CSS text glow animation well they are those part of your website that determine whether if the text and their outer border have that glowing effect or not. If you have some text that is dull and look too simple then it is not the text for you. I am not saying you should use glowing effects in your text but at least try to some CSS animation to the most important texts. As you use glow in the text that are important in the website like the heading of any text. For example if you are making content for some food recipe than the name of the food can have the glowing effect and the recipe can be the text without any animation.

Addin glowing effects with the help of CSS animation is rather easy and efficient but what if you can add JavaScript to it. Yes, the process may be long but the end result will be much more amazing and satisfying. If you are a JavaScript lover than you must stick till the end as you can find so many examples which shows how JS can be used while you glow your texts. Although you may think adding effects may be nothing more than waste of time and not necessary. You must understand the importance of using animations such as these and what they can do to make the website look much attractive.

15+ Amazing Text Glow Effect with HTML CSS and JS

If you are beginner than you must understand what these animation are and where are they used. For that you can look into some of our other links in which you can understand what CSS animation are and what can they do. Once you have clear idea about what they are and what they can do then you can com back and look at the examples below. But if you already know what they are and where they can be used then you can jump right in the examples.

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So if are all done with introduction part than we can move towards the examples of some CSS text glow animation:

1. Neon Lights 80s css text glow animation

Well if you are thinking about using glowing text for your website than you are in the right place. At the first glance you can see how the author has used nothing but css for the animation of text in this example. Although it may not have any border that glow but it is using css to make the text glow in such a way you will fall for it right away. These kind of glows were actually used during the 80’s when the sign boards outside gas stations or other places need to light up in the dark. But now we can use the same idea here with the help of little CSS and HTML codes.

Neon Lights 80s css glowing text animation

Author: Alexandr Lamdan

2. Outer Glow on hover

Maybe you are not a fan of glowing text which glows automatically. If that’s the case then why not try those glowing css with hover effects. As you can see how the author has made this glowing effect with the help of CSS glow but you must know their is no border on it. These kind of glowing animation can be used if you have heading on a content and you have some link showing more about the content. For example if your content is about vacation sites and you want the viewers to have clear idea about how it looks like then you can add images in the heading. When you add links to the images you can simply use the glowing effect on that link you know with little CSS adjustments.

Outer Glow on hover css glowing text animation

Author: Ryan Colgin

3. GSAP animate multiple CSS3 text-shadow

If you are JavaScript lover then welcome to this animated glowing text example. As you can see that the author has used both CSS and JavaScript to make the text have that glow effect that you may have wanted. At first glance you will only see some text but after some time you can see how the text how css and js makes the text outer part start to glow. In the demo below you can use more than one type of glowing effect which reflects your work. You can have different sizes and different fonts to make the text glow and make them look amazing.

GSAP animate multiple CSS3 text-shadow css glowing text animation

Author: Jonathan Marzullo

4. Shimmering neon text

Well you may have been waiting for something much more unique and amazing for really long time by now. So here it is. You can see that the author has used not only made the text glow but he also has made the border glow with simple css codes. You can clearly see that the text here says thank you . Texts like these can be used in the beginning of the website by thanking them for visiting the site or just use them at the last for reading your content. In this example you can see that not only the text but the outer of the text also glow with the help of CSS.

Shimmering neon text css glowing text animation

Author: Comehope

5. Flickering Neon Sign Effect using CSS Text and Box Shadow

Do you remember those signs that we used during the 90’s showing the store was open even the night time. Well if you don’t then this demo will jog your memory. As you can hear how the border on the outer line of the text glow when you add little CSS to it. These kind of CSS text glow effect can be seen on some website which has an entire page which indicates that the website is running. Although you can find very few places where you can use them but once you find the right place then you can make some amazing glow effects to the text. With the help of some tinkering in the code given below you too can make your very own effect like this.

Flickering Neon Sign Effect using CSS Text and Box Shadow CSS Border Glow

Author: George W. Park

6. Neon text flicker glow

Hey JS fans we are back with another example where you can find the combination of JS and CSS. This glow effect are like those effects that we used to see in the movies during the beginning where they used to show their studio names. Wel if you want to use effects like these in your website we would like to recommend using it on the top. As soon as your visitors visits the website you can use it to show your website logo. Glows like these makes the text have that familiar look that you may be used to or give a unique look. The author has combined CSS and JavaScript here to make something truly amazing here.

Neon text flicker glow

Author: Johan Girod

7. Glow Text (CSS Text Outer Grow)

When you first look at the demo below dont focus too much on the text. Just focus on the glow that the text gives. You can change the text later on as you like it. You can see here that text glow moves like they move on karaoke machine. But if you are thinking about making with nothing but css then i am sorry. As this text glow is using JavaScript it may be a little more work but the work will be worth it. You can see how the text changes glow as if your were the one reading the content.

Glow Text

Author: Just another Chris

8. Glowing text (CSS Text Outer Grow)

Using the same type of color each and every time is not always the best idea to go with. As sometimes using gradient is better option. When you use Css for glowing text animation with more gradient finish then you can say that you have done the more attractive work. As in the example below you can see how the author has used nothing but CSS to make the text have that glowing animation. There is nothing but simple text but when you mix CSS you can make the simple text look much better with the additional feature like gradient. Adding more gradient in each text is more suitable option for you.

Glowing text

Author: Bennett Feely

9. Neon Flux Animation (CSS Text Outer Grow)

Text with glowing effects always brings out the best of any text. As you can see what the content is about. When your heading glows you will first be attracted towards the heading because of its additional effect. In the example kind of glowing effects which can be found especially in pubs where they show what kind of drinks they serve. As you can see in the demo below that there are two words that blinks and glows. Author has made this demo with the help of CSS and HTML alone without any help of JS.

Neon Flux Animation

Author: Neon Flux

10. JavaScript Clock Glow Effect

We all must have had alarm clocks at our night stand once in our life. Well this demo below is just like that one. As you can see that when you use glow effect like these you can tell your viewers about what the time is right now. The author has used CSS and JavaScript to make the text have that glow effect. The demo here works on real time and it is not just any other demo. As there is time, date and day given to you. These kind of glow effects can be usually used in the top of the webpage so your viewers can know what he time is.

JavaScript Clock

Author: Alex Johnson

11. Black Mirror Cracked Text Effect

What happen when you use CSS to make the border glow. Well you get some kickass animation. As you can see in the demo below that their are there are two words that are glowing at first but after some time you can see that those words get sliced in half. You may think you will need JavaScript to make such glow effect but you can do it with only CSS. You can use these kind of effects on the heading of your content to make it unique as possible. And you can do it with only CSS and HTML.

Black Mirror Cracked

Author: George W. Park

12. Neon css text glow animation

Among all the demo we have look so far this may be the first one where you can see the use of this font. You can clearly see in the demo that the word flow is a little different. As there are two types of colors involved. There is white color in the middle but then there is bule in its border. There is also some kind of background image that makes the text look even more amazing.If you want our honest then you can use this type of effect on the top of any content. For example if you have website that makes some music content then you can simply make this as the title of your song or album.


Author: Mark Heggan

13. Neon Text Effect (css text glow animation)

Sometimes all you may want is nothing but some simple animation that has nothing but little glow to the text. As this kind of effect can save your loading period of your website. As you can see in the demo below there is no additional animation but only some simple text. All you can see is that there are two types of color just like in the example above. This example is simple but yet effective like any other glowing animations seen so far. Because the main objective of any glowing effect is to make the text of any content look more attractive with the help of CSS animation.

Neon Text Effect CSS Border Glow

Author: Matt Smith

14. Neon text shadow effect

Having more choices in designing is always the right way of doing your work. The more you have choices to choose from the better your website look. For instance just look at the example below. You can clearly see that their are all types of glowing effects. You can find text that glows with the help of css either outer of the text ot the border of the text they all have that glow effect. When the author made this demo then he must have kept the power of choice in his mind because he has given us so many choice .

Neon text shadow effect CSS Border Glow

Author: Erik Jung

15. Floating Card With Glowing Backlight (css text glow animation)

Having hover effect only on text is alright but what if you can get effect on the entire border. Well if you look closely on the demo below you can find just that. As in the demo below you can see there are not only one type of background but there are two. One is used in the background of the text and there is background for all of them. When you don’t hover both the background look the same but as you hover in the text it will look different. Using CSS and JavaScript you too can make almost the same type of effect for your text. As a bonus you can also get some mouse effect.

Floating Card With Glowing Backlight CSS Border Glow

Author: ftownsend

16. GSAP animation on Hover CSS3 text-shadow

As we must already know that having more choices is always better that why you will love this example. In this demo you can find more than one type of glowing text CSS effects. You will find almost 6 of them. Yes you can get choices in their color their size. Here you can see how the author has used CSS and JS to make all these example. You can simply choose what you want and copy the code. All these choices will make your job much more efficient.

GSAP animation on Hover CSS3 text-shadow  CSS Border Glow

Author: Jonathan Marzullo


Well after lookin all the example above you all can say that how amazing these glows can really be. CSS text glow animation you can make something really good if you know how. All that depends on is your imagination. If you want to design your won CSS glowing text animation then it is fine. BUt if you are running out of time and want some amazing animation then use the examples above. Here you can find all type of border glow, text glow and outer glow made with CSS. To sum up if you want you can make the animation on your own but if you want to save time use the examples above. Use your imagination to make text have that glow effect that can be easily made with css.

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