Whenever you want to buy something online, you will first look at its ratings and reviews. That will help you gauge the trustworthiness and quality of the product. Hence, every buyer should rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace once the transaction is complete.

Whether it is for accountability, seller integrity, transparency, quality, or to show your suggestion, the rating is necessary.

Only when you apply this yourself during online shopping others will also follow.

This, in turn, will assist you and other buyers in avoiding scams while promoting high-quality products.

So, this article will teach you to rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace, along with a handful of suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to cancel an order on FB Marketplace if interested.

Can you Rate a Seller on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace once you buy something using a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Remember, you can only rate sellers when you buy stuff. Otherwise, you cannot do this action.

This is done to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the buyer and to avoid false ratings.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, the Facebook Marketplace rating system is different.

For instance, your individual review and rating are private, and only the seller can see your rating on the Facebook Marketplace.

However, the overall ratings of a seller are public. It means your rating does have significance as a whole.

Of course, only when a seller receives a minimum of 5 ratings from different buyers will it become visible to the public.

Overall, you can always rate sellers on the FB Marketplace after you buy something from them. However, your rating will not be visible individually but will have an aggregate impact on that seller’s Facebook Marketplace account.

How to Rate Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You can quickly rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace using a Facebook or Lite app or web version.

However, this feature is only available when you buy and pay for something from that seller.

Also, the seller must mark the product according to the transaction process.

For example, generally, you send a message to a seller, make a meetup plan, pay money, and finally buy that item.

So, the seller will mark that item as sold and choose your FB name as the buyer from the list. Only when this process is completed can you start rating that seller.

Now, let’s learn to do that using a Smartphone or a PC below.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step process below on your Android or iOS device to rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace after buying products.

1. First, open the Marketplace conversation with the seller on the Messenger app.

For this, open your Messenger account, tap the hamburger menu from the top left corner, and choose “Marketplace.”

Now, open the chat box with the seller whom you want to rate.

2. Next, look at the notification message on your chat box with the seller to understand your transaction’s status.

Once the transaction is complete, you will see the “[seller name] sold the [item]” message and “marked as paid” in the conversation box.

For example, you may see a message like “Kakashi sold keyboard.”

3. After that, press the “More options” button from the top right corner and choose the “Rate seller” option.

Note: You may not see this option if the transaction isn’t marked as “Sold” or “Paid.”

4. Finally, rate the seller as per your experience and press the “Submitbutton below.

Take everything into consideration, from communication, support, product quality, etc., when rating.

Generally, 5 stars represent excellence, 4 star means good, 3 star means fair, 2 star means poor, and 1 star means very poor.

Also, choose an appropriate message before pressing the “Submit” button.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the steps below on your computer or laptop to rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, open your account on the Facebook web using a desktop web browser.

2. Next, click the “Messageicon from the top right side on your homepage.

3. After that, open the Marketplace chat box with the seller you want to rate.

4. Now, click the “Rate sellerbutton from the upper left corner of that chat box.

You will see this button only when the seller has marked the item as sold and paid according to the actual status of the transaction.

5. Finally, choose a proper star rating and press the “Submitbutton below.

You can also choose one of the reviews from below. This is how you can rate a seller on the FB Marketplace.

Now, the seller can see your rating and review on their account. Likewise, your rating will impact the overall score of that seller.

How to Review a Seller on the Facebook Marketplace?

Giving reviews on the Facebook Marketplace is similar to rating the seller.

To review a seller, first press the “Rate seller” button and give a proper rating. Now, Facebook will automatically show you some review options below.

You can choose one or all of them as per your situation and preference. Finally, press the “Submit” button, and your rating plus review will be updated immediately.

How to See Seller Reviews on the Facebook Marketplace?

To see the seller reviews and ratings on the Facebook Marketplace, you can follow the process below on your Mobile phone or a PC.

1. First, open your conversation with that seller and press the listing from the top.

This will open that listing on the Marketplace page.

Note: If you are on PC, click the “Buying” option on the left panel and open the listing.

2. Next, tap the “Seller Details” option next to the “Seller information” heading.

3. Finally, look at the rating below that person’s username.

Remember, this rating is the average of all the reviews the seller has received from buyers.

How do you Request Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace allows both the seller and buyer to leave ratings to each other.

Generally, a buyer can leave a rating once the item is sold. So, a seller can request in the message for ratings after the transaction is complete.

Likewise, a buyer can also ask for a rating from the seller if it is necessary. However, it is important to keep such scores truthful after analysis.

What Factors to Consider When Rating a Seller?

When rating a seller, you should consider the ease of communication, product/service description, punctuality, seller’s behavior, goods quality, packaging, shipment, support, and other experiences.

Sometimes, honest mistakes from the seller may not deserve the low ratings. At other times, bad communication and support may lower the score even if the items were good.


Why can’t I rate a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace without buying the goods. Also, it can be because of technical errors, location restrictions, or violation of guidelines.

Can I edit or remove my rating and review?

No, you cannot edit or remove your rating and review to the seller once you add it on the FB Marketplace.

How do I find the “Rate Seller” button?

To find the “Rate seller” button, open the conversation box with that seller on your Messenger app.

Now, tap “More details” from the top, and you will find the “Rate seller” option there. Sometimes, it may appear at the top left corner of your chat box (on PC).

Remember, you must buy the item, and the seller must mark it as sold to you to see this option.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can easily rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace after buying the products.

However, do consider everything from communication style to the quality of the product before rating someone. It can help other buyers immensely.

Overall, don’t make the rating system overly sensitive, and enjoy your shopping experience. Let’s also learn more about Facebook Marketplace tips if you have time.

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