Generally, you do not need to remove your listing on Marketplace since you can change its status from “Available” to “Sold.” or “Out of Stock.” However, sometimes situations happen, and you may need to delete your listing on Facebook Marketplace.

It could be due to the item no longer being available, a significant change in the price and description of your products, old and expired listings, a violation of Marketplace guidelines, and so on.

In such a case, deleting and creating a new post may be the only option you have.

Of course, you can always edit your listing if there are only minor changes. After all, deleting is permanent, and you can’t undo it.

Anyway, this article will discuss how to delete your Facebook Marketplace listing and what happens if you do so. If you have time, let’s also learn to change the country on Facebook Marketplace.

Can you Delete the Facebook Marketplace Listing?

Yes, you can quickly delete any of your Facebook Marketplace listings. However, since it is a permanent action, you must carefully consider it.

As you know, you can easily find the listings on FB Marketplace, whether they are old or new.

Also, you can change their status from “Available” to “Pending” or “Sold.” If it is stock, you can always mark it as “Out of Stock.”

Hence, it isn’t necessary to delete a post on this platform, and you can hide it if you want. Once the sale item is available again, you can edit and use that post again.

However, this isn’t always the case. You may need to delete your listings to clear unnecessary clutter, expired posts, or when that good is no longer available.

For example, if your post is about a second-hand Mobile phone, there is no need to keep that listing after selling that item.

Remember, though your product visibility decreases on the Marketplace once you mark it as sold, people can still find your post.

So, you may constantly get a message about whether it will be available in the future from the buyers.

Hence, deleting the listing may be a good decision, depending on your situation.

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How to Delete Facebook Marketplace Listing?

You can quickly delete your Facebook Marketplace listing using a Mobile app or desktop web browser. You can delete the post related to items, vehicles, and properties or remove the boosted post (Advertisement) if you want.

Remember, deleting a listing is permanent. So, be careful and recheck before doing this action on your account.

Let’s discuss this process on both the app and web versions of Facebook for your convenience.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your Smartphone (Android or iOS) device to delete your Facebook Marketplace listing.

1. First, open your Facebook or Lite application and use your username and password to sign into your account.

2. Once you are on your homepage, press the hotdog menu from the top or lower right corner.

3. Next, choose the “Marketplace” option under the “All shortcuts” heading to access this page.

4. Now, tap the “userimage from the upper right corner of your screen. It is right next to the search button.

5. Then, choose “your listing” below the “seller” section to see all the posts on your account.

6. Finally, tap the three dots next to a post and select the “Delete listing” option.

After you confirm it on the prompt, that post from the Marketplace will disappear immediately.

Remember, once you delete your listing, all the comments and messages will also become unavailable.

Note: You can use the drop-down menu from the top left side to find your listings better.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the process below on your computer or laptop to delete your Facebook Marketplace listing.

1. First, press the “Marketplace” option from the left panel of your Facebook homepage.

You can also press its icon from the top.

2. Next, click the “sellingoption right above the “create new listing” button.

You can see your listed items on the right panel.

3. After that, press the three dots at the lower right corner of a post and choose the “delete listing” option.

4. Finally, press the “Delete” button on the prompt, and that post will immediately disappear.

You can repeat the same steps above for any other listing to remove it from your account.

What Happens When You Delete a Listing on Facebook Marketplace?

The following things will happen when you delete a listing on your Facebook Marketplace.

  • Your listing or post will disappear permanently from your account. People won’t find it on their Marketplace.
  • You can still see the message related to that product but can’t access it.
  • If someone has enabled “Alert” for your post, they may receive a notification of your removal.
  • You must create a new post for a similar product since you cannot access the old one anymore.
  • All insights, analytic data, and comments on that post will also disappear.

Overall, you should be careful which listing to remove due to its permanent effect.

How to Delete All Marketplace Listings at Once?

As of now, you cannot delete all your FB Marketplace listings at once. There is no option for bulk removal, and you cannot delete multiple listings.

Hence, you must remove them individually. This is to prevent accidentally deleting all your posts because it is a permanent action.

So, to avoid issues, you should clear unnecessary listings as soon as you can (say daily).

Can you Find Deleted Listings on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot find the deleted listings on the Facebook Marketplace.

When you delete an item from your list, it is permanent, and you cannot retrieve it anymore. So, create a new post instead.

Can you Recover Deleted Listings on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot get back the deleted listings on your Facebook Marketplace. Once you delete a post , it will permanently disappear from your account.

What Does Delete and Relist Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Deleting a listing on Facebook Marketplace means removing it completely from your account and the market. So, nobody (you or others) will see that post again in the future.

On the other hand, relisting on Facebook Marketplace means making that post visible to the Marketplace again.

As you know, your product will only be visible on this platform for seven days. So, you must relist again after seven days to make it visible to the buyers.

To do this, tap the “Relist this item” button below your product. It will now again act as a new listing and appear in front of related buyers.

How do I Remove a Marketplace Listing from a Group?

Follow the steps below on your Smartphone or a PC to remove a Marketplace listing from a Group.

1. First, open that Group on your FB account where you have listed your products.

2. Next, click the “Your itemstab on the horizontal menu below the profile picture.

3. After that, tap three dots next to your listing and choose the “Delete listings” option.

4. Finally, confirm it on the prompt, and you are done.

Now, repeat the same steps for all other items you want to remove from that Group. Your post will permanently disappear from the Group.


Why can’t I delete a listing on Facebook Marketplace?

You may be unable to delete a listing on the Facebook Marketplace because of an app error, technical glitch, browser, or internet issue. So, clear the cache, check the internet, or restart your device to solve this problem.

Can I remove my Facebook Marketplace listing?

Yes, you can always remove your Facebook Marketplace post anytime you want. However, you should be careful since this action is permanent.

Can I remove sold items from Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can remove the sold items from your Facebook Marketplace. However, you shouldn’t do it unless necessary. This is because your sold items can give you insights about the market and help you make future strategies.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is very easy to delete your Facebook Marketplace listing using a Smartphone or a PC.

However, you should be extra careful because you cannot restore it after removing them.

Overall, that’s all for this blog. Let’s also learn to add videos to Facebook Marketplace listing while at it.

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