Social media users love short videos or reels. They make it easier to gather an audience, express your content, have a low production cost, and are a great way to tell stories. Hence, you should also post reels on your Facebook business page.

Reels are great for content makers, advertisers, and bloggers. Hence, posting them on your business is a matter of course.

A good reel can promote your page many times more than your regular post ever has. Furthermore, you can even monetize and earn money if you can garner larger viewers.

So, there are many benefits of publishing short videos on a business page. If you strategize carefully and be patient, it can help you gain popularity.

Hence, this article will teach you to post reels on your Facebook business page, along with some helpful suggestions. Let’s also learn to tag someone on the Facebook page while at it.

Can you Create Reels on a Facebook Page?

Yes, you can create reels on your Facebook business page from within the application.

You can also create a short video (TikTok style) and upload it as a reel from a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac). Remember, Facebook allows a maximum of 90-second clips as a reel.

However, when it comes to making a reel, it is best to use a Mobile Phone. You can easily choose songs, apply effects, and capture short videos from your page account. So, there is less editing required.

Remember, reels are public by default. After you publish them, it will be visible to everyone using this platform.

Furthermore, the more exciting and attention-grabbing your videos are, the more viewers you will get. Of course, you can still boost and promote them with some money.

Furthermore, it is also possible to reuse the reels or the music that you find interesting.

The primary benefit of reels on Facebook (unlike on Instagram) is that they will appear in people’s news feeds even if they do not follow your page.

So, if you use it right, you can gather immense support for your brand and page.

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Can you post Reels Video on a Facebook Page?

Yes, you can post the reels video easily on your Facebook business page using a Mobile phone or a computer.

You can first create a clip that you want to publish and then upload it as a reel on your page. Trimming the video is unnecessary since you can do so from Facebook.

So, even if you have a longer video (more than 90 seconds), you can still use it to create a reel.

Of course, creating such clips directly from the application is still better if possible.

How to Create and Post Reels on Facebook Business Page

It is pretty easy to create and post reels on a Facebook business page as long as you have enough permission. Generally, someone with content creation and management permission (Admin, Editor, etc.) can make it on the page.

Though using a Mobile app to create a reel is better, you can still do this from a PC (Windows or Mac). So, let’s understand both processes below for convenience.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step process below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to create and post reels on your Facebook business page.

1. First, open your account with a username and password on the Facebook or Lite app using a Mobile Phone.

2. Next, tap the hamburger menu, then the “flag” icon, and switch to the page account.

3. After that, tap the “Reels” tab below the “Manage your business” section on your homepage.

4. Then, press the “Create reel” box to start making a new reel within the application.

5. Now, you will see various options to make a short clip.

You can tap the “Camera” button from the upper left corner to create a brand-new reel.

After that, give the camera and audio access to Facebook.

6. Next, tap the “Audiooption from the right sidebar menu and choose a song from the list.

You can also directly find it using the search bar above.

7. After that, tap the “Speedoption from the left menu and then fix it to faster or slower according to your preference.

If you don’t want to change the speed of your clips, leave this option alone.

8. Then, press the “effectsoption to add filters or enhance your video. You can slide them from the menu below and choose one you like.

You can also use green screen mode from the menu. There are many ready-made effects that you can check out.

9. After you apply the effects and music, press the “recordbutton at the bottom center of your screen.

You will immediately start recording a clip on your device. You can capture a maximum of the 90-second clip, but press the “stopbutton if it is shorter.

Once the video is recorded, you can still edit it with the above options like music, speed, etc. However, it is still better to apply them beforehand to make your clips perfect.

10. Finally, press the “nextbutton twice and write a caption describing your reel.

If you are marketing, you can enable the “boost reel” option to promote your reels. You can also invite a collaborator if that clip was created with the help of other people.

After everything, you can immediately press the “Share nowbutton below to post your reels.

Once the uploading is finished, people can find, like, and comment on your reel.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your desktop web browser to create a reel on your Facebook business page.

Disclaimer: Many features like camera, green screen, effects, etc., aren’t available on the Facebook web. So, only use this method if you already have a clip ready on your device.

1. First, open your page account after signing in to your Facebook on a computer or laptop.

2. Next, click the “Reeloption on your homepage below the “What’s on your mind?” section.

3. After that, press the “Add videobutton from the left panel or drag your file directly to this section. Make sure the video isn’t long.

4. Now, select your ready-made clip and click “open” from the lower right side.

5. Then, press the “Nextbutton from the lower left corner and add details to your video.

6. Finally, press the “Publishbutton on the left panel.

Your short video is now uploaded. People can find it easily on their news feed or reel section.

How to Upload and Post Reels on Facebook Page from Your Device

If you already have a video on your device, you can directly create and post reels.

For this, open the page account and tap the “create reel” option on the homepage.

Now, select the clips from your Gallery. You can also use photos to make/get the reels if you want.

Note: You can always choose longer clips since you can trim the video on the application.

To choose more items (images and clips), press the “select multiple” button. After that, you can press the “Nextbutton below.

The pictures and clips will be automatically displayed as a reel on the next page.

Now, press the “Editbutton at the bottom left corner and trim your videos to your liking.

After that, add music, text, effects, etc., from the right-side menu and finally press the “Next” option.

You can press the “Share Now” button once you type the description on your reel.

Note: You can also use your PC to upload and post a reel on your page, but since there aren’t many options, you should use a Smartphone instead.

Are Facebook Reels Good for Business?

Yes, Facebook reels are incredibly good for a business. They are short and low-cost clips helpful for grabbing attention from users.

Also, they are useful to increase visibility and engagement on your page and are great for storytelling.

Of course, to gain a noticeable advantage, you will need to publish lots of good-quality reels regularly.

How to Share Instagram Reels to Facebook Business Page

To share the Instagram reels to your Facebook business page, open it and then press the “airplaneicon from the lower right side menu.

After that, press the “Shareoption below and choose “Facebook” from the available choices. You can now publish it as a post on your business page.

If you want to share or publish your Instagram reels on Facebook, you can also link both accounts. This way, you can immediately post a single clip on both platforms.

How to Delete Reels from Facebook Page

To delete a reel from your Facebook page, go to the profile and locate it on your timeline. You can also choose “Reels” on the horizontal menu to find it quickly.

Next, tap the three dots from the upper right corner and choose “delete” from the menu.

Once you confirm it on the prompt, it will be removed from your account immediately.

Note: You must be an Admin, Editor, or Moderator to delete reels published on a page.


Why can’t I post reels on my Facebook page?

You can’t post reels on a Facebook page if the videos are longer than 90 seconds, you don’t have enough permission, or the feature is disabled because you violated the community guidelines.

Can I monetize with reels on the Facebook page?

Yes, you can monetize your reels on the Facebook page. However, compared to other platforms, it may be difficult since it is on an invitation basis.

Can I upload reels on the Facebook page from my PC?

Yes, you can upload your reels on the Facebook page using a PC. However, you won’t have any features like on the application, so use a Mobile app if possible.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is very easy to post reels on your Facebook business page. You can do it by uploading the ready-made clip or by creating it from the application.

However you post your reels, be consistent and boost them if necessary. If you use this feature properly, your page may get recognition many times faster.

Overall, take your time and be creative. Let’s also learn to comment as a page on Facebook if you want.

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