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25+ News App Screen UI Design Inspiration

These days, people are engaged in their mobile phone in such a way that, people almost do everything from their phone. From small things to the complex, people do all these things from their mobile phone. People almost replaced more than hundreds of things with the use of the mobile phone. Simple examples are that people do with their mobile phones are calling people, watching time, use of calendar, use of alarm clock, use of camera and many more. Among all of them, reading news is also one of them. Yes, watching news via mobile is commonly in practice...

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10 Best Freelance Sites for Company 2018

In the internet, there are lots of freelancing sites which can get your job done. With over 70 freelancing websites and millions of freelancers online, anyone can get their work done. However, it is really hard to get a well skilled freelancer for your work. Here we have collect the best freelance sites for company to hire freelancer in 2018. For a company, offering their services to millions of people, the quality and consistency of work is of utmost importance. So, they need a trustworthy and skilled freelancer who can get their work done. The freelancer should have the...

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20+ Beautiful Ecommerce Website UI Design

When it comes to a website design, everybody loves making the beautiful designs of the website. These days, websites for Ecommerce are popular among us. There are various commercial websites, which helps us to provide the information about their companies and services they offer us. Many of the companies appoint a person to design such websites and many of them ask different web site designing companies to design a website for them. Therefore, here we talk about the Beautiful Ecommerce Website UI Design. Designing a website means including various elements in the website so that the website may look...

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35+ Beautiful Website Header Design Concept

The first thing, that user sees in a web page is the home screen or the home page of the web page. This is the main reason we must design the home page beautifully. Designing home page has various elements and they differ from objects to objects. Some of the designer focuses on the color of the screen whereas some focuses on the shapes and the graphics used in it. Therefore, here we talk about the Beautiful Website Header Design Concept. There are various sources of concepts. Here, concepts simply refers to the design or the reference for the...

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20+ Android Music App UI Design Concept

These days, it is not so rare to find smart phones on everyone’s hand from children to old citizens. The increasing demand of the smart phones, are because of the features they provides us. Among those features, music is also one of them. That is, we can listen to the music and songs in a smart phone. For that, we need a music player. Most of the smart phones provide us such players by default but we can also add our own player in the phones. Therefore, here we are talking about Android Music App UI Design Concept. Among...

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