In web-design timeline is generally used to show a rundown of events in sequential request and is typically appeared with a bar named with dates close by the event sections. Regardless of whether you’re presenting venture timeline or explain history of your organization or guide of your organization, you could utilize timelines to grandstand significant dates and milestones. Timelines are an extraordinary method to outwardly represent time, however they can be tedious to make or find. Luckily, there are numerous timelines examples accessible on the web. For this post, we have specific collection of best JavaScript/JS horizontal timeline example for you which is also provided along with the demo and the source code. All these JavaScript Timelines design are free to use and customize.

You can put the timelines on your website in various manners. Be that as it may, the most for the most part utilized timelines are either horizontal or vertical timelines. In the horizontal timelines, the timeline is explored with a horizontal line and moves horizontally when you scroll it. Then again, the vertical timeline is explored with a vertical line for the timeline.

At the point when you scroll it, the timeline moves vertically to the ideal time of the event. Ensure you put the right timeline on your website as it can influence its design too. A decent design can prompt bigger visitors and awful design to lesser visitors.

JavaScript Horizontal Timeline Examples with Source Code

Here are 18+ Best JavaScript horizontal timelines design to bring better visual portrayal of your information or events. Have look and get some inspiration for your upcoming venture.


So without any further delay, let us get into the discussion.

1. Responsive JavaScript Horizontal Timeline Example

JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

This is a straightforward and proficient time variant dependent on the horizontal design. In view of CSS, HTML and a couple of JS for the final product, the creator has made a point to keep everything minimal. It includes a basic timeline with the year and the portrayals focused on every button. Indeed, even the animations are super spotless and smooth.

The timeline and the depictions are vivified in a manner that when tapped on highlights straightforward shading progress to a darker shade. It is additionally completely responsive making sure that the entire structure resizes according to the gadget screen size.


2. PS Group Horizontal Timeline Js Code Snippet

PS Group JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

As the name proposes, this design inclines more towards the group accomplishment or milestones one might want to exhibit. With straightforward buttons lined over the entire screen to enable clients to explore, this is an expert and clean portrayal. The general design shouts straightforwardness even with the cards, the foundation and by and large tasteful.

With every development the cards likewise execute a smooth slide left or right impact to clear a path for the other content. Be that as it may, next to each other, it likewise shows a smooth progress of blur in and out. The incredible thing is that the clients can slide through the content using their cursors or even their bolt keys.


3. Horizontal JavaScript Timelines Design Inspired

JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline Inspired

Basic and minimal this is basic experimentation the creator has thought of to speak to a horizontal timeline. The foundation and generally shading plan is straightforward and clean. Creators have utilized JS to include the entirety of the subtleties with animations, impacts, properties, drift and snap impacts.

For demo purposes, the creator has included date again the detail segment. Nonetheless, you can without much of a stretch supplant it with a content, title or detail to indicate the time.


4. Simple Timeline Toggle Effect

Simple JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

Presently, this another example of a horizontal timeline you can imitate on your site. In spite of the fact that not as nitty gritty and helpful as our past examples, this can be an incredible beginning to your future venture where you can add important subtleties to your inclination.

On clicking the toggle button, the clicked marker will vanish. It again appears when click. As this is a demo version, so you need to work more on the functionality.


5. Simple Responsive Horizontal Timeline

Responsive JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

This one is a colorful Horizontal timeline. In case you want to create a timetable for your daily activities, then you can think of using this one. On hovering the small circular markers, the information shows up inside a box structure.

Every one of the markers is changes shading plans and show the information when you place your mouse on it.


6. Horizontal Timeline with HTML, CSS And Jquery

JavaScript/JS HTML CSS Horizontal Timeline

Presently, this is an incredible method to execute events and dates on any website in a successful way as the design is totally responsive. Albeit horizontal on the initial stage, the entire structure changes to a vertical timeline depending on the screen size. This example of Horizontal timeline depends on CSS, HTML and extra JS code to include innovative elements.

You can include the subtleties and information you need on the all-inclusive sections with every one of the markers. The arrangement of every marker are even and equivalent and the all-encompassing sections likewise interchange their heading to include that additional touch of detail.


7. Horizontal Timeline With CSS JavaScript

CSS JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

This is a propelled slider based JavaScript horizontal timelines design example for you to give it a shot. Incredible for explaining and adding in information on that particular event, event or milestone, this straightforward and powerful design merits an attempt.

A basic line is drawn across and set apart with red specks to check the event. Every one of the events is additionally explained in the exchange boxes beneath or more the timeline. There is one more interesting component included, that is two navigating icons underneath. Clients can utilize this to effortlessly look through forwarding or in reverse on the timeline.


8. Awesome Horizontal Timeline Slider Source Code

Awesome JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline

This is one more awesome and vivified example of a horizontal timeline that may provoke the curiosity of your clients on your site. Imaginative and basically mesmerizing to look through, regardless of whether you need to exhibit, time, dates, events, milestones or more, this can be an ideal choice to pick.

A single horizontal line with little hubs as markers is the base structure. On each side of the line, there are straightforward round shapes which additionally fill in as navigation icons. When tapped on them, the lines advances in a smooth slide in and out impact.


9. JS Horizontal Timeline with Swiper

JavaScript/JS Horizontal Timeline with Swiper

More current and propelled, this is an incredible method to include that touch of innovativeness on any site. This timeline depends on the design of an example by Dzulfikar Adi Putra, yet with a couple of changes to a great extent. The design is working from the Front end, you need to work on the functionality.

The creator using extra segments like the Swiper Grabber Cursor and additional slide in impacts with JS/JavaScript and CSS, this is a basic yet engaging Horizontal timeline design example. Two navigational buttons are additionally on the top for the clients to scroll left and right effectively.


10. Horizontal Animated Timeline Example

JavaScript Timelines

Yet another Horizontal Timeline which uses simply basic circles for the navigational icon to follow the minimal example. Another extra component here is the brilliant capacity to identify the beginning and end of the timeline which when floated over changes the cursor to the not accessible sign.

The white foundation and the dark timeline keeps the spotless and expert tasteful set up while the focal point, all things considered, remains on the inventive textual styles used to show the information.


11. Nested & Color Coded Interactive Timeline

Nested and Color Coded JavaScript Timelines

Presently this is an increasingly imaginative and beautiful method for adding horizontal timeline onto your site. The creator of this design has utilized the straightforward material design cards and made it into an appealing yet useful slider. Not at all like the vast majority of the designs we have in line for you, this timeline is a progressively successful methodology as it has placeholders for each and every component.

You can include pictures, subtleties, dates, titles and the sky is the limit from there. Indeed, even the text segments over the timeline can be utilized to include more information. The exemplary straight line over the screen is additionally shading coded on every hub to speak to a class. Clicking on either the hubs or the navigation icon on either end makes it simpler for the clients also.


12. JavaScript Responsive Web Timelines Design Template

Responsive JavaScript Timelines

With a design made particularly for dictating and explaining events and history in a simpler and reasonable way, this horizontal timeline is outwardly stunning. Presently not at all like different designs, this is the definition of a slider utilized as a timeline. Each segment contains picture holders just as the text positions to explain the picture.

Similarly as with any sliders, it has navigational icons beneath the areas for clients to look through the content. The creator has additionally adhered to the monochrome highly contrasting topic with the shading palette and included a hint of detail with brilliant texts. Straightforward and ideal for instructive and informative contents, this is likewise an extraordinary example for you to give it a shot.


13. JavaScript Horizontal Timeline Design Example Amazing Concept

JavaScript Timelines Amazing Concept

While this design emits a straightforward and clean standpoint, this is more refined and expert than it looks. It includes a minimal methodology with the design yet the energized elements is the thing that that takes to the following level. A basic timeline with navigation icons on either side is there.

Beneath the timeline, you can see the contents the creators have included to show when clicked. Making utilization of HTML, CSS and JS/JavaScript code, this horizontal timeline design example is likewise entirely responsive.


14. JavaScript Website Timelines Design Code Snippet

JavaScript Website Timelines

For now, we have this super engaging and refined JavaScript horizontal timelines design by Elton Mesquita. This is an increasingly detailed design where everything is given additional consideration while creating. The timeline with the time markings are on the bottom of the page.

What’s more, with every choice, the contents included is displayed over the timeline which repeats an introduction or slideshow like impact. For simpler navigation, two arrow icons are on either side of the timeline just as the content showcase territory.


15. Animated Horizontal Timelines Example

Animated JavaScript Timelines

Out of all the JavaScript Timelines design, this is a surprisingly better form of what we have drilled down up until this point. With an image in the background, the timeline close by the cards and even the markers are vivified. Every one of the markers includes an information box where the clients can include any subtleties or information and even include icons and pictures.

When drifted over the particular markers, the cards show the information with a fading animation. Ideal for any expert sites to use as a timeline, feature events or show the procedure this is without a doubt an extraordinary head start.


16. Javascript Timeline Template Component

JavaScript Timelines Template

Taking contrasting shading plans and implementing it onto an enlivened structure, the creator of this design has accepted tastefulness as the entire stylish. Appropriate to show more subtleties onto each marker or one event in turn, this design is certainly more pertinent than a portion of the designs we have referenced on the rundown.

The timeline utilizes the white line as the indicator and little markers along the line to indicate the time. The mesmerizing drift and snap impact executing shading progress makes the boring timeline all the more interesting.


17. JS Tabs Style Horizontal Timeline Example

Tab Style JavaScript Timelines

As the name refers, this one uses a tab style design. Different icons are present at the top which shows the specific information on click.

While the entire design is by all accounts minimal and straightforward, this can be a beginning to your own custom venture. Include the entirety of the additional impacts and animations that you like. You can even change the general shading plans and the icons utilized.


18. Timeline Mockup Design Example

JavaScript Timelines Mockup

Another great utilization of slideshow design as a timeline is this one of a kind idea brought to you by Xin Yao. A few pictures stacked together horizontally make this wonderful design which is taken to the following level with inventive animations and impacts.

When floated over each area, the pictures slides over the screens. Also, when the clients choose to grow the area to uncover a content, a basic snap would get the job done. The entire structure utilizes CSS, HTML just as JS to get this amazing outcome.


19. Timeline Sequence Example Using HTML, CSS, JS

JavaScript Timelines Sequence

Present day, edgy and a la mode, these words are the ideal definition for this example here. A slideshow integrated with an energized timeline, it couldn’t beat that. The foundation picture fills in as a slideshow and changes slides with amazing page advances each time an icon is tapped on the timeline.

In light of JS angular module alongside smooth CSS animations, this is an unheard of level of usage. The year marking every event can likewise be linked to any URL that you need. Another in addition to point here is the spotless and well-remarked codes.


20. Horizontal Timeline Design in CSS And JS Code

JavaScript Horizontal Timelines

Playing with the entirety of the geometric shapes to get this magnificent final product. This is an increasingly inventive methodology with different enlivened elements and segments to keep things new and interesting. The creator Cenda has utilized CSS and HTML just as JS codes for a smooth performance. Indeed, even the shading design is super dynamic and eye-catching.

When tapped on the different areas of the timeline, the geometric shapes holding the subtleties come into see. Two distinctive navigation buttons are additionally present for simple access. The dates are over the timeline which slides left and right depending on the choice. Truly exquisite and extra, this sure is one to keep clients occupied with the right way.



One thing the horizontal timeline example above using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JS code can be incredibly adaptable. They can be anything from a minimally formatted design right to a completely energized and interactive experience.

In this way, regardless of the kind of information you’re looking to show or your own style, chances are that one of these pieces will be the ideal fit.

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