We often see people post on someone’s Facebook timeline to wish for birthdays, celebrate accomplishments and revive old memories.

Over the years, Facebook has been a hub to share memorable moments, spread joy and appreciate each other.

And posting on someone’s Facebook timeline is a great way to interact, share ideas, and get feedback from people.

As long as this feature is available on Facebook, you’ll have the best moments.

Just imagine posting an embarrassing picture of your friend on their profile to wish birthday.

And if you don’t know how, let us help you with that!

Can You Post on Someone’s Facebook Timeline?

Of course, you can. Posting on someone’s Facebook timeline is a popular means to show support, share content, and gain opinions.

And posting on a friend’s profile is as simple as tagging someone in the comments or changing profile pictures.

In fact, most users use this feature frequently to keep themselves socially involved and active on Facebook.

And if you ever feel hesitant to post something on someone’s Facebook timeline, just remember, there’s no one stopping you.

If you’re utilizing this feature without causing any harm or offense to another user, not even Facebook itself can stop you.

Whether it’s just a status, photo, video, news, or informative link, you can publish anything you want.

The only thing that you should remember before posting on a friend’s wall is the type of content that you are uploading.

It’s because FB won’t let you upload any kind of inappropriate content that might be potentially harmful to others.

How to Post on Someone’s Facebook Timeline?

Now that you know you have the right to post on someone’s Facebook timeline, it’s time to use this feature well.

But do you have any idea about how this works? If not, we will guide you in the best way you can ask for.

Here, we will provide you guidance to upload text, photos, videos, and even a website link to upload to someone’s profile.

And yeah, this process below works on both Android and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPad.

Post Text Content

1. First, open Facebook on your Smartphone or Computer and make sure your account is logged in.

2. Then, go to your friend’s profile, where you want to upload.

3. Swipe down a little bit and click on Write something to (your friend’s name).

4. You’ll get seven different options but ignore all if you just want to upload text content like birthday wishes, congratulations, etc. Just click on What’s on your mind?

How To Post Text Content on Someone's Timeline

5. After that, type the text you want.

6. Lastly, click on the Post button located at the top right end.

Add a Photo and Video

1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile phone or PC.

2. Visit your friend’s profile where you want to upload a video or picture.

3. Scroll down a little and tap on the image icon beside Write something to (your friend’s name).

4. Then, select the appropriate photo or video to upload.

How To Add a Photo or Video on Someone's Timeline

5. After that, tap on the Next button. You can even include a caption or comment by clicking say something about this photo.

6. Lastly, tap on the Post button, and it is done.

Post a Website Link

Before you follow any of the steps below, copy the website link you want to upload from the web browser.

1. Now, open Facebook on your mobile or laptop.

2. Go to your friend’s account profile and scroll down a little.

3. Then, press on Write something to (your friend’s name).

4. Tap directly on What’s on our mind?

5. Long press and tap on the paste; your link will be added.

6. Finally, press the Post button.

How To Post a Website Link on Some's Timeline

If you follow this process step-by-step, you can not only publish website links but also upload any kind of youtube video link.

How to Share a Post To Someone’s Timeline?

You might have come across many timeline posts with text content, photos, and videos. But have you ever seen someone sharing content on the timeline?

Well, only a few users do this, but you should know this feature can be very useful.

To share a post on someone’s timeline, follow the process below thoroughly:

1. Open Facebook on your smartphone or desktop.

2. Go to the post you want to share.

3. Now, click on the Share icon located at the right side of the comment.

How To Share a Post To Someone's Timeline

4. Click on the Feed that will direct you to the drop-down list.

5. Click on the On a friend’s timeline.

How To Share a Post To Someone's Timeline

6. After that, search for your friend’s name on whose timeline you want to upload.

7. Lastly, click on the Share Now button.

With all the guidance below, you can now share any posts and content on your friend’s timeline.

Not only others’ posts, but you can also share your own published content on your friend’s timelines.

Can You Prevent Someone From Posting on Your Facebook Timeline?

Yes, you can absolutely prevent someone from uploading on your Facebook timeline.

With over 2.9 billion users, this app is a huge online community filled with different intentions and motives.

So, while some like using each and every feature this platform provides, some may not.

Restricting users from publishing on your timeline can be beneficial as well as non-beneficial.

However, it will be a sage decision if you want to maintain a confidential presence on FB. This will secure the privacy you want.

By doing so, you can also get rid of being part of unwanted content on your profile.

The best part? You can avoid your silly friend uploading embarrassing pictures on your timeline.

How To Stop/Block Someone From Posting on Your Facebook Timeline?

Nothing is more annoying than someone posting randomly on your timeline without your concerns.

We understand your frustrated feeling when someone interrupts your personal space.

Don’t you want to stop these kinds of irritating actions of other users? Of Course, you do.

Well, to sort out this problem, FB allows you to restrict someone from posting on your timeline. Not only that, but it also allows you to control others from viewing your reels and content.

You can simply go to Settings > Profile and tagging > Who can post on your profile> Only me. 

Or, if you want to stop a particular person from posting on your profile, you need to block them.

Can You Post on Someone Else’s Facebook Business Page?

The short answer is no! Indeed you can upload an individual’s profile, but you have no access to upload on someone else’s Facebook Business Page.

Being such a huge platform, many people utilize this app for their business. And there would be a huge problem if someone published unnecessary stuff on the page.

It might even cause a serious negative impact on a promising business.

Well, this is the reason why Facebook prevents you from publishing on a business page because it serves every user equally and doesn’t want anyone to harm others.


Why Can’t You Post Someone’s Timeline on Facebook?

Some users prefer disabling others to upload on their Facebook Page. They set their settings to only me, which restricts you from publishing on their Facebook timeline.

If I Post on Someone’s Facebook Profile, Who Can See It?

Anything you publish on someone’s profile depends upon the choice of that user. They can set the visibility according to their preference. But if the settings are default, everyone can view the content.

Can My Friends See What I Post on Someone’s Timeline on Facebook?

Yes, your friends can see what you posted on someone’s timeline. However, if the user has set content visibility to a selective audience or only themselves, your friends won’t be able to see the content.


With all that said, this platform allows you to upload/add content to your friend’s profile.

Moreover, you can also let someone publish on your timeline. And while you have access to this feature, utilize it to its fullest without offending other users.

If you have time, learn to add mail to your Facebook business page.

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