When it comes to social media platforms, most of the time, the first impression matters. It is easier to attract someone once they have a favorable impression of your account. So, you should regularly change the Facebook page profile picture to use this to your advantage.

Remember that changing your profile picture is a simple process you can do whenever and as many times as you want. But what you should really think about is which photo you should keep.

Besides these, there are also other things you should consider before updating it. Of course, you will know it all once you regularly change it enough on your page.

Furthermore, there is a stark difference between updating the profile pic on a personal account and a business page.

So, this blog will teach you to change your Facebook page profile picture and a few things to consider when you are doing so. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to add a WhatsApp button to the Facebook page while at it.

Can you Change your Facebook Business Page Profile Picture?

Yes, you can change your profile picture on the Facebook business page anytime you want without restrictions.

Additionally, you can update it any number of times. However, whenever you change your profile photo, it will appear as a post in your timeline, and your followers will see it. So, you shouldn’t change it too frequently.

Facebook allows you to do three things with your display image. You can upload a new photo from your Gallery or through the camera, create an avatar, and put frames on such photo if you want.

You can also adjust and edit the thumbnail for that display photo on your page as you like.

Thumbnail means the small profile image (in a circle) you see when visiting a FB page. You can click on it to expand that picture to a full view.

So, after changing the photo, you should also edit the thumbnail to zoom in on a specific part of that image. It is an excellent tool for focusing.

Overall, you can change your business page profile picture anytime you like to anything you want with a simple click. So, let’s learn how to do that in the later sections.

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What is the Size of the Facebook Page Profile Picture?

According to Facebook, “Your profile picture displays at 176 x 176 pixels on your Page on computers, 196 x 196 pixels on smartphones, and 36 x 36 pixels on most feature phones.”

Also, FB will crop this image in a circle before showing it in your Profile. So, you shouldn’t add wider pictures with complex details.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you should crop and adjust your profile picture to the dimensions above. FB is smart enough to crop and edit it for you, so you won’t need to worry.

Of course, you should still choose a picture in a square format with 720 px or 960 px (keep it at a 1:1 aspect ratio) to avoid unwanted compression. Also, it is better if the image size is less than 100 KB.

Furthermore, uploading a JPG or PNG file is better since such files don’t need compression. If you have a text or logo, then upload it in the PNG format; otherwise, use JPG format.

Overall, use profile pictures in a 1:1 aspect ratio with less than 100 KB size in a JPG or PNG format for better results on the Facebook page.

How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook Page?

You can change your profile picture on the Facebook page using a Smartphone and a PC (Windows or Mac). However, since the page is related to your business, it is better to check such pictures on both devices to see if it fits perfectly.

Anyway, let’s learn this process for both devices below. Remember, you must be an admin to update your page profile photo.

On Mobile App

Follow the steps below in your Facebook or Lite Mobile application to change a page profile picture.

1. First, open the main FB account on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device and go to your page account.

For this, tap the hamburger menu, press the profile icon next to the username, and then select your page account from the list.

2. Once on your page, tap the menu icon again and press the username to access your profile section.

3. Next, touch the “camera” icon below your current display image and choose the “Select profile picture” option.

4. After that, tap a photo from your Gallery that you want to use as your profile picture from the list.

5. Facebook will now immediately crop that picture to a circular form.

To edit it, tap the “Cropicon in the lower-left corner of that photo. Then, drag it across your screen, pinch it in or out, and fit it properly.

You can also add stickers, text, and doodles to your image from the bottom menu.

After the editing, press “Done” from the upper right corner.

6. After cropping the photo, press the “Add frame” button if you want to include it in the image.

Otherwise, simply write a short description below that picture and press the “Savebutton from the top right corner.

Note: If you don’t want to alert your followers about this update, uncheck the box next to the “Share your update to News Feed” option below.

This is the way to update a profile photo on a Facebook page.

However, you can also add an avatar as your profile picture instead of captured images on your Gallery.

For this, tap the camera icon below the current display photo again and choose the “Create avatar profile picture” option.

Now, design your avatar as you like by following the on-screen instructions. You can choose the skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, face shape and width, and outfit of your avatar.

Once the avatar is generated, select a pose and background from the list and press the “Save” button.

Your page display image will now change to that avatar immediately. Refresh the profile and see if it is the case.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the steps below on your desktop web browser to update and change the page profile picture on the Facebook web.

1. First, go to your page profile from your computer or laptop.

2. Next, press the camera icon right below the current display image on your page.

3. After that, select the “Upload photo” option and then choose a picture from your local storage.

Note: Choose the “Create an avatar profile picture” option if you want an avatar on your page.

4. Now, press the “open” button from below, crop and edit the photo as you like, and click the “Save” button at last.

Your profile image on a page will be updated immediately.

Note: If you want to make your new photo a temporary profile picture for your page, press the “Make temporarybutton and choose the duration. After that time, you will switch back to the previous one.

How to Update Profile Picture on Facebook without Losing Likes?

If you don’t want to lose likes on your photo when changing it to a profile picture, you must select it from your account, not from Gallery.

Using Mobile App:

For this, go to the page profile on your Smartphone and tap the camera icon below the display photo.

Next, press the “Select profile picture” option.

Now, since you don’t want to lose likes on your photo, you must select it from your account, not from your device.

To do this, select the “Uploads” option from the top menu bar and choose an image from this section. You may need to slide the menu to find it.

This section includes all your published images on your account. So, choosing from here won’t lose any likes.

Finally, edit and crop that photo and tap “Save” from the upper right corner to change the profile picture.

Using a PC:

If you are using the Facebook web, click the “Camera” icon below the current display image and scroll down to the “Uploads” section.

Here, you will find all your uploads and suggestions. So, instead of uploading a new image, choose one from this section and add it as a profile photo.

This will preserve the likes on it while being able to update the profile photo on the Facebook page.

How to Delete Profile Picture on Facebook Business Page?

You can remove your profile picture easily from your Facebook business page.

To do this, click on that display image and choose “See profile picture.”

Next, press the three dots from the upper right corner and select the “Delete” option from the menu.

Once you confirm your action on the prompt, that profile photo will be removed immediately.

Now, you will see the default image (user icon with white background) on your page. So, change to a new one as soon as possible.

Note: To remove the old display images, go to your page profile, tap “photos” from the menu, and select “profile pictures” on the Album section. Finally, open it in full view, tap three dots, and select the “Delete” option.


Why can’t I change the profile picture on my Facebook page?

You can’t change the profile picture on a Facebook page if you aren’t an Admin due to technical error, wrong image format, etc.

Can I add a new profile picture on the Facebook page?

Yes, you can add a new profile photo on the FB page anytime you want. For this, tap the camera icon below it and choose the “Select profile picture” option.

Can I edit my profile photo on my Facebook page?

Yes, you can edit your current profile image easily. For this, tap the DP on your page and choose the “See profile picture” option. Now, tap three dots from the top and use the options available on this menu to edit it to your liking (caption, privacy, text, etc.).

Can I use a logo as my Facebook page profile picture?

Yes, you can use your company logo as a page profile photo on Facebook. Use it in PNG format with a file size of less than 100 KB for better results.

Can I change my FB page DP (Display picture) back to the old one?”

If you have uploaded the new photo as a profile picture temporarily or added a frame for a while, you can easily go back to your old one on your page. For this, click the profile photo on your page and select the “Switch to the previous picture now” option.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, changing the profile picture on a Facebook page isn’t difficult. However, you must know every option to use this feature effectively.

So, carefully choose and update the photo on your business page. Utilize each option based on situations.

Overall, don’t rush and have fun while learning these features. Let’s also learn to tag someone on Facebook comments if interested.

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