The digital world is advancing pretty aggressively and we’re getting to see new changes and evolvement from time to time leaving us astonished. And in this digital era, Facebook has been recognized as one huge aspect helping to change people’s lives with its various features and updates. Who would’ve thought we could add music to our own Facebook page and buy products through this platform just by having a Marketplace account?

And the crazier part is yet to come as FB is still working on bringing new advancements to make our experiences better. Setting music on a page may seem a nominal thing but it can be one good aspect that can portray your page as a professional one.

Especially, if your page is based on Music or band, no other than this feature can be the best thing for you. So while it is a decent feature with no drawbacks, you must give it a shot.

But if you’ve stumbled just because you have no idea how to set it up, we’ll help you out. In this article, we’ll guide you to put a song on your FB in the most efficient way possible. Also, learn why you can’t add admin to the FB page.

Can you Add Music to your Facebook Page?

Yes, you can add music to your Facebook page. For a good user experience, Facebook offers many other features like adding websites, CTA buttons like the donate button, shop button, and even WhatsApp button. However, the platform will not let you add a song video to your FB page.

If your business page is based on music or band, this feature is a crucial thing to set. You can change the song on your page weekly and offer a vibe to your fans/audience like no other page.

The best part about this feature is that it’s not as hard as checking page quality and linking social media like TikTok and Pinterest. Setting up this feature can really make your page a unique one. Besides just that, you can also add music to your reels, and story posts.

Not only that but it’ll also showcase your page as a professional page. While this feature is still available and as easy as walking in the park to set up, you must try it without giving it a second thought. It’s like adding an email and bio to the FB page.

However, you should remember that it is only possible for you to set this feature on your FB with a mobile phone. Facebook doesn’t allow you to put a song to your page using a Laptop(Windows or Mac).

How to Add Music to your Facebook Page?

Setting up music on your Facebook page using a mobile phone is a simple task. However, you may have issues while adding music using a PC because it doesn’t allow you. You can only set this feature by using a smartphone.

So, in this section, we’ll teach you how to put a song on your Facebook page by using a mobile phone in the easiest way possible.

On Mobile App

To add music to your Facebook Page using a mobile phone, follow the guidance below step-by-step:

1. Log into your account after opening the Facebook application.

2. From the top right corner, click on the three horizontal lines.

3. Switch to the right page.

How to add music to your Facebook page

4. Then, go to your page’s profile.

5. Click on About right beside Posts.

How to add music to your Facebook page

6. Now, swipe down with a little and click on Add from the Music section.

7. Browse any music based on your preference from the search bar.

8. Click on the right song From the available song lists with similar names.

With that done, that specific music will be added to your Facebook page.

Can you Add Music to a Video on a Facebook Page?

No, you cannot add music to the video on your Facebook page. Apart from that, you also cannot put a song while uploading a video as a post on your FB page.

You can only put or set a song to your reel video or story video on your page. And yeah, it can be only done using a smartphone.

And not only in FB pages, it is the same for groups and those with normal accounts.

But if we look at Insta which Meta also owns, we have access to add music on both photo and video posts. Thus, we can assume that FB will also enable this feature soon in the upcoming days.

Why Can’t you Add Music to your Facebook Page?

It’s not that you can’t add music to your Facebook page, you can. And no one can restrict you from doing so, not even the platform itself. It’s because adding this feature is the built-in feature of FB.

It’s just that you can put a song on your page with the help of a computer. Other than that, you can easily set this feature whether you’re using an Android mobile phone, phone, or iPad.

But if the device is not your issue, it may be because of some technical error or bugs. For that, make sure to check for the updates frequently in the Play Store or App Store.

Apart from that, an unstable network connection can also interrupt you while putting a song on your FB page.


Can I put my own music to the Facebook business page?

No, you cannot put your own music on your Facebook business page until it’s available in the browsing area. You can only put those songs that are available in there.

Can I add music to Facebook reels on the business page?

Yes, you can add music to Facebook reels on the business page. However, you must only use a mobile phone to set this feature because you cannot do it by using a PC.

Can I post music on Facebook page using a desktop?

No, you cannot post music on your Facebook page using a desktop. However, there’s an alternative way that you can choose i.e. you can use your mobile phone to post music on your Facebook page.


With all that said, you can add music to your Facebook page and it’s easy enough to be done with a few clicks on the screen. Not only that but, you can also put songs to your stories and reels apart from just a page.

However, you cannot add this feature by using a PC. This is the only drawback of this feature. Besides that, it plays a crucial role in sprinkling a pure and mesmerizing vibe to your page.

You can set music anywhere using a smartphone except for video posts. So, give it a try and enjoy. If you’ve spare time, also learn to change the FB page category.

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