Don’t let your bio rot on your profile; it serves a purpose. Add your Facebook business page bio and see how effectively it does the introductory work for you.

With this feature, you can display a short text that distinguishes your purpose behind creating the page.

Adding a brief personal synopsis can earn you an exquisite look at your business profile while also keeping it professional.

Even popular worldwide businesses like Starbucks and Dior have profile intros on their FB account. So, what’s stopping you? Just do it!

But if you don’t have any idea about it, we will guide you thoroughly in this blog.

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What is Bio On Facebook?

A bio on Facebook is a profile description that clarifies the user’s sole intent behind forming an account or page.

Basically, it appears on your profile panel so that you can improve your visibility. For that, you need to make it clear and relevant as much as possible.

If you have a basic profile, add something about yourself to your profile intro section. But if you have a business, brand, or any other page, briefly summarize why it exists.

Also, include appropriate emojis and hashtags to make it more peculiar and interesting.

And yeah, there’s a limit to how long you can put your introductory description. If you cross over 101 characters, it won’t be saved.

Can I Add Bio On Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can add a bio on your Facebook Business page. And not only on your business account, but you can also add to your personal profile.

Using this feature has been a popular trend on this platform. From business organizations to normal users, almost everybody has one on their profile.

What’s more interesting is that you can use your introductory text for purposes other than its primary function. Let us tell you how.

If you have a website through which you operate your business, this feature can be used to gain traffics. You just need to add the website link to your profile.

Besides that, you can also exchange followers on social media by adding a profile URL in the self-description section.

How to Edit And Add Bio on Facebook Business Page

Page description acts as one substantial element on FB pages. So, it’ll be worth a try for you to add a Facebook business page bio. But do you know how you can add it?

Don’t worry; we’re here for you. We’ll help you to add it to your profile. While at it, we’ll also teach you to edit it if you already have one.

Follow the process step-by-step:

On Mobile App

1. Open the Facebook application on your smartphone.

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines and switch to your business page.

3. Go to the profile screen and click on the three dots at the right side of the Manage. You can also directly tap the Edit button if it is visible.

Edit Bio On Facebook Business Page in Mobile Phone

4. Tap on Edit, and it will direct you to another screen where you can edit your information.

5. Scroll down a little and tap on Add to put a new bio. But if you just want to make changes to it, click on Edit.

How To Add  Bio On Facebook Business Page in Mobile Phone

6. Now, write a short and sweet synopsis that resonates with your page.

7. Lastly, click on Save, and it’s done.

It doesn’t matter what mobile phone you have; this method applies to both Android and iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhones. However, there’s a different process for computers.

Note: No matter if you edit or add a new profile intro, the character limit is 101 words. If you cross the limit, it won’t be saved.


1. Open a web browser on your computer and make sure your account is logged in.

2. Press on the account section beside the notification icon and switch to your FB page. 

3. After that, go to your business profile.

5. From the intro section, click on Add Bio. However, if you just want to edit your Facebook page bio, simply click on Edit Bio.

How To Add and Edit Bio On Facebook Business Page in Desktop

6. Describe your page in the bio.

7. Lastly, click on the Save button.

Even though the limit is 101 characters, make it very short and meaningful. It’s because most people don’t prefer reading long texts.

Where is Bio On Facebook Page?

Bio on the Facebook page is on the profile screen where other features like the Shop Now button, Manage, etc, are available. Talking about its precise location, it varies on what device you’re using.

If you’re using a desktop, it’ll appear in the intro section above the page feature, where you can add or change the page category.

But if you’re using an Android or iPhone, it appears right below the account name.

Facebook is jam-packed with many attributes; this feature is still set in the perfect place.

How To Change Bio On Facebook Page?

Stir up something in your mind and come up with new intro ideas for your page frequently.

This will create an edge that sets your page apart from others. It’s because people seek to see and experience new things.

And nothing can be more boring than the basic old page description? So, just add a new bio without giving it a second thought to your Facebook business page.

For that, you can simply go to your business profile and click on the three dots.

Following that, click on Edit, and it will direct you to a section where you can add emailservice area location and change your profile picture as well as the profile description.

After that, tap on Edit in the Bio section. Once again, tap on Edit bio and replace the old one with a new intro.

Finally, click on Save, and your profile description will be changed. Following this process, you can change your profile intro as much as you want.

Facebook Business Page Bio Examples

When it comes to profile description, setting it up is not the hard part. But the point where you’ll have to think about what to write on the text box will sweat you out.

And it’s not that you’re short of ideas; there are hundreds on your mind. You are just stuck on which one to choose.

So, let us assist you with accurate ideas that will help you garniture your profile while keeping it professional.

On top of that, we have examples for different pages that might help you.

Bio For Photography Page On Facebook

Putting a self-intro on a photography page can be an Ace move for you. It’s because every person loves to adore insane pictures that look too unreal to believe.

No questions; it will surely drive your audience over your page profile. And, of course, you need to set your first impression with a dazzling intro.

And when you create it, you must mainly focus on writing about your passion and skills in photography.

You can also include your specialty and the achievements you’ve earned in photography. Here are some samples for the Facebook page bio:

1. So lost in the magic captured by these lenses, reality feels unreal.

2. Smiles and shoots; I can do this for my entire life.

3. Photography is the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t help but snap and share more with my followers.

4. It’s just crazy how I capture breathtaking shots, and you get the chills through the screen.

5. I was lost in the reverie of photography, but then I remembered you were waiting for me to post.

Bio For Facebook Online Shopping Page

You need to spice up your intro in the page profile if you want to enchant your customers.

Specify your products and services in an appealing way. And it’ll be a lot better if you can convince customers why they should choose your brand over others.

Try to make the best profile description in reference to the examples below:

1. Trust-worthy shopping page with the finest products; experience full satisfaction.

2. Quality is so good you won’t bother giving a second thought to our products.

3. First try on our products will be your future choice.

4. If excellence was a product, it would be ours.

5. Please customers with top-notch products; that’s our motto.

Best Bio For Facebook Business Page

A profile description on a FB business account is a success stronghold. Don’t make a huge mistake by excluding it.

There are certain things you should care to keep in mind while you add a Facebook business page bio.

Include the year of the business foundation along with achieved success. Otherwise, write briefly about what you offer and the perks of prioritizing your company over others. Here are some ideas for you:

1. We aim to build a business empire by serving others.

2. Founded in 1999, our company serves 26 years of brilliance.

3. There may be many reasons for you to choose (Company’s name) but none to decline.

4. We strive to provide the best services you can ask for.

5. Our exclusive offers are something that you should never miss; help yourself with top-notch services.

Real Estate Agent Bio For Facebook

If you’re a real estate agent, convincing people is the best skill you must have. And you know what? You can do it with your profile description on FB.

However, you should mention what makes you the best real estate agent. Also, include your offers and what makes you exceptional from other agents.

Take ideas from our examples below:

1. My experience and reach with people in the real estate field is a gateway to your dream house.

2. Choose me to deal with property buying and selling; I’ll take the guarantee to make you feel every penny’s worth.

3. Better home- better family!

4. Millions of doors are open for you; choose the right one.

5. With my expertise comes satisfaction for you.


How Can I Add Instagram Link To My Facebook Page Bio?

To add an Instagram link to your Facebook business page bio, first, copy the link from your Insta profile and paste it with your bio description.

Can I Edit my Bio on my Facebook Page?

Yes, you can edit your Bio on your Facebook business Page. This app offers you three options in the self-summary section: Add, Edit, and Remove. You can choose what you want to do according to your choice. And not only on the FB page, but you can also change the profile description of your personal account.


All that said, you should prioritize the significance of your Facebook page description. This attribute can set a professional impression on others who view your page.

However, you should be careful while adding the profile intro because it differs according to page categories.

Moreover, a profile description is an excellent means to drive followers from FB to other platforms. So, give it a try.

We hope our guidance will be helpful to add, change and edit your introductory text. If you have spare time, learn to tag everyone on Facebook.

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