When browsing through items on Marketplace, you may have seen the seller’s phone number in the description. It helps you easily reach the concerned person and finalize the deal. However, should you really give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace?

You see, the online market is mainly based on trust. There is a huge risk in everything you sell or buy, and the return policy is very cumbersome.

Hence, every seller and buyer tries to properly communicate with each other as much as they can before making a decision. For this, a phone number is the best direct communication method.

For buyers, it helps to authenticate the product quality, negotiate the price, and increase trust. At the same time, the seller can find a suitable buyer quickly, avoiding unnecessary spam.

But is it okay to publicly give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace? What should be the best choice? Don’t worry; this article will discuss it in detail. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to turn off notifications on a Facebook page if interested.

Is it Safe to Give your Phone Number on Facebook Marketplace?

No, it is never safe to give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace, especially if it is your personal cell number.

Remember, this is true for whatever situations you encounter in this Marketplace. You don’t need to give a cell phone number to do business on Facebook.

There is a big possibility of misuse if you offer your number carelessly. Spam and scam calls are the least of your worries since people may use your phone number to conceal their true identity and trick others in your name.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t add the number on Facebook Marketplace.

If it is essential, purchase a separate business number instead. It is never a good idea to give a stranger your personal info, whatever the situation.

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Why is Someone Asking for Your Phone Number on Facebook Marketplace?

Someone may ask for your phone number on Facebook Marketplace for positive or negative purposes.

If a buyer genuinely wants your number, it may be because they want to contact you for convenience, safety, security, faster communication, to gain trust, etc.

For sellers, the number of buyers may be necessary to find their location for delivery and cash transactions.

However, not every person has good intentions. Someone can ask for your number in the name of verification to gather your personal info and misuse it.

After all, there is no shortage of scams and spam on the market. Hence, when engaging in online business, you should always set boundaries and protect your privacy as much as possible.

Should you Give your Phone Number on Facebook Marketplace?

Most of the time, the answer to this question is you shouldn’t give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace whether you are a seller or buyer.

However, this doesn’t mean it is not allowed. There are many situations where a number can help in transactions.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Facebook Marketplace has shallow protection. Anyone can be a seller without any verification, and every transaction has more risks.

Hence, giving your phone number on this platform is always a bad idea. If it is your personal number, never give it to anyone, whatever your situation.

Let’s understand a few common reasons to hide the number on this platform so that you won’t make a hasty decision.

1. To prevent verification scams/identity theft. It means someone will use your number and act as you to scam other innocent people.

2. To protect yourself from verification scams. Here, a buyer (scammer) will ask for the verification code to set up Google Voice with your number. After that, they will use your number to scam others.

3. A phone number can easily expose your private social media accounts, information, and location. It may also cause your FB account to be hacked.

4. Someone can easily sell your number and data to another company once you give it. Now, you will receive unrelated and unnecessary advertisement calls and messages frequently. You may also become the victim of scam callers.

These are the only examples. There are many scams, and contact info gives them direct access to you.

Hence, never give your personal number to anyone, and if it is really needed, use the business number from your provider with enough security.

You can also set up a WhatsApp business account and ask people to contact there.

Note: If you are a buyer, you shouldn’t expose your private number unless the seller is a genuine and verified dealer. Instead, give a location for delivery via message.

Why do Facebook Marketplace Buyers Want Your Contact Number?

The Facebook Marketplace buyers may want your contact number for convenient communication, confirmation, negotiation, increased trust, emergencies, etc.

Not all buyers are scammers, and there can be a good reason for their demand. Hence, you can purchase a separate business number (landline if necessary) to tackle such situations.

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Why do Scammers on Facebook Marketplace want your Phone Number?

Scammers on Facebook Marketplace want your phone number for identity theft, phishing attacks, spam calls, harassment, information selling, and other illegal purposes.

It can also lead to hacking your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Your personal number can say everything about you on social media directly or indirectly. Hence, you shouldn’t give it to any stranger without trust.

How to Put a Contact Number to the Facebook Marketplace Listing?

If there is a plausible reason to put your contact number on the Facebook Marketplace listing, you can easily do so using a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

So, let’s follow the steps below on your device to do it.

1. First, go to the Marketplace on your Facebook account.

You can find it in the “All shortcuts” section (Smartphone) or on the left panel on the homepage (PC).

2. Next, create a new listing or edit the existing one from your FB account.

3. Now, go to the “Description” input field and add your contact number here. After that, tap the “Save” or “Update” button.

FB Marketplace doesn’t have a “Contact number” input field.


Should I give my phone number on the Facebook marketplace?

No, you should never give your phone number on the FB Marketplace to protect your privacy.

Should I give out my number when selling on Facebook?

Generally, giving your number when selling on Facebook isn’t recommended. However, if you have a trustworthy old buyer, you can make your own decision. It is still better to use a separate business number instead.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you shouldn’t give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace since it isn’t safe for your privacy.

Instead, use Messenger or other external communication tools to finalize your transactions.

Overall, try to protect your personal info from public view. While at it, let’s also learn to change the price on Facebook Marketplace.

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