An organized platform with good features is necessary to facilitate transactions on the e-commerce site. Without it, the market will be chaotic and confusing. So, you may see terms like “Available,” “Pending,” “Sold,” etc., on the Facebook Marketplace listing.

Out of them, the “Pending” tag may confuse you as it can have different meanings based on situations.

In general, this tag indicates that the product is not yet available or in the process of being sold.

This is used by a seller to avoid confusing other buyers. If they are genuinely interested, they will keep track of that sale item until it becomes available again.

Anyway, this blog will discuss the meaning of “Pending” on Facebook Marketplace in various situations. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to delete the FB Marketplace listings while at it.

What Does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Pending on the Facebook Marketplace generally means the items are in the process of transaction but haven’t been sold yet.

It is a marking feature available on any online platform. For example, when a product is recently listed, a seller will mark it as “available.” And, when a buyer purchases it, it will marked as “sold.”

However, sometimes, products cannot be sold easily. This is especially the case with vehicles and properties.

In such a case, a buyer may book that product first and look at it later. He may even pay in advance.

However, sometimes, a transaction can get canceled for various reasons. Maybe the product quality is poor, the seller or buyer makes a mistake, the negotiation falls through, etc.

So, until the goods are delivered, it isn’t actually sold. Hence, to denote such situations, a seller will mark something as “Pending” on their listing.

If the deal falls off, it will be marked as “Available” again. Otherwise, it will change to “Sold” status.

Another situation when the “Pending” tag is used by the seller is when the goods aren’t ready.

For instance, a property may have this tag to denote that it isn’t ready for renting purposes.

Anyway, whenever you see such a “Pending” status, you cannot order it and can only keep track until it becomes available again.

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What Does Pending Mean for a Buyer?

The “Pending” tag on a product on FB Marketplace to a buyer indicates that it is not available for order and is in the process of being sold to someone.

Remember, a buyer shouldn’t conclude the “Pending” with “Sold” status. Instead, there is a high chance you can negotiate the price with the seller since the transaction isn’t completed yet.

Furthermore, if you are interested in that item, you can keep track of it and order it once it changes to “Available” status.

What Does Pending Mean for a Seller?

The “Pending” for a seller means the transaction of that item is in process and hasn’t been completed yet.

The incomplete part can be the pending payment, shipment, order verification, or review.

So, though the product is almost sold, there is a chance of failure in between.

Sometimes, a seller may even put a pending pickup time. If buyers cannot pick up their goods at a specific time interval, they will be sold to another one.

Overall, it is a way for the seller to leave a backhand in case the deal goes wrong. Instead of directly showing “sold,” the listing would be marked as “Pending,” giving other buyers the exact transaction status.

Can you Remove an Item from “Pending” Status?

Yes, you can easily remove an item from the “Pending” status on Facebook Marketplace.

You can do this using a Smartphone (Android or iOS) or a PC (Windows or Mac).

To remove such status from a post, you need to mark it as “Available” or “Sold,” depending on your dealings.

If it is an inventory, you can also choose “Out of Stock” or “Mark as in Stock” options.

How to Remove Pending on Facebook Marketplace?

To remove the “Pending” status, first, find your listing on FB Marketplace and click the “Mark as Available” button below it.

This will immediately make your product available to other buyers. Also, remember to relist your listing if seven days have passed.

You can also tap the “Mark as soldbutton if the transaction is successful.

What Happens When a Pending Listing is Sold on Facebook Marketplace?

Pending listing is sold means the transaction of products of a seller with a buyer is completed successfully.

Here are some things that will happen in such a case.

  • The product is completely sold to the buyer, or a contract is executed successfully.
  • Ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer.
  • Seller may remove the “Pending” status and mark it as “Sold.”
  • Other buyers can no longer order that item unless it is restocked.
  • The seller may notify interested buyers about the transactions.

Overall, most of the things depend on the seller’s update once the pending item is sold.


Can I cancel a pending order on the Facebook marketplace?

Yes, you can easily cancel a pending order on the Facebook Marketplace as long as you have a reasonable reason. Once you decide to do so, cancel the payment and delivery or shipping orders, too.

What does pending pickup mean on the Facebook Marketplace?

The pending pickup (PPU) on the Facebook Marketplace means once the buyer picks up that item, it is considered sold. So, if there is a time limit, it will become available to other buyers if it is not picked up within that time frame.

Why does my Marketplace listing say “Mark as sold”?

If your Marketplace listing says “Mark as sold,” it means the item is already sold to another buyer. You can change it to “Available” again if there is stock.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, “Pending” on the Facebook Marketplace means the transaction is in process and isn’t completely sold.

So, there is always a chance of that item being available. If you see it on some items, you can keep track of it or offer a higher price to the buyer to initiate transactions.

Overall, hope this clears up all your confusion. If interested, let’s also learn to select a category on Facebook Marketplace.

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