Though there are many benefits of doing online shopping, there are equally more disadvantages. Hence, many times, deals go bad due to wrong product quality or scams. So, if you encounter the same situation on the Facebook Marketplace, can you get a refund?

You see, whether or not you get a refund on any e-commerce platform depends on the terms and conditions.

It also depends on your order, mode of payment, and date and time. So, getting a refund is very hard in some scenarios.

While that is the case if you aren’t careful, it is also quite easy to get a refund on FB Marketplace if you follow the procedure right.

So, this article will discuss if you can get a refund on the Facebook Marketplace, along with a few necessary suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to see your ratings on the Facebook Marketplace if interested.

Can you Get Refunded on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can get a refund on Facebook Marketplace if the conditions are right and you are following the terms.

In some situations, Facebook may do a partial refund or goodwill refund. For this, Facebook must approve the buyer’s claim.

Note: You won’t get a refund on all purchases. Many purchases that aren’t under the refund policy by Facebook aren’t eligible for this.

How to Get a Refund on the Facebook Marketplace?

First of all, please remember that Facebook doesn’t cover the refund process for those goods that haven’t gone through the onsite checkout.

Likewise, the transactions must follow the Protection policy from Facebook. However, this policy is only applicable to some countries in the world.

Many listings don’t follow such a process, and hence, there is a high risk in purchasing goods on this site.

So, in summary, only when the condition below is the case can you start to ask for a refund.

  • You use the Facebook onsite checkout to purchase the product.
  • You didn’t receive the order.
  • The goods are damaged, or the quality is significantly different than advertised.
  • Unauthorised purchases.
  • The seller is not adhering to their refund policy.

If your situation is the same as above, you can now start asking for a refund from the seller.

So, follow the steps below to get a refund on the Facebook Marketplace on your Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Disclaimer: It is always best to contact the seller for a refund and solve the dispute together than to ask Facebook. Remember, Facebook also asks the buyer to contact the seller first when you need a refund.

1. First, open your account with the correct credentials on the Facebook app or website.

2. Next, go to Settings & Privacy and open your settings.

3. After that, tap the “Accounts Center” option.

4. Then, choose the “Payments” option and click “Meta pay” from the menu.

This will open the order and payment page on your Facebook account.

5. Finally, open the order from the list and press the “Request a refund” button.

You will now need to fill up the form from the FB Marketplace. After this, Facebook may ask you for further information, depending on your situation.

So, provide all the details and wait patiently. It may take some time for FB to review your issue.

After that, you may get a full, partial, or goodwill refund based on their decisions.

How to Request a Refund on the Facebook Marketplace?

The way to request a refund on the Facebook Marketplace depends entirely on your order, payment method, and date of purchase.

Generally, it is better to ask for a refund from the seller directly. If you have purchased something from a reputable seller and your transactions are under their refund policy, you will get your money back easily.

However, sometimes, you may encounter scams, and the seller may be unfriendly.

In such situations, if such purchases aren’t under the onsite checkout feature (payment via Facebook), you can do nothing to get your money back. So, you should be extra careful.

If your situation is under the Facebook purchase policy, you can easily request a refund from the order and payments page.

For this, go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> Accounts Center>> Payments >> Meta Pay >> Your order. Now, place your refund request.

What to do if a Seller Refuses to Refund Money?

If a seller refuses to refund money to you, first review their refund policies carefully. Communicate with them clearly if you comply with it.

If they aren’t replying or denying your claim, you can instead claim your refund request to Facebook. However, for this, you must be eligible (look at the points above).

What to do if you Get Scammed on the Facebook Marketplace?

If you get scammed on the Facebook Marketplace, contact the seller first to see if it is a misunderstanding.

If it is not, you can document all the evidence of your order, payment details, etc.). Now, request a refund from Facebook (if eligible) with those documents.

If you aren’t using the Facebook onsite checkout option, you should report that seller’s Facebook Marketplace account.

For that, find the Marketplace profile of that person on your FB account and tap the “Reportbutton.

Finally, choose the “Scamoption, and you are done. Facebook asks you for further evidence depending on the circumstances.


Can I get money back from the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can get your money back from the Facebook Marketplace if you have purchased the goods through the onsite checkout feature and your condition is under the Purchase Protection Policy.

How do you get money back after being scammed on FB Marketplace?

To get your money back after being scammed on the Marketplace, you can request a refund via Facebook. You can also contact your bank if the condition allows. Also, report that the seller is a scam to protect other buyers.

Will Facebook refund my money if I was scammed?

Yes, Facebook will refund your money if you are scammed on the Facebook Marketplace when they approve your request. However, many conditions apply to this process. So, it is better to be careful and prevent such happenings beforehand.

What happens if I buy something on Marketplace and it doesn’t work?

If the product doesn’t work after buying something on the FB Marketplace, you can ask the seller to replace it. If it isn’t possible, ask for a refund instead.

Also, read the seller’s policy before purchasing anything to avoid disputes. Facebook can also help you with a refund if the situation allows.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, though the process is cumbersome, it is indeed possible to get a refund on the Facebook Marketplace.

However, not all purchases come under the Purchase protection policy. So, someone can scam you if you aren’t careful enough.

Overall, do your research properly, and don’t fall for scams. Let’s also learn to follow someone on the Facebook Marketplace while at it.

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