With over 1 billion active users a month, FB’s digital store has been a free way of business for many sellers. Given that there are thousands of people engaged in selling activities here, there’s no guarantee that everyone is a legitimate merchant. Some people run their scamming businesses which is why you should learn how to report a seller on Facebook Marketplace.

The reporting feature is a crucial thing in this digital store as it has strict restrictions for fraudulent merchants. It helps to maintain reliable and friendly interactions with people from different parts of the world.

When you report someone, their listings will get deleted, and their account might get temporarily suspended or permanently banned from FB Marketplace.

So, do not hold back if someone is a fraud who’s scamming people with low-quality items or selling illegal items, report them immediately. And if you don’t know how you are at the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to report a bad seller using a mobile phone and PC in the simplest steps possible. Also, know when is the best time to post on FB Marketplace.

Can you Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can report a seller on Facebook Marketplace. Doing so is as easy as finding and deleting your listings. The only hard part while doing so is finding the seller’s FB Marketplace profile.

When you report a merchant on this digital store, they will face certain restrictions. Matter of fact, they can also get permanently banned from selling products.

After all, FB wants every user to make prosperous and friendly use of this store for easy shopping.

If a merchant offends you with their actions, behavior, or low-quality product, you should immediately complain about them. You can also rate the seller with the lowest rating as it’ll portray the user as the bad seller.

Thus, reporting can not only portray you as a genuine user, but it can also motivate other customers to rely on online shopping without any doubts.

This feature has saved a lot of customers from fraud merchants and we’ll be eternally grateful to FB if good transactions with such protection continue to be fostered in this digital store.

How to Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You might have contacted a seller before, but have you ever reported a seller? If not, why? Is it because you don’t know how to report? If that’s the problem, don’t worry.

In this section, we’ll teach you how to report a seller using a mobile phone(Android or iOS) and Laptop(Windows or Mac) so that you won’t have any issues regarding the device.

On Mobile App

To report a seller on Facebook Marketplace using a smartphone(Android or iPhone), follow the below guidance step-by-step:

1. Open the Facebook application and log into your account.

2. From the top right corner, press on the hamburger icon.

3. Press on Marketplace under Your Shortcuts. But if you want to enter the Marketplace in an easier method, you can simply tap on the market icon right beside notifications. However, let us assure you that it may not be available every time.

How to Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

4. After that, tap on the search icon next to the profile icon. There, you can also find your saved listings.

5. Now, search the name of the seller.

6. Tap on the product listed by that particular seller.

7. Swipe down a little and press on Seller details from the right end of Seller information.

How to Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

8. Press the three dots next to the View profile.

9. From the four available options, press Report.

10. Tap on Continue.

11. From the available options, select a reason why you want to report that particular seller.

How to Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

12. Lastly, tap on Done.

With that done, that particular merchant will get reported.

On Desktop Web App

To report a seller on Facebook Marketplace using a PC, go along with the below process step-by-step:

1. Log into your Facebook account after opening a web browser on your computer.

2. Tap on the Marketplace right above Saved from the left side of your home page. You can also enter the Marketplace by pressing on the market icon beside Groups. However, it might not be accessible every time.

Reporting a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

3. Now, browse the name of that specific merchant from the Search Marketplace.

4. Click on any item listed by that specific seller.

5. Tap on the Seller details under the Seller information section.

How to complain a merchant on FB Marketplace

6. Now, tap on Report next to View Profile.

How to complain a merchant on FB Marketplace

7. Choose an option for what reason you want to report the merchant.

8. With that done, tap on Done Finally and your job is done.

After that, the seller will be immediately reported.

Why Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Everything needs to be done for a reason. You cannot report a seller because of personal hatred or just because you want to. You need to have your reasons for taking this action.

But do you know what might be those reasons? If not, let us tell you.

1. Selling Illegal or Counterfeit Items

The sale of illegal or counterfeit items is banned inside of Facebook Marketplace. So, if you buy a counterfeit item or see any merchant that is selling illegal items, you should immediately report that seller.

Doing so helps maintain trustworthy and friendly goods transactions inside this digital store.

2. Posting Inaccurate or Misleading Listings

Incorrect or misleading posts are one major problem of Facebook Marketplace that should taken into action strictly. This can cause misunderstanding and might also lead to a bad experience for customers.

So, tapping the report button is not hard if you observe any seller with inaccurate or misleading listings. Thus, you should report the seller immediately.

3. Frauds Sell

Talking about the fraud sale, the online market is fishy. The merchants show their products as if it’s high quality, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Fraud selling is a hot topic in online shopping as most people have fallen for this.

Hence, if you happen to find someone involved in a fraudulent sale, you should report the merchant instantly without thinking twice. Doing so not only helps you but it also saves other people from scam products.

What Happens When you Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You’ll report a scammer merchant if they offend you with their products or behaviors, but do you know what happens after you report a seller? If not, let us tell you.

1. Deleting Seller’s Listing

When a seller gets reported on Facebook Marketplace, he/she might not get to sell the products anymore. It’s because their listings will be deleted instantly for offending the customers.

2. Temporarily Suspending the Seller’s Account

If a merchant gets reported, their account might also get permanently suspended. And if it does, he/she won’t be able to create or edit their listings and sell items. He/she needs to create an FB Marketplace account with another FB account.

3. Permanently Banned the Seller from Facebook Marketplace

Besides just getting banned and getting the listings deleted, a merchant can also get permanently banned from FB’s digital store if he/she is reported.


Can I block a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can block a seller on Facebook Marketplace. You should take this action immediately if any merchant is offending you. And while you can block a merchant, you can also unblock them any time you want.

I got scammed on Facebook Marketplace, what can I do?

If you got scammed on Facebook Marketplace, the best thing you can do is report the seller. Well, doing so cannot change what’s happened but strict action will be taken against the seller.

Can I report a seller anonymously?

Yes, you can report a seller anonymously. Facebook does enclose the name of the reporter. So, when you report a fake seller on FB Marketplace, it’ll be reported as anonymous automatically.


In the end, you can report a seller on Facebook Marketplace and the merchant won’t even know who reported as FB doesn’t enclose the name of the reporter for privacy matter. So, if you see any seller who’s selling illegal or counterfeit items, uploading misleading or inaccurate and engaged in fraud sell, you must immediately report them.

After that, the seller will be taken into action and will get permanently banned from FB’s digital store possibly. Besides that, you can also block and unblock any seller you want.

If you have some spare time, also learn how to get a refund on FB Marketplace.

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