When a page starts to run on the right track, it is inevitable to publish a lot of content regularly. However, there are times when you may need to delete a post on your Facebook business page.

Removing the post becomes necessary whether it is because of inappropriate content, spam, misinformation, privacy concern, violation of rules, duplicate content, or other internal reasons.

Sometimes, it may be accidentally published by other members of your page with specific roles.

Whatever the reason, removing it from the news feed isn’t that hard. However, you should seriously consider deleting that post’s impact on your followers.

Anyway, this blog will discuss deleting a post on a Facebook page along with other necessary suggestions. Meanwhile, if interested, you can also check out other Facebook page tips on this site.

Can you Delete a Post on your Facebook Page?

Yes, you can delete a post on your Facebook business page as long as you are an Admin or with enough permission and roles (editor or moderator).

According to Facebook, “You can delete Page posts if you’re an admin, editor or moderator of a classic Page, or have Facebook access or task access to a new business profile.”

So, if you have the necessary access, you can remove a post easily. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

There are many reasons behind deleting already published content. Out of them, poor coordination between the team is a major cause.

If someone on your page first publishes a post and then other persons remove it because they don’t like it, you should resolve the issue rather than attempting to delete the post. Maybe, you need to work on team coordination.

Of course, if the post is deleted accidentally, you don’t need to worry too much. This is because when you delete content on a page, it will be transferred to the recycle bin (trash folder).

Hence, you cannot permanently remove a post on a Facebook page with a single click. All the removed content will move to the trash folder and remain as a backup for 30 days.

After 30 days, they will be permanently deleted. If you want to remove it from the recycle bin permanently, you can go to your Activity log to do that. But it isn’t recommended since who knows when you will need it again.

This feature is incredibly helpful since mistakes happen. Maybe you are trying to edit the content but deleted it accidentally instead.

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How to Delete a Post on Facebook Business Page?

Moving a post on your Facebook business page to the trash folder is very easy. You can do it using an application or web version of Facebook.

So, let’s learn this process on both versions so that you can do it whenever and with whatever device you have.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to delete a post (photo, video, text, etc.) on your Facebook business page.

Note: You can use both Facebook or Lite applications to do this.

1. First, open your FB account with credentials and go to your page account.

You will find it under the “pages you manage” section once you press the flag icon from the shortcut menu.

2. Next, you must find the post you want to remove from the account.

Just open the profile and look at your timeline to find it easily.

3. Once you find the content, tap on it to view it fully.

4. Now, press the three dots from the top right corner and select the “Delete” or “Delete photo” option.

Once you confirm it on the prompt, your post will immediately be removed from your page. Of course, it will not permanently disappear. You can still recover it from the Activity log within 30 days.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step process below on your desktop web browser to delete a post from your Facebook business page.

1. First, go to your page account on a computer or laptop.

2. Next, open the profile and locate the post you want to remove from the timeline.

You can also find it in your news feed if it is recently published.

3. After that, click the three dots from the upper right corner of that post and select the “Move to recycle bin” or “Move to trash” option.

Since this option is at the bottom of the drop-down menu, you may need to scroll down a bit.

4. Finally, press the “Movebutton on the confirmation prompt.

This will immediately remove that content from your timeline and move it to the trash folder. Now, the post has been deleted from your page successfully.

Remember, you can always recover it within 30 days of deletion since it isn’t permanently removed. You are only moving it to a trash folder.

Quick Tip: Not all situations require deleting a post. Instead, you can use the “edit” or “hide post” feature to your advantage.

How to Delete All Posts on a Facebook Page (Bulk Remove)

Sometimes, you may want to remove the multiple old content on a page. As you or your brand gain popularity, deleting old and out-of-date posts is understandable to make your timeline cleaner.

To do this, you must access the Meta business suite on your business page. This separate FB site lets you manage all the content easily.

So, go to your Facebook business page on a desktop web browser and click the profile icon from the upper right corner.

Next, press the “Meta business suite” option from the menu to open the separate professional dashboard.

After that, press the “Content” option from the left panel and then go to the “Published” section of the “Post and stories.”

You can now check the box next to each post you want to delete from the list.

Each time you check a box, a new window will appear, telling you the number of posts. So, click the three dots at the right side of that tab and press the “Delete postsoption.

After you confirm it on the prompt, all the selected content will be removed from your Facebook page. This action is permanent, so please be careful what you choose to remove.

Quick Tips: Meta business suite is updated all the time. Hence, the navigation style may change, and you may not see the option in the same place as before.

However, no need to worry. Just find the “content” page and open the “Published” section for your post. Now, select multiple of them and search the options to mass delete them.

Can you Recover a Deleted Post on the Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can easily recover a deleted post on the Facebook business page within 30 days.

Actually, when you remove a post on your page, you aren’t actually doing it permanently. Instead, you are placing it in the trash folder, which will delete it only after 30 days have passed from that action.

So, you can quickly recover such removed content on your page (even in a personal account) as long as 30 days haven’t passed.

Note: This condition of temporary removal may not work for every situation. For example, deleting posts (bulk remove) using the Meta business suite is permanent. Hence, you should always look at the prompt when removing any content from your page, just in case.

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How to Find Deleted Posts on Facebook Page?

Sometimes, you may make mistakes or change your mind and want to recover the deleted posts on your Facebook page.

To do this, open your page account on a Mobile Phone, tap the hamburger menu, and go to “page settings” under the “settings & privacy” menu.

Now, scroll down to the “Facebook page information” section and choose the “Activity log” option.

After that, tap the “Recycle bintab from the top to see all the deleted posts from the last 30 days.

Now, scroll down and check the box next to the post you want to recover. You can choose multiple ones from the list.

Finally, press the “Restorebutton from the bottom of that page and confirm it on the prompt.

This is how you can recover your removed content on a Facebook business page. To make sure, you can view it in your timeline.

Note: To recover the deleted post using a computer, you can click the profile icon from the top right corner and go to Settings & Privacy >> Activity log.

Now, select the “Recycle bin” option from the left panel and recover your contents from the right panel. For this, you can press the three dots next to it and choose the “Restore to Profile” option.

How to Know Who Deleted a Post on Facebook Page?

As of now, Facebook doesn’t allow you to see who deleted a post on your business page.

You can see the time and date but won’t find out who has removed it. However, guessing is easier if the number of people (roles) who can do it on your page is smaller.

The easier method to know about it is to ask your other Admins and editor. And if someone is maliciously removed or you think the account is hacked, ask for help from the support team as soon as possible.


Why can’t I delete a post on my Facebook business page?

If you are not an Admin or do not have the necessary permission, you cannot delete a post on a Facebook business page. Similarly, some page roles allow you to delete a post you created but not other people’s posts on the same page.

Can I delete all posts on the Facebook page at once?

No, you cannot delete all posts on your Facebook page at once. However, you can always bulk delete your content (up to 25 at a time) using the Meta business suite.

Why delete multiple posts on a Facebook page?

You should delete the multiple posts on your Facebook page to clear your timeline, remove outdated content and prevent spam and inappropriate posts.

Final Thought

In conclusion, deleting a post on your Facebook business page is quite easy. And you can bulk delete them using the Meta business suite to clear the timeline.

However, always make sure to recheck before removing content to avoid mistakes. And if you do make one, go to your Activity log to recover it within 30 days.

Overall, that covers this topic. Let’s also learn to hide likes on Facebook pages while at it.

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