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Vertical Fixed Navigation Menu Snippet

We often see navigation menus in a websites. They all are different in designs, nature and their functions. Here we discuss about Vertical Fixed Navigation Menus. These navigation menus are vertical in design. That means upside down. We can scroll between different menus vertically that are available to us. These types of menus not only look unique but they also look attractive. Now a day, we rarely see old and classy types of navigation menus in a website. That is all due to these vertical fixed navigation menus. Here, fixed in a sense that, these menus have their own...

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10 Best Cloud IDEs And Online Code Editors

We often write codes in editor that is available in our system. We use several types of editors in our day-to-day life. Best Cloud IDEs and Online Code Editors are the similar type of editor that we use. But the difference is, we need to write code in those editor, that are online that means we can code from anywhere and run and compile our code from any place. The process is similar to the offline code editor and the result here is same as that of offline editor. The simple steps to follow are visit the online coding...

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The Best Android Development IDEs

An IDE that refers to the Integrated Development Environment is the solution that is helpful for the programmer or developer to develop the software for android mobile phone or devices easily and quickly. Android Development IDEs are the platform from which an android application is developed. It simply consists of steps like design, code, compile, test, debug (if any error) and package the android application. For android app development, Google provides the Android Studio IDE. These IDEs provides a beautiful layout for the programmers and helps them to make their application effective. Moreover, we can use the other IDEs...

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20 Unique Free Handwritten Fonts For Designer

We use different types of font nowadays. The design of the font plays a vital role while presenting our report. As the new taste increases, people nowadays use various fonts from internet. In this way, Free Handwritten Fonts are available. Man created these fonts themselves. The method to design fonts is amazing. They firstly wrote them in paper to check how it really should look. And, later on put them in a computer. In this way, they design fonts. These fonts are very much useful to the designer to give a natural look. Also, they are useful for logo...

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15+ Free jQuery Hover Effects Plugins

Ever seen those amazing photo gallery with mind-blowing animations and hover effects in popular websites like Apple and wondered how they do it? Well, the simplest and easiest answer to your question would be the jQuery Hover Effects Plugins. The jQuery hover effects plugins allows you to create amazing hovering effects for any part of your blogs. Mostly, the hover effects are used in photo galleries and icons to keep the visitors engaging and awestruck, nowadays they are also used in text items. These kind of websites are frequently visited and the visitors also tend to sustain. jQuery is...

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