From witty memes to informative posts, mentioning your dearest ones in Facebook comments has been a culture to spread opinions, joy, and giggles.

But how can you tag someone in the Facebook comment section?

Whether you address someone to seek their opinion, share information, or mention them in an embarrassing throwback picture, tagging is never boring.

The more you do it, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Tagging someone is like pointing a specific individual among many whenever something related to them appears on feeds.

So, let us help you with that if you have no clue about using this feature!

What is Tagging on Facebook Comments?

Tagging on Facebook comments means mentioning someone in the comments.

When you mention a friend, it creates a link that directly sends you to their profile.

While there may be many reasons why people tag each other on Facebook comments, most people use this feature to share opinions, give credit, and facilitate collaboration.

By tagging someone in the comments, you can draw their attention to a post.

How to Tag Someone in a Facebook Comment?

You might want to tag your friend to a certain brand, mention them in hilarious memes, or wish birthdays in the comment section. But how do you do it?

Well, it depends if you are using a smartphone or a computer. It’s because there are separate methods for both of these.

You can only tag on Facebook comments with a PC or laptop if you’re using a web browser. But with a mobile phone, you need to choose whether you want to tag by using an FB application or a web browser.

Here, we’ll help you step-by-step to use this feature in the simplest way possible.

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Using Mobile App

1. Open the Facebook app.

2. Go to the post where you want to mention someone.

3. Go to the comments section.

4. Then, type ‘@’ and write the username of the person whom you want to mention on that post.

5. You’ll see a list of people with the same names, so identify the actual account from the suggested list.

6. Lastly, press the “Enter” or “Send” button.

So, that’s how easy to tag someone on Facebook comment.

Note: Follow the same process on both Android and iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)

Using the Desktop Web App

1. Open a browser and go to the login page of Facebook.

2. Login into your Facebook account.

3. Now that you’re logged into FB, go to the post where you want to mention someone.

4. Go to the comment section.

5. Type ‘@’ and write the username of the person whom you want to mention.

7. While you search for the name, you’ll get to a suggestion list of people with similar names.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Comment

8. Then, choose the right person to mention and press “send/enter.”

How to Tag Everyone in a Comment on Facebook

Talking about tagging everyone on a comment on Facebook, it’s now possible to mention all friends at once. For this you need to use @followers tag in the comment section of your or other post.

Remember: You can tag everyone or your followers on FB comment once in a day.

Follow the following steps to tag everyone in a comment on Facebook:

1. Open your FB account and go to the comment section of a post where you want to tag everyone.

2. Now, click on the “Write a comment” section.

3. Type the “@” symbol.

4. Select “followers” from the list of options. It looks like “@followers”

5. Write your comment and click on the “Post” button.

Facebook cares about spamming and misused of this tag so that only once a day you can use this feature.

You can also tag everyone one by one, but this is not a good way. You just need to repeat the process time and again.

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How to Mention Multiple People in a Single Comment?

Tagging for awareness or sharing important information, you might want to mention multiple people in a single comment. And if you don’t know how to, we’re here to help you.

To mention multiple people in a single comment, you need to first mention a single person. Then press “space” and again tag another person.

Repeat the same process until you mention all the people you want.

How to Tag a Business Page on a Facebook Comment?

Whether you want to recommend someone or collaborate, tagging business pages on Facebook comments can benefit you in various ways.

Doing so will help you increase visibility, interaction, and engagement between you and the business page. And this will further foster a sense of a more connected online community.

You might also want to give good feedback about a business service or inquire by tagging them. That’s not all; you can do a lot by tagging a business page in the comment section.

But the major problem is tagging a business page on Facebook comments.

Well, you don’t need to sweat about it; it’s easier than you actually think. You just have to go along the same process as above but just a little differently.

Search for the post where you want to tag that business page. Then go to the comments section and write ‘@’ first.

After that, type the name of that business page without space. Soon after you do that, you’ll see a list of different users with similar names.

Now tap on the right page and press send or enter.

What Happens When You Tag Someone in a Facebook Comment?

Now that you learned to mention someone, don’t you want to know what happens when you tag someone in a Facebook comment? Of course, you do!

So, let’s take a look!

1. It will create a clickable link on the tagged person’s name. And anyone who taps it will be sent to that person’s profile.

2. The moment you mention a person, Facebook sends a notification to the tagged person(even in the mail, depending upon the settings).

3. The tagged person will be able to see the comment where they were mentioned.

4. Not only the mentioned person’s name but the content will also be visible to other audiences normally (if the post is set to public).

How to Find Tagged Comments on Facebook?

You might have been tagged in various posts and comments till now. But do you know you can check all the posts where you’ve been tagged?

Follow the step-by-step guidance below, and let us take you to your old days with the posts where you were mentioned.

1. Open the Facebook app and press the three horizontal lines right beside the notification.

2. Press the Settings button.

3. Go to the Activity log.

how to find tagged comments on facebook

4. Tap on “Your activity across Facebook.”

5. Tap on “Activity that you’re tagged in.”

6. Then, go to “posts and comments you’re tagged in.”

7. After that, you’ll see each and every post and comment you’ve been tagged in since you started using Facebook.

8. Press three dots on the right side of the comment.

9. Tap on “View,” and there you go.

In fact, you can select every tagged post or comment you want to delete from the same page.

How to Remove a Tag Comment on Facebook?

You might unintentionally end up tagging any random people. What can you do in that situation? How will you remove a tag comment on Facebook?

If you’re clueless, let us help you.

1. Open the Facebook app.

2. Go to the post where you tagged someone.

3. Long press the mentioned comment, and you’ll get four options “Reply, Copy, Delete, Edit.”

4. Tap on “Delete,” and it will ask you for confirmation; again, delete it.

By doing so, you can remove a tag comment on Facebook.


Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Facebook Comment?

You can’t tag someone on Facebook comment because either you’re not friends with them or the user has disabled tagging option. You can’t also mention someone if the user has deleted their account.

Can I Tag Someone Who Doesn’t Have a Facebook Account?

No, you cannot tag anyone who doesn’t have a FB account. It’s because the main purpose of tagging is to mention someone, and there’s no way you can tag someone who has no account.

Can I Tag Myself in a Facebook Comment?

Of course, you can tag yourself on Facebook COmment. For that, you need to go to the comment section, type @, and write your name. After doing that, you will automatically see your own account on the suggestion list.


All that said, tagging someone on a Facebook comment is a very easy process that can help you to foster connections and interaction; It’s just a few clicks away.

With all the information provided about the tagging feature, we hope this article will be really helpful for you to have a good experience.

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