When you want to buy something online, you first need to order that item and accept delivery afterward. However, not every transaction is always completed. So, you may need to cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace.

It can be due to a change of heart, disagreement, miscommunication, payment or safety issues, an emergency, etc.

Remember, both seller and buyer can call off an order on the FB Marketplace. However, doing this isn’t a good idea if you are a seller.

There are many adverse effects of unilaterally stopping transactions. It can lead to trust issues among your buyers and lower performance.

Anyway, this article will teach you to cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace whether you are a buyer or a seller. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to see hidden phone numbers on FB Marketplace if interested.

Can you Cancel an Order on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace whether you are a seller or a buyer.

However, you may get confused about canceling an order on FB Marketplace since features are very confusing.

Depending on how you pay, there are two ways to order on FB Marketplace. You can either use the cash-on-delivery approach or the payment checkout option.

The checkout on delivery option is only available in some locations. So, many people buy locally and pay after delivery.

Hence, to delete an order on Facebook Marketplace, you need to remove the meetup plan or your payment process.

Can a Seller Cancel an Order on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, a seller can also cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace if the situation demands.

However, doing this is never a good idea to do since it can affect your seller’s metrics and shipping performance. It also affects your reviews, and you may see your rating on FB Marketplace decreasing.

That’s why asking your buyer to cancel the order from their side is always recommended. Their action will not affect your performance, and you can keep a clean record by doing this.

If you are locally selling products via message using the meetup plan, you can just cancel that meetup plan and inform the buyer by text.

Quick Tip: Sometimes, you may have no reason to ask a buyer to cancel an order. In such cases, you can first ship damaged products, accept your mistakes, and refund the buyer after asking them to cancel the deals. This can help you preserve your seller metrics.

When Can You Cancel a Facebook Marketplace Order?

You can cancel a Facebook Marketplace order when the quality isn’t good, before the payment, disagreement, mistake, duplicate order, emergency, etc.

Whatever reason you have, you should always inform the other party (seller or buyer) before canceling an order. Also, read the refund policy and other terms for better understanding.

How to Cancel the Facebook Maretkpalce Order as Seller?

Generally, you shouldn’t cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace as a seller to keep your performance clear.

However, if it is necessary, you can easily do it in two ways.

If the buyer’s order is cash on delivery, you can simply message about the cancellation with good reason.

Also, delete any meetup plan you have with the buyer. Here’s how you do it.

1. First, find your listings on your profile and click it open.

2. Now, scroll down to the chats section and open the message box with the related person.

3. Finally, send a message about the cancellation of the order and give a good reason.

Also, click the “Update plan” button and then choose “Cancel plan” from below.

Additionally, if the buyer has already paid and is using the checkout option, you can first cancel the shipping order and inform the buyer.

After that, refund the buyer immediately according to the terms and policies.

You will find all these options in your “Selling” or “Your Listing” section. Remember, not every location has this option available on FB Marketplace.

How to Cancel the Facebook Marketplace Order as a Buyer?

To cancel the Facebook Marketplace order as a buyer, follow the step-by-step guide below on a PC (Windows or Mac).

1. First, go to the Marketplace page by clicking its shortcut on the left panel.

2. Next, press the “Buying” option from your left side.

You will now see all your orders in the right panel.

3. After that, click the order you want to cancel and press the “Message again” button from the lower right corner.

4. Finally, message the seller that you want to cancel your order with a plausible reason.

Also, cancel your meetup plan (delivery of the bought item) if you have made one before.

If you want to cancel an already paid order, press the “Payments” option on your Marketplace page. Now, cancel your order or shipping and inform the seller for a refund.

Remember, if your order is already marked as “Shipped,” you cannot cancel the order and demand a refund. So, be quick on your decision.

How to Cancel Pending Orders on the Facebook Marketplace?

A pending order on the Marketplace is easier to cancel since the transactions aren’t completed yet.

Hence, whether you are a buyer or seller, you can simply message them about cancellation. Remember to give a good reason and don’t complicate the process.

If the payment is already made, the seller should refund it immediately. Pending order cancellation always depends on the proper communication between buyer and seller.

What to do if Seller Cancel Order After Payment on the FB Marketplace?

Generally, Facebook manages your payment when you order something with checkout and shipping features.

So, if the seller cancels the order or if the shipping isn’t done within a specific interval, Facebook will issue a refund to you automatically.

If you have issues with a refund or seller, you can also file a complaint to the Facebook Marketplace.


Can you cancel a Facebook Marketplace order before it ships?

Yes, you can always cancel a FB Marketplace order before it ships. Both buyer and seller can cancel it without any cost.

Why was my Facebook Marketplace order canceled?

Your Facebook Marketplace order may get canceled because of payment issues, damaged stock, out-of-stock, communication issues, and other emergencies.

Can I cancel an order after payment on the FB Marketplace?

Yes, you can cancel an order after payment on the FB Marketplace as long as the seller has not shipped the item yet. However, to avoid disputes, you should always read the terms and policies before paying and asking for a refund.

Can I cancel my Facebook Marketplace offer?

Yes, you can easily cancel your Facebook Marketplace offer by giving another offer or by messaging the seller directly.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, both the seller and buyer can cancel an order on the Facebook Marketplace as long as the situation allows.

However, you should always maintain proper communication to avoid disputes. Also, if you are paying beforehand, read the refund terms and message each other about your situation.

Overall, try to keep a healthy transaction environment. While at it, let’s also learn to create a Facebook Marketplace account if you don’t have one.

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