As you know, the price of a sale item is a significant factor that determines whether a buyer is willing to purchase it. It cannot always be fixed and needs to be flexible. Hence, you may sometimes need to change the price on Facebook Marketplace.

Such updates in cost may be necessary according to the market condition, for competitive pricing, changes in quality, seasonal reasons, mistakes, and many more.

Whatever the reasons are, you can easily change the item price as frequently as you want using a Smartphone or a PC. There isn’t much restriction to this by Facebook.

However, it is still better to stop frequent changes in the value of goods since it can lead to distrust and dissatisfaction among your buyers.

Anyway, this blog will teach you to change the price on Facebook Marketplace as well as a few valuable suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to go live on a Facebook business page while at it.

Can you Change the Item Price on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily change the item price on Facebook Marketplace. You can update it as many times as you want without restrictions.

However, you should not change the price of your product frequently, especially if you intend to stay in business for a long time.

Furthermore, a drastic increase or decrease in the price of goods can quickly lose buyer trust.

Of course, if there is a plausible reason, changing the price of items is no big deal. However, unless it is the correction of your mistakes, proper research and reason must be there to change the cost.

If you use it correctly, you can even promote and sell your products more by changing the price.

Another advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it allows your buyers to offer a price range.

It will immediately let you know the exact value of your goods that can bring the most profit.

Let’s understand this more in the next section so that you can make a good decision.

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How to Change the Price on Facebook Marketplace Post

You can easily change the price of your Facebook Marketplace posts using a Mobile Phone or a desktop web browser.

So, let’s learn this process on both devices so you can do it with whatever devices you have.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step process below on your Facebook or Lite application to change the price of the Marketplace listing.

1. First, sign in to your FB account using an Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device.

2. Next, hit the three horizontal lines or profile icon on your homepage.

3. Then, press the “Marketplace” option right below the “All shortcuts” heading.

4. After that, tap the user icon from the upper-right corner beside the search button.

5. Now, choose the “Your listings” option from the menu to see all your item lists.

6. Next, press three dots next to an item whose price you want to change and select the “Edit listing” option.

Remember, your product must be in the “Available” state to edit. You won’t see this option if it is in the “Mark as sold” or “Pending” status.

7. Now, go to the price input field and change it to your liking.

You can also add photos to your listing or make other edits if you want. Furthermore, don’t forget to add the SKU number if needed.

8. Finally, press the “Save” button from the top right corner of your screen to save the changes.

This will immediately change the price of your Facebook Marketplace post. Remember to give a heads-up if the change is significant.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your computer or laptop to change or add the price on Facebook Marketplace posts.

1. First, open your Facebook account and click the “Marketplace” option from the left panel.

2. Next, press the “sellingoption from the left side to see all your listings.

3. After that, click the three horizontal dots below a listing and choose the “Edit listing” option from the menu.

4. Once on the editing page, you can change the price currency of that item from the left panel.

5. Finally, click the “Updatebutton from the lower left corner of your screen.

Your item price on the FB Marketplace has now changed. You can repeat the same steps above for other listings to change the value quickly.

How to Negotiate the Price on Facebook Marketplace?

Unlike other e-commerce websites, the price tag on the item you find on FB Marketplace isn’t fixed or set.

This means you can easily negotiate the price of goods with the sellers. This is especially the case with second-hand products.

One convenient way to negotiate the price on FB Marketplace is to use the “Send Offer” button.

Just open the product on your account and press the “Send offer” button below the image. If satisfied, choose one of the set price ranges from the list.

The seller will now contact you if they are willing to sell the product at that price.

Likewise, another way to negotiate the price is to message directly. You can DM on Messenger and ask for a discount directly with the dealer.

How to Drop the Price on Facebook Marketplace?

To drop the price on Facebook Marketplace, first, open your listings and press three dots next to it.

Now, select the “Edit listing” option and scroll down to “Price” input field. For PC, you will find it on the left panel.

Finally, drop the price as you want and tap the “Save” or “Update” button. It will immediately drop the price of your goods on the Marketplace.

How to Show Reduced Prices on Facebook Marketplace?

To show the reduced prices on Facebook Marketplace, edit your listings and lower the price from before. Next, tap the “save” or “update” button.

People will now see your previous price (higher value) in a faded and crossed style next to the true lower price. For instance, it will appear as “$400 $̶4̶5̶0̶.”

So, you can use this feature for your marketing strategy. Just fix the higher price first and reduce it afterward to get this discount effect.

Why can’t you Change the Price on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot change the price of your item on Facebook Marketplace if the listing status is “Pending” or “Mark as sold.

To change the price, it must be in “Available” status. This is to prevent people from increasing the cost inappropriately.

Note: You also won’t be able to modify the price on Marketplace if you have violated the community guidelines and are partially restricted by Facebook.

Can Others Know if You Edit and Raise the Price on the Facebook Marketplace?

No, nobody will know if you edit and raise the price on the Facebook Marketplace.

However, if a person has paid attention to or purchased your product before, they may find out about such an increment. Hence, it isn’t good to change the value drastically unless necessary.

Note: Remember that people will only know your price edit if you have lowered the price of your product.

What Does $1 Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Generally, a $1 price tag on any item on Facebook Marketplace is a marketing strategy that prompts buyers to start a negotiation.

It can also be a scam attempt from a seller hoping to lure you into messaging them. So, you can decode its meaning based on situations.

What Does Free Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Generally, “free” on Marketplace refers to no cost. However, on Facebook Marketplace, a seller may fake list an item as free to grab attention, bait customers, open negotiation, or due to mistakes.

So, you shouldn’t assume an item is free of cost on this platform. This is a major drawback that needs to be patched by Facebook.


Can I increase the price on the Facebook Marketplace listing?

Yes, you can increase the price on the Facebook Marketplace listing as often as you want. However, it is still necessary to make fewer changes if possible.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not showing prices?

Facebook Marketplace may not show the pricing due to technical issues, seller preference or mistakes, algorithms, or other rules. You can directly message the person and ask in such cases.

Can I make the lower price on the Facebook marketplace?

Yes, you can always lower the price of your goods by editing your listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Is there a price limit on the Facebook marketplace?

Yes, there is a price limit for each product you list on Facebook Marketplace. This is calculated based on other similar items in the shop.
When you increase the price of an item unreasonably, Facebook will give you an error saying, “This price is high compared to similar listings.”

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can quickly change the price on Facebook Marketplace using a Smartphone or a PC.

However, it is still a better idea to properly change costs if necessary. Furthermore, if there are old buyers in contact, you should give them notice of such changes.

Overall, this concludes this tutorial. Let’s also learn to find sale items on Facebook Marketplace near you if you are interested.

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