There are many things you need to care about to make your page look professional. And you can’t forget the profile and cover picture since they stand out too much. So, it is better to change your cover photo on your Facebook page to something that describes it better.

Changing the cover image is similar to changing the profile picture on your page. You can either upload a photo from your local storage or use Avatar.

Of course, it is vital to regularly update them and use something that can identify your brand.

Remember, a cover picture on your Facebook page profile is a banner. And if your banner isn’t visually appealing and relevant, the first impression will be ruined.

So, this blog will teach you to change the cover photo on your Facebook page and a handful of important information. Furthermore, let’s also learn to add a bio on the Facebook business page if interested.

Can you Change your Facebook Page Cover Photo?

Yes, you can change your Facebook page cover photo anytime you like and as frequently as you want.

There are two ways to change the cover picture. The first method is to upload a ready-made picture from your local storage (PC or Smartphone).

This method is easy but requires more knowledge from your side. Since we are dealing with a business page, choosing a proper photo is necessary.

Hence, you must know the cover image’s dimensions, file size, and quality before uploading. Remember, it is easier to attract audiences once you nail the first impression.

Another method to change the cover photo is to use Avatar. Facebook has an in-built feature that lets you make an Avatar of your choice, customize it as you like, and choose the background.

So, it is easier if you use this option. But it sure isn’t a good choice in every situation.

Overall, use both methods in tandem and update your page’s cover picture regularly to show the dynamics.

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What is the Size of a Facebook Page Cover Photo?

According to Facebook support, your Facebook page cover photo is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall in dimensions.

It doesn’t mean you need to have it at the exact dimensions. You are good as long as your picture is at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall.

Even if your image is not proportional, Facebook will crop it automatically. For example, if a photo is a verticle, then it will get zoomed in to fit your banner. Now, you can drag it to reposition as you like.

However, an image’s quality will be compromised if you use uneven pictures without caring.

Likewise, you don’t want the image to take forever to load. So, use the sRGB JPG file with less than 100 KB in size. It will load faster while keeping the quality intact.

Of course, if your header image is a text or logo, then it is better to use the PNG file.

How to Change Cover Photo on Facebook Business Page

You can use a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac) to change your cover photo on a Facebook business page.

Depending on the method, you should first prepare your cover photo on your device. External software like Canva, PicMonkey, etc., lets you easily customize such pictures.

So, make sure you have your image ready, and let’s learn to change it below.

Disclaimer: You must be an Admin of a business page to change its cover photo.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to change the cover photo on your Facebook business page.

1. First, launch the Facebook application on your Mobile phone and log in to the main account where your page is located.

2. Next, open the page and go to its profile.

3. After that, press the “Cameraicon at the lower left corner of your cover photo to open the menu.

4. Now, you have multiple options (4 choices) depending on how you want to change the cover image on your page. Let’s discuss them one by one below.

Create avatar cover photo:

This option lets you make an Avatar within your page. So, choose this if you don’t have a picture ready.

After that, you can design an Avatar, choose a background, and press the “Continue” button from the top right to show it as your cover photo.

Upload Photo:

Choose this option to select an image from your Gallery.

Select a photo on Facebook:

This option lets you choose already published images from your page account.

Create cover collage:

This option allows you to create a collage as a cover photo. You can select up to six pictures from your Gallery to create it.

5. If you choose the “Upload photo” option, you will see your Gallery.

Now, choose an image from your local storage, and you will immediately see a preview of your profile.

6. You can drag that cover picture up and down and adjust the position.

However, you cannot drag it left and right, and it will get cropped if the dimension is incorrect. That’s why you should customize the size of it before uploading.

7. Once you adjust the position, uncheck the box next to the “Share your update to News feed” option below.

It will allow you to replace the cover photo on your Facebook business page silently. If you don’t want to do that, leave this option alone.

8. Finally, press the “savebutton from the upper right corner, and you will notice that your cover photo has changed.

Remember, this won’t delete your previous image. Instead, you can easily find it in the “Cover Pictures” Album. You can also create an Album on your business page and transfer them to it.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your computer or laptop to change the cover photo on your Facebook business page.

1. First, open your FB page profile on the desktop web browser.

2. Next, click the “Edit cover photo” button from the lower right side of your cover image.

3. After that, choose the “Upload photo” button and select one from your computer storage.

4. Once you select the image, press the “Openbutton from the lower right corner.

5. Now, reposition that image on your cover banner vertically. You can move it up and down by holding the left mouse button.

6. Finally, press the “Save changes” button from the upper right corner after you are satisfied with that image.

You will see a new cover photo on your page profile. You can always edit or remove it whenever you want

Note: You can also add the Avatar as your cover picture. For this, press the “Create with avatarbutton from the bottom right corner and customize a perfect picture as your cover photo.

How to Change Cover Photo Without Losing Likes and Comments

Sometimes, you may want to change the cover photo into an already published image.

However, if you upload it from your local device, all the likes and comments will disappear. Hence, you can directly choose that image from your page account instead of uploading it.

To change the cover photo without losing likes and comments, go to your page profile and press the “Edit cover photo” button.

Now, choose the “Select photo” option, and you will see all the uploaded pictures plus Albums from your page in this section.

So, browse through them and find the one you like. Once you click on it, it will immediately show you a preview.

Hence, adjust the position and press the “Save changes” button from the top right corner. This will change that image into your cover photo, and you won’t lose the previous likes and comments.

Note: Your cover and profile photo is public on Facebook, and you can’t change it privately on a business page.

How to Change Facebook Page Cover Photo without Notifications

When you change the cover photo on a Facebook page, it appears immediately on your timeline and in your followers’ news feeds.

While it is a good thing to announce a change, doing so frequently is not. So, you may sometimes want to update the cover image without notifications.

You can do this using a smartphone. So, go to your page profile on the Moblie app and press the “cameraicon below the cover photo.

Now, choose the “Upload photo” option, select an image of your choice, and reposition it on the preview page accordingly.

Finally, uncheck the box next to the option “Share your update to News feed” on the preview page. You will see it at the bottom.

By disabling this option, you won’t send any notifications about your action on the news feed. So, this is how you can change the cover pictures on a page silently.

How to Delete a Cover Photo on a Facebook Page

Remember, when you change a cover photo, the previous one won’t be deleted automatically. It will instead remain in the Album section, which anyone can see.

Hence, if you truly want an image to disappear, you must remove it manually.

To delete your current cover photo on your Facebook page, go to your page profile, tap the “camera” icon next to it, and select the “View profile cover” option.

For PC, you can just click on that image to view it fully.

Now, press the three dots from the top right corner and select the “Delete photo” option.

Once you confirm the prompt, your current picture will be removed immediately. You will see a blank header image on your profile.

Likewise, to delete your previous cover photo on a business page, go to Photos >> Albums >> Cover pictures on your profile.

Now, open the image you want to remove, press three dots, and select the “Delete” option. It will immediately be removed once you confirm it.


Why can’t I change the cover photo on the Facebook business page?

You cannot change the cover photo on your Facebook business page if you aren’t an Admin or have technical restrictions. So, check your role before you attempt.

Can I upload a cover photo on my Facebook page without posting it?

Yes, you can upload a cover photo on a business page without posting it to the news feed. To do this, un-tick the box next to the “Share your update to News feed” option on your Mobile phone while on the preview page.

Can I add a new cover photo to the Facebook business page?

Yes, you can add a new cover photo to the Facebook business page if you have Admin access.

How can I add a slideshow to the FB page cover image?

Since this feature has already been removed, you cannot add a slideshow to the FB page cover photo. Instead, you can make a collage.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, changing the cover photo on a Facebook business page is simple, and you can do so in various ways.

You can choose an Avatar, upload from your device, or choose from your page account. Whatever you do, don’t forget to customize it so that it looks good.

Overall, that’s all there is to it on this topic. Let’s check out more Facebook page tips to learn to handle the situation better.

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