With frequent mood switches, users love to play around with different features of Facebook. While some keep adding photos to their page album relentlessly, some go ghost by deleting everything. However, there comes a day when they regret it and wish to recover the deleted post on their Facebook page.

If you have been using your FB page for quite some time, there’s no doubt you might’ve been through the same phase.

Even though you decided to remove Facebook posts for some reason, sometimes you regret doing so and want it back.

Well, good news for you, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Facebook has added another feature that can recover your deleted posts.

With this feature, you can now easily retrieve your contents from the recycle bin soon after you’ve removed the post.

How will you do it, though? Do you have any idea? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we will guide you to restore deleted posts on your Facebook page in the simplest way possible.

Does Facebook Have a Recycle Bin Folder?

Yes, Facebook does have a recycle bin folder. Aside from just keeping simple information like Facebook page creation date, this app also stores your deleted posts.

And every content that you’ve wiped out gets dumped into where? The recycle bin folder.

No matter if it’s just text, image, or video content, this built-in feature gulps everything you’ve exterminated.

After you delete a post on your Facebook page, it automatically disappears for your audience.

However, FB provides you with an elegant offer to recover the deleted post within a certain period. If you miss the chance, poof! It’s gone just like that.

To put it simply, if you end up deleting a post unintentionally, you have a concise timeframe before it gets permanently discarded.

Can You Recover a Deleted Post On a Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can recover a deleted post on a Facebook business page. In fact, this application offers a feature that guarantees to bring back your deleted content. But wait, there’s a catch to it.

When you discard a post on your business page, you can recover it from FB’s backup system with relative ease. However, it’s only possible if you recover it within 30 days after its deletion.

Or else it’ll be permanently deleted. The longer time you take, the lesser the chance to retrieve it.

To avoid this post restoring uncertainty, think of taking other cautious measures so that it doesn’t affect your business.

You can double-check the content before deletion or maintain daily backups of the important posts. Doing so is the best you can do to make sure that the content isn’t permanently deleted.

Remember, time waits for no one, and the same proverb applies to content recovery on Facebook page.

Moreover, this feature not only exists for pages but is also available on personal accounts.

Also, check out more tips & tutorials about FB business pages.

Note: You can only access those discarded posts and retrieve them if you’re the page admin.

How to Recover Deleted Posts from Facebook Business Page

Recovering deleted posts from the Facebook Business Page can be somewhat complex if you have no idea about it. That’s why we’re here for you.

We will guide you on how to do it in the most effective way. Whether you use an iPhone, Android, or computer(Windows or Mac), our assistance will help you to restore your deleted post with relative ease.

On Mobile App

To recover your deleted post from your Facebook business page on a smartphone, follow this step-by-step process:

1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone and make sure you’re logged in.

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right and switch to your business page.

3. Once you’re switched, tap on the hamburger icon on the top right.

4. Now, tap on the Settings icon on the left side of the search icon.

5. After that, tap on the Page settings.

How To Recover Deleted Post From Facebook Business Page in Mobile Phone

6. Scroll down a little and tap on Activity Log under the Facebook Page Information section.

7. Tap on the Recycle bin beside the Archive button.

8. There, you’ll see every post that has been deleted in 30 days. Select the post you want to recover.

How To Restore Discarded Post from Facebook Business Page in Mobile Phone

9. Then, tap on the Restore button.

10. Lastly, it’ll once again ask permission to restore that content. So, tap on Restore once again.


To recover your deleted post from the Facebook business page on your Laptop(Windows or Mac), follow the guidance below step-by-step:

1. Open a web browser on your computer and browse facebook.com; ensure you’re logged in.

2. Click on Account on the top right and switch to your business page.

3. Once again, tap on Account and click on Settings and Privacy.

4. Now, click on the Activity log.

Facebook business page activity log

5. After that, click on the Recycle bin below Archive.

6. You’ll see every content that has not been more than 30 days after its deletion. Click on the three dots on the right end of the post you want to retrieve.

7. There are two options: delete it permanently or recover it. Click on Restore.

How To Recover Deleted Post From Facebook Business Page in PC

8. At the end, Facebook will ask you for confirmation. Click on the Restore button once again if you’re ready to go.

You can also select multiple posts if you want to recover a bunch of deleted photos, contents, and videos. It’ll make it as efficient for you.

Can you Recover a Permanently Deleted Post on a Facebook Page?

No, you can’t recover a permanently deleted post on your Facebook page. As we stated before, the recycle bin only retrieves deleted posts if the deletion time is less than 30 days.

If you succeed in recovering the post before the due time, you will easily restore it.

However, after the time that graceful opportunity ends, it’ll get permanently deleted; you have no chance to bring it back to your profile page.

In fact, the official site of FB itself has claimed that those contents will be totally wiped from their backup and server systems. So, that’s a goodbye forever.

Still, this feature of Facook is a noteworthy advancement in this digital era. Thus, utilize it for your page welfare while it’s still accessible.


Can I Restore Deleted Posts on my Facebook Page?

Yes, you can recover deleted posts on your Facebook page, no matter if it’s text, photo, or video content. However, remember that there’s a time period criteria that you should meet before recovering it.

Can I See Who Deleted a Post On My Facebook Page?

No, you can’t see who removed a post on your Facebook page. FB doesn’t let you access this information.

How Can I Find Recycle Bin on my Facebook Page?

To find the recycle bin on the Facebook page, simply go to Settings and search for the Activity log. There, you can find the Recycle bin button from where you can easily retrieve your deleted posts and content.

Wrapping up

Coming to the end, Facebook lets you recover deleted posts from your Facebook page within a certain period.

It has a recycle bin folder where all the removed posts are stored. Moreover, the admin of the page can quickly restore that content anytime they want.

And unlike other removed content, permanently deleted posts cannot be recovered. We hope our information was helpful to you.

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