There are many ways you can share your business page. However, most of them involve sharing the Facebook business account link. But this isn’t practical in every situation. Hence, it will be beneficial if you get a QR code for your Facebook business page.

Since a unique QR code seems practical, Facebook does offer this feature on a Smartphone. However, you can still create one for your link using external software.

After that, you can place it wherever you like on your page or website so people can scan and share it easily.

Remember, a unique scannable QR code also adds a bit of professionalism to your page. So, it can also indicate that you are following the trend.

Anyway, this article will teach you to get a QR code for your Facebook business page, along with a handful of suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to report a hacked Facebook business in case of emergencies.

Can you get a QR Code for the Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can get/make a QR code for the business page using a Facebook app or external software. Don’t worry; it won’t cost you anything to get it.

Currently, you can only use a Smartphone to get a code for your account on Facebook. It directs people directly to your profile.

However, you can always copy the link to your page profile and then use it to create a unique code.

Software like Adobe Express, Canva, etc., allows you to do this in a few clicks.

The main advantage of using external software is that it allows you to make QR codes for any link. So, it is helpful if you want to make such codes for any other parts of your page.

Once you get your QR code, where to display it is your decision. You can publish it as your post and pin it at the top of your timeline.

You can also use the CTA (Call to action) button to your advantage. Just add a website on the “Learn more” button and then show that QR code on that site.

Of course, sharing it as a message on any other platform (WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.) is also possible. People can scan that code on their Mobile to access your FB business page directly.

Does Facebook have a QR Code for the Business Page?

Yes, Facebook does have a QR code for the business page. However, this is only available on the app when used via a Mobile phone.

Hence, there is no need to use external software just to make a QR code for your business page.

You can just find it on your app and save it on your device. Afterward, you can use it however you want.

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How to Get a QR Code for Your Facebook Business Page

There are two ways to get a QR code for your Facebook business page. You can either use the Facebook or Lite application or use any external software. So, it depends on your choice.

Let’s look at each method below, and you can use either of them according to your requirements.

Method 1: Find the FB Page QR Code on the Mobile

You can easily find your business account profile QR code using a Facebook application. Remember, this method is only available on an Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device, so don’t use a desktop web browser.

So, follow the step-by-step process below on your Smartphone to find the Facebook page QR code.

1. First, open the FB app on your Mobile and then sign in with your credentials.

2. Next, you must open your page account. For this, you can tap the “flagicon from the shortcut menu and then switch to your business account.

Note: Remember, anyone with Facebook access (Admin, Editor, Moderator, etc.) to your business profile can use this method. This means they must be able to open the page account on their application.

3. Once you are on your business account, tap the “searchicon from the top right corner.

4. After that, type the “QR code” and search for it. You can tap the topmost option after searching.

5. Now, Facebook will ask you for access to take pictures. So, give the permission, and you will see your camera scanner.

6. Finally, tap the “My code” tab from the top, and you will immediately see the QR of your page.

Now, if you want to send it from here to your friend, you can tap the “Share” button below.

Otherwise, tap the “Save to Phonebutton, and that QR code will be saved to your Gallery immediately. After that, how to use it depends on your choice.

Method 2: Generate a Facebook QR Code Using Adobe Express

Though Facebook allows you to get your QR for a business account, you must open the page on a Mobile phone to get it. Hence, it may be inconvenient in many situations.

You will have issues if the page isn’t yours and you only want to share the QR code.

So, for such cases, it is best to use Adobe Express. It allows you to generate/create a QR code for your Facebook page for free.

To do this, copy or click the link below and paste it at the address bar on your desktop web browser.

Now, paste your page profile link at the right panel and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. This will immediately create a unique QR code for that link.

Note: You can copy the page link from the top of your address bar after opening g a business profile. Otherwise, use the “” format, where replace the “username” with the actual one.

You can also change that QR code’s style and color from the available tab. Also, choose your preferred file format (PNG, JPG, SVG).

Finally, press the “Downloadbutton, and it will be saved on your device immediately.

Method 3: Create a QR Code for the Facebook Page on Canva

Sometimes, you may want to design your QR code along with other stuff. For example, you may need to create a post in a specific size and format that also shows your QR.

In such a scenario, it is best to use Canva. It allows you to freely design any content and lets you generate a unique code for your business page.

You can also create any flex banner of your size. So, if you want to change the cover photo on your Facebook page that has a shortcode along with other info, this is the best software.

To start, go to the link below on your computer or laptop and then press the “Generate a QR codebutton.

Next, click the “Use in new design” button from the prompt and fix the size for your content.

You can also select the “Use in existing design” button if you already have one. We suggest you create your design first before you put the QR code.

Now, copy your page profile link and paste it at the left panel on the URL input field. Finally, press the “Generate QR Code” button, and you will immediately see it appear on your design.

So, all you need to do is to crop and place that code on your design appropriately. After doing all this, you can download and use your design as you want.

How to Add a QR Code to your Facebook Page

After getting the codes, you may get confused about where and how to add them to your page. Well, it depends on your goal and choice.

You can always publish your code as a post and pin it in the featured section of your page. This way, people will immediately see and share it while visiting your profile.

Another way of doing this is to upload it on your Website, Dropbox, or Google Drive. After that, use action buttons like “Learn more,” “Contact Us,” etc., to direct your visitor to that page.

You can also directly share this code with users. So, how you show it on your page depends entirely on your choice and strategy.

How to Find a QR Code from a Facebook Business Page

You can find the QR code from a Facebook business page only if they have added it to their profile.

Remember, Facebook only allows you to see your shortcode if you can open that page account on your Mobile phone.

If you really want the QR code for a page that isn’t yours, you can make it yourself using third-party applications like Adobe Express, Canva, etc., as mentioned above.

How to Scan QR Code for Facebook Page?

To scan the QR code for the Facebook page, find that code and place your scanner camera right above it.

Most of the recent Smartphone has a built-in scanner. So, you can search for it on your camera app or in the notification bar or quick menu section.

If there isn’t a scanner, you can go to on your device browser. You can also download the related app on the Play or Apple Store.

Once the camera is on, scan the code carefully. Once successful, it will immediately show you the related link, and you can tap on it to access the Facebook page.

How to Share Facebook Page QR Code?

There are two ways to share the FB page QR. In the first method, you can search for the “QR code” on your page account and then press the “Share” button on the “My code” tab.

Otherwise, download that code on your device and share it via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook post, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., like a regular photo.


Why can’t I find a QR code on my Facebook page?

You must have Facebook access to your business page to find your QR. Otherwise, you can use the external software to create one for free.

Can I create and download a Facebook page QR code from any app?

You can use external apps like Adobe Express and Canva to create and download the FB page QR for free.

Does my Facebook business page have a QR code?

Yes, each business page has its own unique QR. However, unless it is shared publicly, it is only available to someone with Facebook access permission on that page.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, getting a QR code for a Facebook business page is pretty easy whether you use an FB app or external software.

However, how to show it on your page and share it depends on your decision and strategy.

Overall, that’s all on this topic. Let’s also learn to check Facebook page quality if interested.

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