Sometimes, you will see that the sellers hide their contact info on their listings. In such a scenario, can you see the hidden phone number on the Facebook Marketplace?

You see, it is actually not the seller but Facebook that hides such information. This is to prevent spam and bots from collecting data.

Actually, you should never give your phone number on Facebook Marketplace, whether you are a buyer or seller.

And even when a dealer adds such contact data, Facebook automatically hides them for safety.

So, this blog will teach you to see hidden phone numbers on Facebook Marketplace, along with valuable suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to change the price on FB Marketplace if interested.

Why is the Phone Number Hidden on Facebook Marketplace?

The phone number is hidden on Facebook Marketplace for privacy protection and prevention of the potential misuse of such data. This is mainly done by Facebook itself.

Also, a seller may hide their phone number to avoid spam and unnecessary communication requests.

Instead, they may give their number to only serious buyers. After all, generally, only those who have an interest in the product will request such info. Furthermore, the “hidden information” feature is an excellent way to avoid web-scrapping bots.

Can you See the Hidden Phone Number on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can see the hidden phone number on Facebook Marketplace. You will find this info in the description box of the seller.

The point here is that the information may not be hidden on the different devices and browsers.

So, if you want to view the hidden contact number, you should switch between the application and the browser. You may see the phone numbers in your Chrome browser while it is hidden on the app and vice versa.

Another way to see the concealed number is to use the developer tools. This is helpful when you encounter this case on a PC.

Just use the developer tools to switch into mobile mode and see the secret number.

And if none of the methods are working, you can always directly ask the seller. Let’s understand this better in the next section.

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How to See Hidden Phone Number on Facebook Marketplace?

Though there are many methods to see/find hidden phone numbers on Facebook Marketplace, it may not always work.

Still, try switching between browser and app, using developer tools, or copying the link and opening it on another device.

However, asking the seller directly in the chat is the best possible option. You can simply show interest in their product and ask for contact info for better communication.

So, follow the steps below on your Smartphone (Android or iOS) or a PC (Windows or Mac) to ask for the contact info of a seller in a chat message.

1. First, open your account with credentials on Facebook or the LIte app using your Mobile phone or PC.

2. Next, press the hotdog menu and then the “Marketplace” option on your Smartphone.

For PC, choose the “Marketplace” option from your left panel.

3. After that, locate and open the product or items from the list.

4. Next, tap the “send seller a message” input field below the product image and type your request.

After that, you can press the “Send” button next to it. The seller will immediately receive your request and hopefully give you their phone number.

If you are using a computer or laptop, you will find the “Messagebutton on the right panel. Just click it open and send your request message.

Please remember that whether a seller provides you with their contact info is entirely their wish. If they have a separate business number, they may provide you.

However, you can still engage in transactions via chat if the situation demands. No need for a number in every case.

Note: This is not the same as personal messaging. It will appear in the “Marketplace” section of the seller’s Messenger account. So you’re not sending a personal message here.

Why can’t you See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace for privacy and security reasons.

This is a feature to protect the seller’s info from being misused to avoid scams, hacking, and data stealing.

There are many web-scraping bots that collect your data online. If there is no barrier, your sensitive info may be sold to other companies, and you will see unrelated messages and calls on your number.

Hence, many sellers also only give their phone numbers via Messenger chat. This also helps filter out unnecessary buyers.

Can you View Facebook Marketplace’s Hidden Information?

Yes, you can see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace easily if it is automatically concealed by the platform.

For this, you can switch between the FB app and browser and look at the product info.

Otherwise, go to “” on your computer browser to open the mobile version of your account. This may show such information.

Also, you can use developer tools or copy and paste links to handle this issue.

If none of the methods are working, ask the seller directly. They will reply to you with their contact info if they want.


Should I give a Phone number on the Facebook marketplace?

No, you shouldn’t give your Phone number on the Facebook Marketplace, especially if it’s your personal info. Instead, use the chat feature or purchase a separate business number.

Can I unhide the Phone number myself on the Facebook marketplace?

No, Facebook automatically applies the hidden information feature to the Marketplace. Furthermore, your information may be hidden in one location but not in another. So you can’t unhide your contact information whenever you want.

How to unhide my phone number on a Facebook marketplace post?

You do not have the direct option to unhide your phone number on a Facebook Marketplace post. So, you can instead ask the buyer to contact you on Messenger for such info in your description box. Showing personal details on the public view isn’t a good choice.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is possible to see the hidden phone number on Facebook Marketplace by applying various tricks.

However, you should still ask the seller directly if possible since it is easier this way. You would also convey a sense of curiosity when messaging the concerned person.

Overall, have fun exploring the Marketplace. Let’s also learn to add photos to the Facebook Marketplace listing if interested.

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