There are many times you want to mention every friend on your Facebook account. But it is only possible in a Group, and you can’t do this with your personal account. However, can you tag everyone on the Facebook business page?

You see, at least for a Group, Facebook allows you to tag all the members at once with @everyone. But if you use the same format on a personal or page account, you won’t see any tagging option.

So, using this feature is impossible except in a Group. For the primary FB account, it is best to individually tag the friends because there aren’t many situations that require mentioning everyone.

However, there is some good news for FB pages. You can mention all your followers at least once a day in your post or a comment from your page account.

So, this article will discuss how to tag everyone on a Facebook page along with the necessary information. Meanwhile, while at it, let’s also learn to add an address to a Facebook business page.

Can you Tag Everyone on a Facebook Page?

Yes, you can tag everyone (each follower) on a Facebook business page. However, you can do this only once a day. If you use it more than once, it will have no effect.

Like every other tagging, doing this will alert every follower of your page. Of course, if they have disabled the notification on their privacy settings, then they may not know immediately.

Still, this is a good feature in case you need to alert every follower. The only issue is you have only one chance in a whole day.

So, why is it so? This is all to prevent the misuse of this feature. If a page can always mention multiple people without restrictions, people will get spammed with unnecessary notifications.

In such cases, users can’t enjoy their time in peace. Hence, FB has imposed restrictions.

And even if you can mention all Facebook page friends once a day, it isn’t good to use it all the time. If the post is unrelated, nobody likes to get tagged unnecessarily.

Remember, the goal of your page is to create a peaceful and engaging community and increase their numbers. If you keep disturbing people without any basis, they will quickly lose interest, which will be counterproductive.

Hence, a proper post and a strategy are necessary when tagging. It is best if you use it consistently than randomly mentioning everyone.

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How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Business Page: Step-By-Step

Tagging and mentioning every follower on a Facebook business page is very easy. All you need to do is to type the @followers in your post or comment.

But wait, there is more to this. Let’s learn to properly use this feature on a Smartphone and a PC (Windows or Mac) so you won’t have any issues later.

Note: Remember, a member may be able to tag someone on a page but to mention everyone, one must be an Admin.

Mention Followers Using Mobile App

Follow the steps below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to tag everyone on your Facebook business page.

1. First, launch the Facebook or Lite application on your Mobile Phone and sign in with your credentials.

2. Next, open your Facebook business page account.

3. After that, decide where you want to mention everyone from your page.

You can mention someone in your post and comment. Wherever you tag them, you can only do it once. So, please be careful; otherwise, you may need to wait another day.

Tag everyone on a post:

If you want to tag everyone on a post, tap the “What’s on your mind?” box from the top of your page.

Now, create a new post, add a photo, music, location, caption, effects, etc., as you want. You can also add a donate button or add a WhatsApp button, depending on the post type.

Once the content is ready, go to your caption and type @followers. You will now see many options for tagging.

You should choose one that says, “Can mention followers once a day,” with a user icon as a profile picture.

Don’t choose other pages with the same name. After choosing the correct one, press the “Postbutton from the top right corner.

This will immediately alert all your followers once the tagging takes effect.

Tag everyone in a comment:

Generally, tagging someone on a comment is called “Mention.” So, to mention everyone on your page in the comment section of a post (yours or others), you can first locate it on the news feed or timeline.

Then, tap the comment icon below that post and type @followers on the input field.

After that, press option that says, “Can mention followers once a day” from the list. Once this is over, give a space or comma, and write your actual comment.

Remember, you must fully type “@followers” without leaving a single letter. Otherwise, you may not see this option.

Likewise, if you have already used it on your post, you must wait another 24 hours to use it again.

Mention Followers Using Desktop Web App

Follow the steps below on your desktop web browser to tag everyone on a Facebook business page.

1. First, go to your FB page account on a computer or laptop.

2. Next, create a new post and finalize your content.

3. Once done, type @followers from your keyboard on the caption.

4 Now, choose the option that allows you to tag your page followers. Remember, it may not appear in the first place.

You can differentiate it by looking at the “Can mention followers once a day” text below it.

5. Finally, publish your content with the “Post” button.

Now, all the followers of your page will know about your post. They may get notifications depending on their privacy settings.

Note: To mention everyone on a comment from a Facebook page, go to the input field and type @followers. Now, choose the correct one from the list to tag all people who like your page.

Why Mention Everyone/Followers on your Facebook Page?

You should mention everyone on your Facebook business page to announce important notices for promotion, increase engagements on a post, send wide invitations, build a good community, and so on.

Remember, tagging is helpful to draw attention. So, you should only direct your follower’s attention to valuable or useful content.

Like any other place, you can always tag a single person, page, group, etc., with the @username method. So, the use of @followers is not necessary in many situations.

Only when you need to inform about something to your whole followers base should you use it. Of course, if you do it moderately, then it is an excellent promotion tool too.

For example, if your business page is related to a digital product, you can create a post with the most valuable goods available and tag everyone as a recommendation.

Another example can be to inform about giveaways, huge discounts, the premier of a product, etc.

So, there are many reasons to use this feature. How and where to utilize it all depends on your imagination and strategy.

Since this feature is only usable by Admin, there is less chance of misuse. Hence, make a consistent plan and use it to your advantage. Instead of searching for reasons, create one and apply immediately.

How do you Tag More than 50 People on your Facebook Page

Facebook has a tag limit of 50 people. It means you can only mention a maximum of 50 users in a single post.

However, sometimes, you may need to mention more than 50 of them. In such a situation, you should use workarounds.

One method to mention more people is to use the @followers text. It will immediately tag all followers on your page though you can only use it once a day.

Another way to do this is to use the post and comment sections. First, tag up to 50 users in the caption of your post. And then mention the remaining people in the comment section. You can also encourage your friend to re-tag.

Additionally, if you need to tag frequently, it is better to create small groups. Next, invite all the people you frequently mention in this group.

Now, you can tag that group instead of each individual user. This will help you remove the restrictions and save you time.


Can I mention everyone on my Facebook business page?

Yes, you can tag everyone on your Facebook business page once a day. To do this, go to your post or comment section and type @followers in the input field.

Why can’t I tag everyone on my Facebook page?

You can’t tag everyone on your Facebook page because you did it already. Hence, you should wait 24 hours before attempting again.

How can I turn off the @everyone tagging on Facebook? 

The @everyone tagging feature is only available on a Facebook group. You can turn the notification off if you don’t want to receive the notification when an Admin uses this feature to mention your page or account.

To do this, open your account settings, go to Notification settings >> Tags, and disable the option. You now won’t receive a notification if a group Admin mentions you with @everyone on a post or comment.

Final Thought

In conclusion, to tag everyone on a Facebook business page, you can type the @followers on your post or comment. However, you can only use it once per day, and using it more than that has no effect.

Hence, utilize this feature carefully and don’t mention your followers unnecessarily. You may lose them if you are impatient.

Overall, take your time exploring the use of this feature. In the meantime, let’s learn more tricks about the Facebook business page on this site.

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