To have a proper business page, you must consider every aspect. Among these, community standards and policies must not be overlooked. That’s why it is necessary to check your Facebook page quality from time to time.

When you check the quality of your page, you can find information about every violation you made (intentional or unintentional) in the same section.

This allows you to maintain your account in the best condition. Remember, depending on the type of violations, Facebook can restrict your page.

Hence, if you don’t want to obstruct the operation of your business in the long run, you should review this frequently. Mistakes can happen, but you must be ready to solve them in time to avoid complications.

Therefore, this article will teach you to check your Facebook business page quality along with a few important suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to comment as a page on Facebook if interested.

What is Facebook Page Quality?

As the name suggests, Facebook page quality is the validity and reliability of your page on this platform.

Facebook calculates this according to their community standards and policies. If a page follows such guidelines carefully, then that account is considered good.

As with any social media, Facebook also has its own rules that each user must follow. If someone violates it, they will get punished in one way or another.

So, page quality allows you to quickly check violations of such rules and gives you a chance to correct them in time.

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Can you Check the Quality of a Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can check the quality of a business page as long as you have Facebook access to it.

Here, Facebook access refers to the page roles like Admin, Editor, Moderator, etc., who can open that account on the application.

Such users can quickly check the quality of the page from settings. Here are a few things that they can know by inspecting this.

  • Recent violations of community standards.
  • Copyright Violations.
  • Clickbait contents.
  • Breach due to sharing excessive content from other sources and so on.

Remember, even if you haven’t made any mistakes, other partners who are managing your business account may do so. Hence, it is necessary for an Admin to regularly check their account quality.

Of course, though this feature allows you to inspect most of the policies and standards, it still doesn’t cover every aspect of community guidelines. So, you must be careful about that.

If you see any issues on your page, you should try to solve them as soon as possible. Maybe removing the content, giving appropriate credit, providing enough info, etc., can help you with that.

Furthermore, depending on the extent of the violation, your business profile may be restricted accordingly. Facebook can limit your activity or unpublish your page altogether as per the situation.

For example, you may be unable to create Ads, monetize your content, add a donate button to raise funds, etc.

Overall, it is very important to inspect the page quality, which anyone with Facebook access to it can do.

How to Check Facebook Page Quality?

You can check the Facebook page quality if you have the necessary permission using a Smartphone and a PC (Windows or Mac).

Remember, you must have Facebook access, not Task access, to do this. You can ask your Admin for a role if you don’t have one.

Now, let’s learn this process on both devices, and you can use either of them depending on the situation.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to check your Facebook page quality.

1. First, open the Facebook or Lite app on your Mobile phone and sign in with your credentials.

2. Next, tap the hamburger menu, select the “pages” shortcut, and switch to that business account.

3. After you open your business account, tap the “Settings & Privacy” option after pressing the menu icon.

4. Now, go to Settings >> Page Settings and scroll down to the “New pages experience” section.

5. Finally, tap the “Page quality” option.

You will now see the Facebook page quality score immediately. If it is good, you will see a green indicator with “Page has no issues” text.

Additionally, if there are issues, you will see a yellow or red indicator depending on the degree of violations.

Furthermore, you can also check your mistakes under the “Recent violations” heading. Just press “see details” next to them to thoroughly learn what went wrong with your page.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your computer or laptop to check your Facebook page quality.

1. First, open your Facebook account with page roles on a desktop web browser.

2. Next, click the profile icon from the top right corner and select the “see all profiles” option.

3. After that, choose the business page account from the list.

You can also find it by clicking the flag icon from the left panel

4. Then, press the profile icon again and go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings.

5. Next, select the “New pages experience” and then the “Page quality” option from the left panel.

You can now check the quality of your business page on your right panel. Go through each issue, if there is any, and solve them as soon as you can.

How to Fix Facebook Page Quality Violations?

To fix the Facebook page quality violations, you can first press the “see detailsbutton next to it on the page quality settings. Now, remove or edit the post on your Facebook account or provide the correct info to solve such issues.

You should also review the community guidelines from Facebook thoroughly, identify and address specific issues, monitor your followers’ or users’ feedback and comments, etc.

Finally, stay informed and updated, use only Facebook tools, educate all your team members, and actively engage with your audience to prevent this kind of problem.

How to Improve Facebook Page Quality?

To improve your Facebook page quality, you should measure and adjust your content performance, increase audience engagements, strategically advertise, and avoid posting misleading and inappropriate content.

It is also necessary to monitor user feedback, abide by the community guidelines, and provide complete account info on your profile.

Once you update and improve the insights, it won’t take long to improve the page quality.


Can I check my Facebook page account quality?

Yes, you can check your FB page account quality as long as you have any one of the “Facebook access” roles. It can be Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, etc.

To do this, just go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> New pages experiences >> Page quality on your page account.

Is it possible to fix page quality violations on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to fix the page quality violations on Facebook. As long as you don’t commit recurring offenses, you can simply fix the specific issues and file an appeal. If the situation isn’t that serious, you will problem will be fixed in no time.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, whether to improve performance or prevent violations of community guidelines, you should always check your Facebook page quality.

Also, don’t forget to remind all the members of your team about such things. Furthermore, make sure you don’t commit the same offense twice since your page will face more penalties.

Overall, use this feature to make your page stand out and engaging. While at it, let’s learn more Facebook page tips to improve it further.

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