect very similar that you would like to include in your project.

edge off paper effect css

There’s nothing much fancy but simplicity is the key here. To explain the effect it seems as if the image is attached by a white tape which aligns with the background color for invisibility. Its a static effect yet a layout way better than just placing the content. You can use this effect to showcase a number of collections such as image, important memories and accomplishments just like you would do in an auto book.

Demo | Code

13. CSS3 Paper Fold

In the world of Google map I can’t even say remember when you fold a map and then observe the resulting layout. However I assume you have seen the layout or atleast have carried a folded handkerchief that helps me to explaining this folding animation effect for paper we’re getting. So take a paper fold in from the middle twice, one time horizontally and another time vertically. Now open the paper. Like the layout ? Maybe not that much interesting but getting the same layout for the front end website design will be an interesting inclusion.

folded paper layout with css

In order to achieve this 3d folding animation we require four box components that are created as a result of folding and define them in html and css file. A dark shadow effect running in the middle of the paper horizontally and vertically separates the css layers. Once you create one of the four box component, rest are just few alternation away from achieving the complete layout. However if you’re still in confusion you can simply copy and paste the source code to your project and focus on other logic.

Demo | Code

14. CSS Only 3D Paper Fold Text Effect

This paper effect is for those readers who by now are in love with 3d folding css animation effect and look to curl it into their front page. As with all other examples, this effect is as realistic as it could be in the form of amazing text animation. The 3d folding animation is the first thing that grabs user’s attention for the paper layout and longer they look better it gets with with some realistic css shadow effect due to curl from the middle.

folding text animation with shadow effect

Header and title are the main implementation area for this paper effect due to its magnetic layout. Unlike other examples this effect brings back the magic of javascript. This might be the magical touch that your web site may be looking for.

Demo | Code


Everything seems impossible before its done. Did you feel getting an animation effect for an amazing looking website would be so simple? On top of that its only CSS and JavaScript that was next to none. Well since you have found out that its matter of just few lines of css magic we hope you’re getting a step closer to the layout that from every corner is screaming about its awesomeness.

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