The number of images you publish on your page can vary. However, there will be tons of them to sort out over time. Hence, you should always add such photos to your Facebook business page Album to organize them better.

A single Album on a page can carry up to 1000 pictures. So, there is no need to worry about making many folders each time.

You can just create a few of them according to the regular events and upload your pictures afterward. Of course, you can also add videos or clips as you want.

Furthermore, since an Album is public, people visiting your profile can look at it anytime.

Anyway, this tutorial will discuss how to add photos to an Album on your Facebook business page. If interested, let’s also learn to delete a post on the Facebook page while at it.

Can you Add Photos to a Facebook Page Album after posting?

Yes, you can add photos to your Facebook page Album after you post it. There are no restrictions that prevent you from transferring images to other Albums.

In fact, you can even move a photo from one Album to another easily. All that is needed is a few taps on your page account.

Another way to do this is to upload the photos directly. When you do this, it will also appear as a post on your timeline.

So, the order of posting an image and creating an Album isn’t that necessary. However, to save time, it is still better to first create an Album on your Facebook page and keep it ready.

Remember, you can make an image folder on a page even if it doesn’t have a single picture.

Hence, there is no need to prepare the photos beforehand. Just separate a time on a week and sort out all your published images to the respective Albums afterward.

Additionally, you can also do this at publishing time to save yourself from hassle.

How to Add Photos to the Facebook Business Page Album

You can easily add any photos to your Facebook business page Album, whether you have a Smartphone (Android or iOS) or a PC (Windows or Mac). This is the same case for videos and clips.

Of course, you must have an Album besides the default ones on your page account to add images.

So, let’s learn this process on both devices here for your convenience.

Disclaimer: Only the Admin, contributors, and a person with a necessary role (editor, moderator, etc.) can add photos to a Facebook page.

On Mobile Application

You can tag along with the step-by-step guide below on your Mobile phone to add photos to the Facebook business page Album.

1. First, log in to the account with your username and password on the Facebook or Lite app.

2. Next, go to the profile of your page.

3. After that, tap the “photos” option from the menu and then press the “see all” option.

4. Then, choose an Album where you want to upload the images from the list.

Note: Do not choose the default Albums: Profile pictures and Cover photos. You can’t upload anything on them.

5. Next, press the “Add photos” button, and it will open the Gallery on your device.

6. Now, choose a photo or multiple ones from your local storage. To choose multiple, long press an image and then select others afterward.

Remember, you cannot select more than 80 photos or videos simultaneously.

7. Press the “Next” button from the upper right corner once the pictures are selected.

8. Then, edit your post as you want from the menu below.

You can add a location, caption, tag everyone or a person, add a donate button, and do other things on this page.

9. Finally, tap the “Postbutton from the top right corner, and your photos will be uploaded to your Album immediately.

They will also appear in your timeline and your follower news feed. They can also see that Album easily on your page profile.

On Desktop PC

Follow the step-by-step guide below to add photos to the Facebook business page Album using a computer or laptop.

1. First, go to your page profile on the Facebook web.

2. Next, open your Photos tab from the horizontal menu below your profile pic.

3. After that, click the “Albumsoption to see their list.

4. Then, press the three dots next to the folder where you want to upload the pictures and choose the “Edit Album” option.

You can also open it and then click the “Add to Albumbox.

5. Now, press the “Upload Photos or Videos” button from the left panel and select the images from your computer.

You can press the “Ctrl” or “Shift” button on your keyboard while selecting to choose multiple ones.

6. Click the “Openbutton from the lower right side once you are done selecting.

You will see the preview of your images on the prompt.

7. Finally, press the “Add to albumbutton from the lower right corner, and they will be added immediately.

You can view and edit from the right panel. Likewise, it will also appear on the news feed. You can go to your timeline to confirm it.

How to Delete a Photo from an Album on a Facebook Page

You can delete a photo from your Album on a Facebook page using a computer or Smartphone.

Using a Smartphone:

First, go to your page profile on your Mobile phone, press the “photos” tab, and then the “see all” option to see the Album list.

Next, select the Album from which you want to remove an image. Now, you must open that image in full view by tapping it.

Finally, press the three dots from the top right corner and choose “Delete photo” from the menu.

Once you confirm it, it will be removed from that Album immediately.

Using a PC:

First, open the “Photostab on your page profile and go to the Album of your choice.

Now, click the pencil icon at the top of a picture you want to remove and select the “Delete photo” option.

Confirm it on the prompt, and that image will disappear immediately.

Note: Deleting the image from your Album will also remove that post from the timeline. Hence, you should carefully consider it since you will lose your likes and comments.

How to Move Photos to Album on Facebook Page

You can always move your separate photos to an Album, even if they are already published.

Additionally, it is also possible to transfer images from one Album to another one.

For this, you can use your desktop web browser.

First, locate that picture on your Facebook page after clicking the “Photos” option on the horizontal menu.

Next, press the “pencilicon at the top of an image that you want to transfer to an Album.

Now, choose the “Move to Another Album” option from the menu.

Finally, select the Album of your choice from the drop-down menu and press the “Move photobutton.

This will immediately move that image from the original position.

Note: You can move the profile and cover pictures to another Album.

How to Add Videos to an Album on a Facebook Page

To add videos to an Album on a Facebook page, go to it from the Photos tab and press the “Add to Album” box.

Now, click the “Upload photos or videosbutton from the left side and select the videos from your device. You can select multiple ones if you want.

Finally, press the “Openbutton and wait for the video to get uploaded.

Now, click the “Add to Album” button, and you will add those videos to your Album immediately.

How many pictures can you Add to your Facebook Page Album?

You can add a maximum of 1000 pictures on a single Facebook page Album. After that, you can create a new one and then put others.

However, you can add only up to 80 photos at a time on your Album. So, it is still not possible to directly upload 1000 of them immediately.


Why can’t I add photos to my Facebook page Album?

You may be unable to add photos to your Facebook page Album due to insufficient page roles, browser and internet issues, wrong file format, and temporary technical issues.

You can refresh your internet, check the format and size of your images, or contact the customer support team to solve this issue.

Can I upload pictures in the Album on the Facebook page?

Yes, you can upload the pictures and clips in the Album easily on your Facebook page.

Why am I unable to add more pictures to my Facebook Album?

You will be unable to add more images to an Album if you reach the 1000 photos limit. So, create a new one in such situations.

Final Thought

In conclusion, whether you want to add, upload, or move the photos to your page Album, you can do so very easily.

However, there is a limit of 1000 for each of them. So, it is still impossible to use it forever. Creating new Albums is thus necessary as time goes on.

Overall, organize your photos to save time and effort. And check our Facebook page tips to make your page look more professional.

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