Facebook is a good platform for every situation and community. Even if you are a non-profit organization, it has a necessary layout to operate your page smoothly. For instance, you can add a donate button on your Facebook page to fundraise for your great cause.

As you know, you can have a CTA (Call to action) button on a FB business page. They can be “Learn more,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” etc.

Using it, you can effortlessly add a website, add a WhatsApp button, etc., to your Facebook page.

However, a “Donate” button is unique. Not all users can have it, and you must satisfy the necessary requirement before even seeing this option.

So, in this blog, you will understand how to add a “donate” button on your Facebook page, the requirements, and a few handful points you must remember.

Meanwhile, let’s also learn to add email to Facebook business pages if interested.

What is the Facebook Donate Button?

A Facebook donate button is a clickable link that lets users support the cause they care about by transferring a small about of money.

The amount transferred through this method comes under donation and is free from taxation liability.

This button is there to help a non-profit or charitable organization collect help from FB users in a few clicks.

Remember, there is no extra charge when donating or collecting such money from the platform since they are meant to help needy people.

On a Facebook page, there are two kinds of donation buttons. It can be for external and internal fundraising.

If you are a reputable non-profit organization and have a separate website, you can direct the users to your site to donate. This is called external fundraising.

However, currently, Facebook has removed the donate button for such external fundraising. So, instead of “Donate now,” you can use the “Learn more” button.

Another way to raise money on the FB is through its donation program. This is only available in limited countries.

If your country is on the list specified by Facebook, you can use that donation tool to collect money directly on this platform. There is no need for an external website.

Also, this method allows you to have an actual “Donate now” button on your Facebook page.

So, to have this button, you must be a non-profit organization and in the country specified by Facebook. Well, there are also other criteria which we will discuss in our later section.

Note: You can go to the support page for the non-profit Facebook page to see the list of eligible countries.

Can you Add a Donate Button to your Facebook Page?

Yes, you can add a donate button to your Facebook page as long as you are eligible. Remember, only non-profit and charitable organizations can have it on their business account.

Furthermore, since FB has removed the use of this for external funding, you must be within a specified country to enjoy this feature.

Do understand that donating money is a kind and upright thing without selfishness. So, without restrictions, people can get scammed very badly.

That’s why you won’t see a “Donate now” button on a normal unapproved business account. You can have other CTA buttons useful for businesses, but you must be eligible for this one.

Of course, it is still possible to raise funds if you see a non-profit organization with the same view as you. You can help them raise funds by sharing it on your posts.

But, to collect money through donations from multiple users on this platform, you must go through all screening processes from Facebook with evidence. So, let’s look at that in the next section.

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What are the Requirements for Facebook Donate Button?

You must meet many requirements before applying for donate button on your Facebook page. Let’s look at the few important ones below.

  • Only the account Admin of a non-profit and charitable organization can request for “Donate” button.
  • You must write the complete address of your non-profit organization in the “About” section with the visible public map to your address.
  • Your category on the page must be either “non-profit organization” or “Charity organization.”
  • Your business profile must be at least 2 days old with a minimum of one post.
  • The business account must have a good and clear Profile and Cover photo.
  • You must follow the community guidelines and privacy policy of Facebook.

Overall, make sure your page is ready before applying for this. Additionally, FB can also demand many related documents from you at times.

How to Add Donate Button on Facebook Page: Step-By-Step

As you know, to add a donate button on your Facebook page, you must be approved first. And this approval is only available for limited regions and countries.

So, first, search if this is available in your country before proceeding. If it isn’t available, you can use another method, which will be explained later.

After you know you are eligible, follow the steps below on your Smartphone (Android or iOS) or PC (Windows or Mac) to get the “Donate” button on your Facebook business page.

Step 1: Prepare your Business Page

The first step is to prepare your business page properly. Remember, you must be in the charitable or non-profit line to get this button. So, you must change the page category on Facebook.

To do this with a Mobile Phone, go to your Page’s profile, tap the “.See your About info” option, and press “Edit” next to the “Category” section.

For PC, you can find this option after clicking the “About” option from the horizontal menu.

On your category screen, type “Non-profit organization(NGO)” on the search bar and select it. You can also type “Charity organization,” depending on the type of your page.

After adding the category, now add your address, a map of your location, a profile, and a cover picture on your page. Also, do publish a few posts.

Step 2: Apply the Application

Once your page is ready, you can fill up the Facebook donation form and apply it immediately.

Furthermore, all the necessary identification papers are ready since FB will ask you during this process.

If your application goes smoothly, it will take around 3 weeks for Facebook to review it and give a reply. Otherwise, it may take more time. Don’t forget to check your notification and email.

If you encounter any issues during or after the process, you can ask for help from the donation support team.

Step 3: Add a “Donate now” Button

Once your application is approved, you can now add or create a donate button on your Facebook page easily.

So, follow the steps below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device or computer or laptop to add a donate button on your Facebook page.

1. First, open your page profile and tap the three dots next to the “Manage” below your profile picture.

For PC, you will find this on the right side of the horizontal menu.

2. Next, select the “Add Action button” option.

3. After that, tap the “Edit buttons” and select the “Donate now” or “Donate” option from the available choices.

4. Finally, tap “Save” from below, and your page will now have this button on your profile.

Remember, without the approval, you won’t see the “Donate” button on your CTA list. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t allow the followers to donate.

Instead of internal, you can use an external fundraising method (your website) to enable donations on your business page without approval.

So, first, make a website with a donation page where people can send money normally.

After that, return to the CTA options by following the steps above (up to step 3) and select the “Learn more” option.

Now, copy and paste the link URL of that donation page from your website to this input field.

Once you tap “Save,” people can now tap this “Learn more” button on your page to access your donation page. Now, without needing any approval, you can raise funds from your followers.

Note: Since external funding requires users to access another website (outside of FB), you may lose some donations due to it. So, it is best to add both buttons, if possible, on your page.

How to Add a Donate Button to a Facebook Post?

If your FB page is approved, you can set up a “Donate” button for your post.

For this, create a new post by tapping your page’s “What’s on your mind?” section.

Then, add photos, captions, and content as you like. After that, tap the “Add to your post” option (for PC) or three dots (for Smartphone) and select “Donate” or a related option from the choices.

Finally, tap the “Post” and publish it among audiences. People can now tap that button to donate directly from Facebook to your page.

If you are not a non-profit organization but want to support their cause, you can still raise funds for them on your personal account, page, or group.

For this, create a new post on your account and select the “Feeling/activity” option from the “Add to your post” section.

Next, press the “Activities” tab from the top and choose “Supporting” from the available options.

Finally, you can select the NGO or charity organization from the list, add a caption and post it to your followers.

Your friends and followers can now donate through that page if they also want to support the cause.

How to Add a PayPal Donate Button on Facebook?

Adding a PayPal donate button on Facebook is also similar to the external funding process. You can use the “Learn more” button for this.

First, go to Paypal donate button page and apply for a button. After the process, you can copy that link from your account.

After that, go to your page profile, click three dots, select “Add action button,” and choose “Learn more” from the options.

Finally, paste the copied link and tap “Save.” Now, your PayPal button is ready.

Note: If Facebook allows, you can use the same process as above to add this link to the “Donate now” button.

How does the Donate Button Work on Facebook?

The Donate on Facebook directs the followers or people tapping that button to the payment page.

If your page is approved, then they will see the donation page opened on Facebook. So, there is no need to open an external website to support a cause.

The organization can now collect that money directly from Facebook without any charge. So, it is very convenient and effortless for both parties.

If the method of donation is external funding, then all the processes, collection, etc., depend entirely on you and your website. So, you should build good trust among communities.

How to Remove Donate Button from the Facebook Page?

To remove a donate button from the Facebook page, first, go to your page profile.

Next, tap three dots below your profile and cover photo and select “Add action button” from the menu.

After that, press the “Remove” option next to the “Donate now.” This will remove that button from your page immediately.


Why can’t I put a donation button on my Facebook page or post?

If your organization is not a non-profit or charity, is not on Facebook’s approved list, or is otherwise prohibited, you cannot add a donate button to your Facebook page or post.

Can I add PayPal donate button to the Facebook page?

Yes, you can add PayPal donate button to the Facebook page by copy-pasting the link to your CTA section like “Donate,” “Learn more,” etc.

Can I add a donate button to the Facebook story?

Yes, you can add a donate button to the Facebook story. For this, create a new story on your account by pressing the “Create Story” on the homepage.

Then, select the “Stickers” option from the right side menu. Finally, choose the “Donate” sticker and tap the NGO of your choice. Now, you can adjust it to your Story and publish it among your followers.

Who can add a donation button on Facebook?

A non-profit or charity organization that has approval from Facebook can add a donation button on their page and post.

Final Thought

In conclusion, adding a donation button on a Facebook page is quite complicated. Without approval and a specific category of your organization, it is impossible to get it.

Though there are other external fundraising options available, you shouldn’t misuse this feature. Remember, Facebook can ask you to verify your page anytime and may suspend or ban you for misconduct.

Overall, do add this button to your page and help raise funds for those in need. While at it, let’s also learn to change the Facebook page profile picture if you want.

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