As you know, you can add photos to the Facebook Marketplace listing to make buying and selling the product easier. However, it won’t help in every situation. If sellers can also add videos to their Facebook Marketplace listing, then that would be more awesome.

You see, the major drawback of online marketing is the buyer can’t see and feel the product in real life.

Though a picture may appear perfect on the screen, the product may not be in good condition. So, many users are getting scammed, and gaining trust is more challenging than ever.

So, if sellers can capture a brief clip of their product and upload it on the Facebook Marketplace, people will quickly know what they are buying.

Hence, this article will discuss how to add videos to the Facebook Marketplace listing, along with the necessary info. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to post on someone’s Facebook timeline if interested.

Can you Add Videos to the Facebook Marketplace Listing?

Yes, you can add videos to the Facebook Marketplace listing, but it is only available in some countries and for some sellers.

If you qualify, you can add a maximum of 600 MB clip to your listing. Of course, you can put up to ten images and videos in your post.

To see if you can add videos to the FB Marketplace, create a new listing and look for the “Add video” option next to the “Add photo” option.

If the option is available, you are eligible; if not, you should wait for this feature to become available worldwide.

You see, adding videos on FB Marketplace’s listings is a relatively new feature. You can say it is in the testing period.

Furthermore, unlike other e-commerce sites, Facebook isn’t that organized in this aspect.

You can see anyone with a worthless product listing on the Marketplace. Furthermore, there is no guarantee and return policy in implementation.

So, most of the liability is with the buyer. In such a scenario, if Facebook allowed uploading clips, it may do more harm than good.

Of course, it does have other advantages, too. But, from the current trend, it seems the ability to add videos on Marketplace may only become available to serious sellers.

However, there are still other ways to add clips of your product, even if you don’t have the in-built feature.

For instance, you can always upload the clips to YouTube and include a link in the description. Now, any buyer can click that URL to see your product before placing an order.

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How to Add Videos to Facebook Marketplace Listing?

You can add videos to your Facebook Marketplace listing using a PC (Windows or Mac) or Smartphone.

Of course, your account must be eligible first to do this. As you know, only some countries and sellers are lucky to have this option.

So, let’s learn this process on both devices so you can upload your clips using any equipment you have.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step procedure below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to add videos to your Facebook Marketplace listing.

1. First, open your Facebook account with credentials on your Mobile phone using the main or Lite app.

2. Next, press the three horizontal lines or profile icon on the homepage.

3. Then, tap the “Marketicon below the “All shortcuts” section.

4. After that, you can either create a new listing or edit the existing one.

To create a new listing, press the “Sellbutton from above and choose between items, properties, or vehicles.

For existing listings, tap the “usericon from the top and choose “your listings” option.

Now, tap the three dots next to it and select “edit listing” from the menu.

5. You can now tap the “Add video” button next to the “Add photo” option.

If you see no option to upload a video, your account isn’t eligible for this feature yet.

Note: There are instances where, in the same country, some people have this option while others don’t. If you are also encountering this issue, you should still publish your listings and wait for it to appear after some time.

6. Next, choose the clips from your Gallery. Remember, your video can’t be more than 600 MB in size.

Make sure that your videos show a 360-degree view of your product. Furthermore, try to make its quality excellent as much as the limit allows.

Also, remember you can add images along with videos. Hence, you can use one clip and show other details via photos.

When there is more than one item (clips or images), make sure the main video is at the first in the list. The order of the items is critical in marketing.

7. Once the video is uploaded, you can start adding details to your product.

Add your product’s name, brand, tag, category, and details. Also, don’t forget to add the SKU code to manage your inventory better.

8. Finally, tap the “Save” or “Publish” button from the top right corner.

People can now tap on your clip to see the full video of your product. So, make it clear and concise and use the marketing strategy.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your computer or laptop to add videos to your Facebook Marketplace listing.

1. First, click the “Marketplace” option from the left panel on your FB homepage.

2. Then, hit the “Create new listingbutton from the left side to make a new marketing post.

If you already have one, press the “Selling” option right above it. Now, click three dots next to a listing and select “edit listing” from the drop-down menu.

3. Next, press the “Add video” option next to “Add photo” from the left panel.

4. After that, choose your videos from the local storage. The size of a clip cannot exceed 600 MB.

You can press the “open” button below once you are done.

5. Once the video is uploaded, you can post other images if you want.

Don’t forget to check the preview on the right panel. If the order isn’t right, you can drag the clips and images on the left panel to the right place.

Now, provide other info like title, category, brand, description, etc.

6. Finally, click the “Update” or “Publish” button from the lower right corner.

Congratulations, you successfully added the videos to your listings on the Marketplace listing. People can now click on it and view it on their device.

Why can’t you Add Videos to the Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot add videos to the Facebook Marketplace because this feature is only available in some countries and sellers.

Even then, many people still cannot see this option in the same country. According to some user, this option seems to automatically appear on their Facebook account after some time.

So, don’t stop using the Marketplace, and you may also see this feature on your account soon.

Furthermore, since this feature seems to be in the testing phase, it may take some time to become available around the world.

However, you can still upload videos or post reels on your Facebook page and provide a link in the description.

Why Videos Won’t Play on Facebook Marketplace?

The videos may not play on Facebook Marketplace if the internet connection is poor, there is a browser issue, the videos are incompatible due to ad blockers, or other technical issues.

So, you can check and refresh your internet, restart your device, clear your browser cache, disable ad blockers, etc., to solve this issue.

Sometimes, it may be a problem with the Facebook server. So, try again after a few hours and see if the problem is fixed.

How to Remove Videos from Facebook Marketplace Posts?

To remove videos from the Facebook Marketplace posts, first locate and open it on your device (Smartphone or PC).

For this, you can go to the “your listings” section, press three dots, and select the “edit listing” option.

Now, tap the “crossicon at the top left side of your video on the editing page.

You will see that the clip disappears from the list. Hence, press the “update” or “save” button, and you are done.

That video will no longer appear on your listing. You can check it on your device to be sure.


Can I upload a video to the Facebook Marketplace listing?

Yes, you can upload a video to the Facebook Marketplace. However, this is only available for some countries and sellers. You can include up to 600 MB clips in your listings if you qualify.

How long of a video can you put on Facebook Marketplace?

According to Facebook, you can upload a video that is up to 240 minutes long to Marketplace. However, adding short and clear clips for better marketing is still a good idea.

Why don’t I have the option to add a video on the FB marketplace?

You don’t have the option of adding a video to the FB Marketplace because it is limited to certain countries and sellers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the feature to add videos on Facebook Marketplace is currently only limited to some countries and sellers.

So, if you don’t see it, you can only wait patiently. However, you can still directly add the link to your video in the description if necessary.

Overall, hope this clears your doubts. Let’s also learn to edit a post on the FB page if interested.

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