There are many reasons a business page needs to tag someone on Facebook. Whether to show recognition and appreciation, send invitations and reminders, or simply increase engagement, tagging is the best choice.

When a page mentions someone on their post, it sends a message to both the viewer and that specific person.

Viewers may realize that person’s involvement in that post by looking at that tag. At the same time, the concerned person will get an immediate notification.

So, how you use this feature depends on the situation and your goal. Of course, annoying people by tagging frequently on unrelated content is never a good idea.

Anyway, this article will discuss how to tag someone on your Facebook business page and a few things to consider. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to create an Event on the Facebook business page if interested.

Can you Tag Someone on your Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can tag someone on your Facebook business as much as you want. In fact, you can even tag every follower once per day if you are an Admin.

However, you don’t need to be an Admin to mention someone on a post. You can easily tag anyone if you have permission to publish and manage content on a page (Editor, Moderator, etc.).

Of course, there is no restriction when mentioning someone in a comment. However, you can still restrict people from tagging on your page post from your settings.

In such a scenario, such mention won’t appear in the comment section without your approval.

Besides people, you can also mention another page, a group, and so on. All you need to know to do this is the name or username of that account.

Of course, though you can mention someone as many times as you want on your page, they can always disable the notification. It is also not a good idea to do this frequently so as to avoid annoying people.

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How to Tag Someone on a Facebook Business Page?

There are two places you may need to direct the attention of the concerned people when using Facebook. They are in your content (posts) and comments.

When you want to gather attention to a post, you tag others, while for a comment, you mention them. Both are essentially the same things.

Anyway, let’s now learn to do just that using a Smartphone and a PC (Windows or Mac) on your Facebook business page.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to tag someone in a post (photo, video, text, etc.) on your Facebook business page.

1. First, log in to your account on the Facebook or Lite app using the credentials.

2. Next, open your page account on the application and create or locate the content where you want to tag someone.

Remember, it is possible to tag someone on a post and comment. For a post, you must have some permission to manage content on that page.

However, for comments, any members on that page can easily mention anyone as long as it is not restricted.

Tag Someone on a Post:

To tag someone on a Facebook page post, first create it by tapping the “What’s on your mind?” option.

After that, go to the caption section and type @username, where “username” must be replaced with the actual one.

For example, you should type @kakashi if that person’s username is “Kakashi.”

You can also use the display name directly and find that person from the list. However, if you use a username, it is easier to locate that person, page, or group.

Once you select that name from the list, give a space or comma and type your caption. You can also type the “@username” again to tag multiple people on your page.

After that, prepare your post with images, stickers, location, effects, etc., and also add a WhatsApp button or donate button if needed.

Finally, press the “post” button from the upper right corner. Once the content is published, the tagged person will immediately be notified about your post.

They can also tap on that notification to directly open that content on their Facebook account.

Additionally, your viewers and followers will see that you have mentioned someone, and they can click that name to visit the related profile easily.

Tag Someone in a Comment:

Anyone can tag someone in the comment section of your post. Likewise, you can also comment as a page on Facebook.

So, tap the “comment” button below any post (yours or others) and then type @username. For example, @techunow, @onaircode, etc.

Now, select the correct account from the list and give a space or comma. After that, you can write your actual comment addressing that issue.

Finally, press the “sendicon on the right side, and you are done. Your friend will now immediately know you have mentioned them in a comment via notification.

Note: You can tag multiple people on a comment from your Facebook page. Just type @username for each person individually, and don’t forget to give a space between them.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your computer or laptop to tag someone on your Facebook business page.

1. First, open your FB account on a desktop web browser and click the profile icon from the top right corner.

2. Next, press the “see all profilesoption and then switch to your business account.

Note: If you don’t have Facebook access to a page and only have task access, you can use the Meta business suite to mention someone on a new post. Just remember the username of that person to make it easier.

3. After that, decide where to mention(post or comment) and locate it on your page.

4. Finally, type @username in the caption or comment section where you use the actual username of the person, page, or group.

Once you type the name, you will see a bunch of accounts appear in a list. So, click the correct one, and you are done.

Repeat the same process again if you want to mention multiple people. However, don’t forget to leave a space or add a comma between them.

After tagging is complete, add content and then publish your post or comment. Make sure the usernames are correct when sharing a post.

The concerned person will now immediately get a notification on their account.

How to Tag All Business Page Followers on Facebook?

You can tag everyone on the FB page using the @followers tag once per day on a comment or post. After using it one time, you must wait another 24 hours to use it again.

This will alert all your business followers on Facebook without needing to do it individually.

Of course, if the followers are small, you can always do this individually since it is still possible to mention up to 50 people in a single post or comment.

What is the @followers tag on Facebook?

The @followers tag is a special feature for a Facebook page that lets you mention all the followers once per day. You can use it in a comment or a post, depending on your choice.

Using this tag will immediately alert all the followers on your business page. Hence, if properly used, it can help you promote your brand more effectively.

How to Remove a Tag on a Facebook Business Page?

To remove a tag on a Facebook business page, you must edit or remove it if it is a post.

1. First, locate the post on your page account and then click the three dots from the upper right corner.

2. After that, select the “Edit post” option.

3. Finally, clear all the tagged text from the caption and press the “Save” button below.

To remove the tag from a comment, you can either delete that comment or edit it accordingly.

Just press three dots next to it and choose the “Edit” or “Delete” option depending on your choice.

Note: The person may still receive notification of you mentioning them even after you delete it immediately.

Why can’t you Tag your Business Page on Facebook?

You may not be able to tag your business page on Facebook if it is restricted. A page can control if the tagged post appears in their timeline or not from their privacy settings.

To turn this off, open your page account and go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> Privacy >> Page and Tagging.

Now, disable both options under the “Reviewingsection on the right panel. This will allow easier tagging of your business page on a Facebook post.


Why can’t I tag someone on my Facebook business page?

You cannot tag someone on your Facebook business account if it is restricted to that account due to your page settings or a technical error.

Can I tag an individual person on a Facebook page?

Yes, you can tag an individual person on a FB page easily by using the @username text. Here, replace the “username” with the actual one.

How do you tag everyone on a Facebook business page?

You can mention everyone on a Facebook business using the @followers text. However, it is only possible to do this once per day.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can quickly tag someone on your Facebook business page by typing the @username in the caption or comment section. You can do this any number of times you want.

However, you should only use this feature when necessary since it may become counterproductive if used often.

Overall, this concludes this guide. Let’s also learn to report a hacked Facebook business page while at it.

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