The trust and popularity of a product play a major role when a buyer wants to buy something online. In terms of expressing them, reviews and ratings come on the first list on any e-commerce platform. Likewise, you can also see your rating on Facebook Marketplace easily.

Though rating is important for buyers, it is even more so for a seller. Whether it is for trust, reputation, competition, SEO ranking, branding, etc., the rating is important.

Also, since FB Marketplace only has a total seller rating (not a product rating), you should give it more attention. After all, such info can say a lot about your product and buyer’s satisfaction.

So, this blog will discuss how to see your ratings on Facebook Marketplace, along with their significance. Meanwhile, let’s also learn the meaning of pending on FB Marketplace while at it.

What is My Facebook Marketplace Rating?

Your Facebook Marketplace rating is the score given by the buyers to your profile on a scale of 1 to 5 stars that denotes their transaction satisfaction.

This represents your trustworthiness, credibility, and excellence in the Marketplace.

Remember, this is your overall profile score, not a rating for a single product. Hence, it depends on your entire total engagement and transaction.

Furthermore, only someone who has purchased your product or engaged in conversation with you can leave a rating.

Overall, your FB Marketplace rating is an average star score given to you by your buyers according to their satisfaction with your goods and services.

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Can you See your Facebook Marketplace Rating?

Yes, you can see your Facebook Marketplace rating on your related profile. You can view it on an app or web version easily.

However, your ratings are only visible to the public after you get 5 of them from buyers. So, until then, it is private and cannot be seen by anyone except sellers.

Furthermore, there is no need for buyers to purchase or complete the transactions with you to review your profile.

Hence, it is necessary to maintain a respectful and fast response to have a good rating on your Marketplace profile.

According to Facebook, “When a buyer rates a seller, that rating will appear after 14 days.”

These kinds of restrictions are there to avoid putting pressure on buyers to give a good rating.

So, you may need to wait a bit to view your true ratings on the Facebook Marketplace profile.

How to See Your Rating on Facebook Marketplace?

The sellers can easily see their ratings on their Facebook Marketplace profile using a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

However, it takes sometimes (maximum 14 days) to correctly receive such a score from all your recent buyers.

Anyway, let’s learn to look at the seller’s ratings on Marketplace below using both devices for your convenience.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step instructions below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to see your ratings on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, press the hotdog menu on the homepage after you open your Facebook or Lite app.

2. Next, tap open the “Marketplace” shortcut.

Select the “see more” button if you can’t see this option.

3. Press the “Usericon next to the “Search” button from the upper right corner after you are on the Marketplace page.

4. Now, tap the username or “View marketplace profile” option from the top of your screen.

This will immediately open your Marketplace profile page.

5. Finally, you will see your score under the “Rating and strengths” heading.

It is calculated on average in the 5-star system from all the reviews you got. You can also see the number of reviews next to your star rating.

Likewise, only after you get 5 minimum ratings will it get public. So, you don’t need to worry about showing bad reviews in the early stages.

Note: Generally, a rating of 4 and 5 stars is considered good, 3 stars being average, and the remaining is considered bad. So, try to keep your rating above 3 stars if possible.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the procedure below on your computer or laptop to see your rating on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, log in to Facebook Web and click the “Marketplace” shortcut on your left panel.

2. Next, select the “Selling” or “Buying” option on the left panel of your Marketplace page.

3. After that, press the “Marketplace profile” option from the left side of your buying or selling page.

This will automatically open your Marketplace profile with all the necessary info.

4. Finally, you can see your rating under the “Seller ratings” section.

This will appear in the 5-star rating system, where 5 stars mean excellent, 4 stars mean good, 3 stars mean average, and remaining means bad.

If you haven’t received any reviews, it will show “No ratings.” In such a situation, you may need to request your buyers to leave a review.

How to See Someone’s Facebook Marketplace Rating?

To see someone’s Facebook Marketplace rating as a buyer, you can follow the steps below on your Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Disclaimer: You can only see ratings when there are more than 5 reviews on the seller profile.

1. First, open your Marketplace page on your device.

2. Next, tap the listing open and scroll down to “Seller information” section.

You will find it on the right panel on a PC.

3. Finally, press the “Seller details” option in the blue letter next to the heading.

You can now see the ratings of the seller below the profile picture.

Remember, not every Marketplace account has ratings since people aren’t leaving reviews in most cases. So, you may not see it on many local profiles.

Why can’t you Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace because it is only available on the Facebook application for Android or iOS devices.

Furthermore, a buyer can only rate a seller when it starts a communication or buys something with them.

Additionally, this feature is very flawed, and you can encounter various technical glitches. So, if you can’t see it even after using the correct combination, you may need to file a complaint with the support team.

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Can you Hide Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot hide the seller ratings on the Facebook Marketplace.

According to Facebook, “You can’t change, delete, remove, or hide your ratings.” This is to make the review as fair as possible and is applicable to both the sellers and buyers.

However, only when you have five ratings on your profile will it be visible to the public. So, your first 5 ratings are invisible to the buyers.


Why can’t I see my ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot see your ratings on the Facebook Marketplace due to technical issues, restrictions because of violation of community guidelines, new accounts with few buyers, and many more.

Remember, it will take up to 14 days for buyer ratings to show up on your profile. Hence, you may need to wait a little longer to see your ratings in some situations.

Are Facebook Marketplace ratings anonymous?

Yes, Facebook Marketplace ratings are anonymous. As per Facebook, “to prevent people from being pressured into giving dishonest ratings, buyer ratings are private.”

Can a Seller modify their ratings on FB Marketplace?

No, a seller can’t modify or edit their ratings on the FB Marketplace under any circumstances.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can easily see your rating on the Facebook Marketplace on a Smartphone or a PC. It will appear in the 5-star rating system where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.

So, you should check them regularly and make adjustments according to your business according to the ratings.

Overall, that’s all you need to know on this subject. Let’s also learn to select a category on Facebook Marketplace if interested.

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