Website navigation has become an important component in UX as it could help or upset your clients’ site commitment. It resembles the base of your home. On the off chance that a foundation plan is fizzled, you put your structure in danger of breakdown. Navigation can shift so much between websites, there are no set directions or how-to’s for organizing it. Menus are an important component in UI structuring. Of late, the concept of full-screen menu navigation has been utilized as an inclining plan. Be that as it may, for the moderate sort of webpage’s, this sort of menu navigation has been the purpose of attraction. So in this article, we have a top collection of JavaScript/JS Fullscreen/ Full screen navigation menu examples like Overlay, Hamburger and more.

The essential rule in any menu planning is posting down the options you need. Some websites like magazine websites need to deal with different categories and sub-menus.

You must be able to put something catchy, mainly in the frontend part! Though for a basic business website or personal website, only a solitary horizontal menu bar will carry out the responsibility.

Regardless of for what reason you are making a menu plan, there will be a structure inspiration for you on this rundown. Ensure you check them all.

Collection of JavaScript Fullscreen Menu Design Examples with Source Code

It is in every case great to have changes or attempt new things in business. That is the reason website specialists are presently attempting to include these new thoughts of the JavaScript Full-Screen menu in their planning procedures.

Aside from incredible looks, these new systems must have enough functionality. Clients ought not to feel any sort of challenge in utilizing them.


Without further ado, we present a progression of glittering exampled including finely tuned JavaScript Fullscreen Menus.

1. Full Width JavaScript Menu SVG Animation

JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples

The developer of this menu has given you a completely functional menu plan concept. By causing a couple of changes you to can utilize this menu straightaway on your website.

This colorful menu configuration is the best for portfolio websites and for any website with innovative structure. The developer has followed the cutting edge configuration slants in this menu structure.

Texts are a la mode with cool fonts, bright colors, wonderful and slick animation impacts. Most recent frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3 utilizes in this menu plan. So you can get the most recent structure and colors this menu.


2. JS Full Screen Hamburger Mobile Navigation Menu Optimized

JavaScript Full Screen Menu optimized examples

While moving components and animation from a big screen to a portable screen, we need to bargain a great deal. To stay away from these trade-off in highlight and structure, the designers attempt to utilize a general plan which can be utilized effectively in all screen sizes.

Utilizing full-screen versatile menu is one such structure, which works consummately on PCs, phones, and tablets. In this plan, the developer has utilized a hamburger style menu which opens in a colorful window.

The default configuration still slacks fluid transition, this may be something you need to work with this plan.


3. JS Another Full Screen Hamburger Navigation Menu Concept Example

Another JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples

Another Full Screen Menu Concept is a basic and practically pertinent menu plan. The menu opens in a full-page with smooth animation impacts. To show the menu options that the clients are associating, hover impacts are present.

Since the plan is exceptionally basic you can undoubtedly utilize this one on a website. Both the folding and unfolding animations are smooth in this plan.

There is a lot of room in this full-page menu plan, which you can use to include other components like social media profile links. The plan, as well as the code structure of this model, is kept basic for simpler customizations.


4. JavaScript Fullscreen Menu Example

JavaScript FullScreen menu example

JavaScript Fullscreen Menu is a perfect and exquisite looking navigation menu structure. The straightforward idea of this structure makes it an ideal fit for a wide range of websites. Additionally, the menu opens in a full window so that the clients can without much of a stretch select their option.

This flexible structure can be applied to both desktop and versatile version. A hover animation to show the interaction with menu options is an addition to the design.

If you want to close the menu, simply click the cross icon.


5. JS Full screen Hamburger navigation Menu Flexbox

JavaScript Full Screen Menu flexbox examples

This is a full-screen JavaScript menu created by Marcus Hall, a CodePen client. The website page looks amazingly straightforward as there’s only one menu icon on the page and that’s it.

On tapping the menu icon, the menus show up in full-screen. As the menus are shown in full-screen, it gets simpler for the client to work with them. The client can close this menu window by tapping the cross icon.

On top of the menus, there’s a space for a little image. So you can put your organization logo or some other image there.

As the menus open in full-screen, the client doesn’t get diverted by anything and can concentrate on the menus.


6. JS Full screen Hamburger Navigation Menu Toggle Code Snippet

JavaScript Full Screen Menu toggle code examples

Nicolás J Engler made this design with HTML, CSS, and JS. Albeit straightforward, it functions perfectly and smoothly. Sometimes, it is simpler for website crowds to utilize easier icons where they can discover what they are searching for without any issue.

You can discover this menu at the top left of the screen. You can signify four categories. Just by tapping the rundown, the categories will show up. The background color is black and the text is white, which makes it simpler for the crowd to see the titles unmistakably.


7. Fullscreen Web Menu with Flexbox & jQuery

Fullscreen web menu with flexbox and jquery

Veronika planned this menu using Jquery. From its name ‘fullscreen menu’ it the categories will consume the whole page. It’s not a major issue in the event that all the critical functions of the blog are masterminded inside the gatherings.

You can see five menu categories in a horizontal way. Just below the menu, you can see social media icons. In the event that you need to close the menu, click the X button on the right side of the page.


8. Off-Canvas Menu FullScreen Design

Off canvas menu

If you love the off-canvas menu sway, then this structure will be an inquisitive one for you. In this structure model, the developer has given us distinctive off-canvas menu impacts.

Two sorts of off-canvas menu configuration impacts are given in this set. All of the effects are smooth and clean which you can use in a wide scope of professional websites.

Also, a nitty-gritty tutorial and code bit are granted to you by the developer, along these lines you can work adequately with this arrangement.


9. JS Simple Full screen Navigation Hamburger Menu Examples with Source Code

JavaScript Full Screen navigation Menu examples

Express your eaterie’s personality through an alluring menu card and make an extraordinary brand image in your customers’ brains. To do this effectively, utilize this Fullscreen Nav Menu. It is uniquely intended for a level menu presentation.

It incorporates three menu items. Also, a proper hover effect is seen when you place the mouse over them. So what are you waiting for? Get this menu mockup now and have a legitimate review of how your plan would look on a menu card.


10. JavaScript Zoom-in FullScreen Overlay Menu/Message

Zoom-in Overlay Menu/Message

As the name refers to JavaScript Zoom-in Fullscreen Overlay Menu/Message, you can see how the texts zooms in and the background fades giving the user a depth effect. As said there are no menus in the design. Only a message is present. But with some customization, you can replace those messages with menu items.

The developer has used both CSS3 and Javascript in this design, based on the code structure you follow, you can trim the code.


11. JavaScript Menu Fullscreen HTML CSS Code

JavaScript Full Screen Menu HTML CSS examples

With this staggering Fullscreen menu animation, we can see the text turn into a different shade when you hover over it. The demo shows you the text being utilized as a navigation menu however you can utilize it for anything that you put your psyche to.

Since this is a fullscreen menu, the menu covers the whole page. It was made by the gifted Felipe Espinoza.


12. Flex Full Screen Navigation Menu Js Code Snippet

Flex JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples

You will cherish the concept of this menu. Simply click over the hamburger menu and every one of the categories will show up. Just have a look at how the menu shows up. You will spare yourself from clicking various icons to get where you need to go.

Camden Foucht made the codes for this menu. There are five items under this menu. A flashy effect is seen while you hover on the menus.

In case you’re going to cause the categories to vanish, hover your mouse away from the rundown. The navigation is truly simple, and the visitors will have a ton of fun playing with it.


13. Simple JS Full Screen Navigation Menu

Simple JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples

The developer has given us an intense-looking menu plan. Typographies has become a piece of the cutting edge website architectures; they make the contents simple to peruse as well as gives a rich one of a kind look to the plan.

In the event that you are utilizing typographic designs, then this menu configuration will dazzle you.

The menu options are caused greater and bolder so that the client can without much of a stretch collaborate with it. Hover impacts are also utilized sagaciously to show the chose menu option.


14. Awesome Fullscreen Navigation Menu

Awesome JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples

This is another awesome menu structure concept. In spite of the fact that it is a vivified menu concept, the creator has kept up the recognizable look of the hamburger menu, so the clients will think that its simple to associate with this menu structure.

As this is a fullscreen navigation menu example, you can also see the footer below. Address and social icons are also present in the footer part. To make this animation smooth and fluid, the creator has also utilized a couple of lines of javascript in this menu model.


15. Another JS Fullscreen Menu with Hover Effect

JavaScript Full Screen Menu examples with hover effect

This kind of navigation menu is getting very famous among current versatile applications. In the event that you need to show more than one menu option to the client, the developer utilizes this structure along with the ordinary hamburger menu plan.

For many cases, the pull-down menu is the acceptable option. To show the menu that is highlighted to the client, a large green box is utilized. Whenever you click on a specific menu category, the user will be directed to that same page.


16. Hamburger Fullscreen Menu Example

Fullscreen Menu Example

In the event that you are the one who is searching for a full-page menu, this would be a fantastic option for you. As you explore the hamburger icon, the category will show up on the whole screen. It isn’t a bother in any case; a client can discover the category he is searching for just by tapping the icon. In the event that you need to close the menu, click X, and you will return to the original page.

Besides the basic plan of the menu, it can be explored effectively. Great navigation and basic structure can work together. It will improve the function of your website, the manner in which you need it to be.


17. Fullscreen Menu with jQuery and Flexbox

Fullscreen Menu with jQuery and Flexbox

From its name ‘fullscreen menu’ it the categories will consume the entire page. It’s not a major issue if all the critical functions of the blog are engineered inside the gatherings. Rich Wertz created this design.

You can see five menu categories in a horizontal manner. Just underneath the menu, you can see social media icons. If you have to close the menu, click the X button at the right half of the page.


18. Animated Full Screen Menu

Animated Full Screen Menu

This is an inventive full-page menu structure that uses the animation perfectly. Main navigation menu options are made greater and bolder. Background images are utilized as well to offer a visual reprieve.

Hover impacts are kept negligible and give a professional touch to the menu plan. Since the default menu configuration utilizes a dark theme, the colors and the impacts are obviously noticeable.


19. Real Fullscreen Navigation Menu

Real Fullscreen Navigation Menu

Fullscreen Navigation Menu configuration is an inventive style menu option. This layout won’t fit for a wide range of websites. The format follows totally one of a kind plan. Rather than utilizing a traditional menu layout, the menu options are shown straight away in the general screen.

The menus are present in four different columns of the page. The red background changes to white on hover. In this kind of format, the enhanced visualizations assume the key job than the structure. The animation impacts on this format are spotless, basic and intuitive.


20. JavaScript Velocity.js Fullscreen Flexbox Overlay Menu

JavaScript Velocity.js Flexbox Overlay Menu

JavaScript Fullscreen Flexbox Overlay Menu is a colorful level website menu layout. In the event that your site only spotlights on not many of your pages and the administrations offer this website menu configuration can support you.

It is one of a kind website menu layout which you can’t utilize or see on may websites. The concept behind this layout is stunning and also innovative. The utilization of structure color makes this layout more adorable.

This sort of menu navigation best suits personal website formats, where you can advance you when the clients land on your site and from the options given underneath they will become more acquainted with more about you in an intelligent manner.


21. Fullscreen Animated Navigation Design

Animated Navigation Design

As the name infers, this one is also a full-page navigation menu plan. The developer has taken a more handy structure concept in this menu plan. So you can utilize this menu in a wide range of websites with a hamburger style menu option.

This menu configuration is lighter than the past Full-Width Menu and SVG Animation menu configuration mentioned previously.

The developer has utilized only JS and CSS3 codings to manufacture this lovely menu. In view of your prerequisite, you can go for the menu plan that suits you.


22. JavaScript Fullscreen Flexbox Overlay Navigation Menu

Overlay Navigation Menu

Do you remember the design we talked about at number 20? This is the same as that one. The functionality of both of the designs is the same. Just the difference is the way that the menu shows up. In the previous one, the menu slides from the left whereas in this one the menu slides up from the top.

The enhanced visualizations are sharp and fast, it doesn’t keep the client waiting for the animation to finish.

Along with the demo, a bit by bit intelligent demo of how this menu style working is also given. First off, this demo will be exceptionally useful.


23. Fullscreen Grid Navigation Menu

Grid Navigation Menu

This layout is really a collection of animation impacts you can use in the website menu format. Whether you stick to traditional top bar navigation or sticky navigation bar, these little animation impacts will flavor up your general website architecture.

This website menu animation impact incorporates four animation impacts. Also, the code to make all the four is present to you on their page. Talking about the coding, this very much coded format utilizes present-day CSSand bit of JS frameworks.

The final product is, the special visualizations are perfect and straightforward so that they can be utilized in a websites.


24. JavaScript Accessible Fullscreen Overlay Menu

Accessible Fullscreen Overlay Menu

JavaScript Accessible Fullscreen Overlay Menu is an intuitive and present-day website menu format. Also, the plus icon is at the top left which opens up the content at the center. Along with that, the icon turns into a cross icon.

In the demo version, the format is utilized for the full-page layout. This format is in a total working condition, so you can get a total generally speaking thought of the plan and how it works by taking a gander at the demo itself.

This layout also utilizes HTML5, CSS3 and the Javascript framework.


25. Quick And Easy Fullscreen Menu

Quick And Easy Fullscreen Menu

Quick And Easy Fullscreen Menu utilize an innovative style of the website menu plan. Rather than a traditional top bar menu navigation, this format utilizes the top hamburger navigation menu. On tapping the hamburger icons the website menu takes up the whole page by sliding from the top.

So as to reject the menu, you need to go as far as possible up. Structure savvy this also is a noteworthy layout, yet client experience astute this format isn’t the best plan.


26. Fullscreen Hamburger Menu Js Code Snippet

Fullscreen Hamburger Menu Js

This is another extraordinary method to execute the CSS hamburger menu onto your site and the inventive viewpoint to it makes certain to get your site to the following level.

So it begins as a basic content filled website with a round icon on the top with the hamburger icon as the menu. Entirely responsive with each gadget screen size, this format is perfect for a website whether professional or personal.

The icon when tapped on utilizes the CSS animation code to expand while uncovering the menu options. Indeed, even the icon is coded such that it turns while transitioning it’s shape to a cross icon when tapped on.


27. Animated Simple Menu Full Page

Animated Simple Menu Full Page

Animated Simple Menu Full Page is a vertical hamburger style based menu format. As soon as you click on the icon, the menu appears vertically. A proper hover effect is for the design to show which menu is being highlighted.

By making little changes to the fonts of the menu you can make this layout fit in your website format. This website menu style best suits for engaging and exciting layouts like occasion website formats and music website formats.


28. Fullscreen Navigation Concept

Fullscreen Navigation Concept

On the off chance that a pretty attractive, lively and productive structure is the thing that you are searching for, then this hamburger menu CSS configuration is most likely one for you.

It begins as a straightforward plain background interface with simply the hamburger icon on the top. Utilizing the overlay impact, when tapped on the icon, the entire interface transitions into a colorful slope menu option.

The hamburger icon to morphs into an exit button which restores the interface to its original phase. It is also completely responsive and outwardly significant.


29. Amazing JS Fullscreen Menu Concept

Amazing JS Fullscreen Menu Concept

Presently this is a more straightforward and insignificant plan for a perfect and professional touch to any of your sites. The hamburger icon is put together off with respect to material plan to radiate a practical vibe.

The extraordinary thing here is that the icon highlights both hover and snap impact. The horizontal lines come gets equivalent on hover, and the menu expands to uncover the options when tapped on.

Another slight addition here is the shape transition from the hamburger icon to a cross while the remainder of the background changes totally.

Depending on the most part of CSS, HTML, and JS, this sure is an incredible method to keep things intriguing for your clients.


30. Full Screen Website Navigation Menu with Source Code

Full Screen Website Menu Source Code

This is one of the most fascinating Full Screen Website Menu CSS that you can discover. It loads up with remarkable highlights and animations that are quite helpful and engaging to utilize.

Initially, the Hamburger Menu CSS Only resembles some other hamburger menu button. Be that as it may, once you click on it, a wide range of exciting things begin to occur on your website.

It has a combination of images, texts, animation, and transitions with which you can do a great deal for your website. We are certain that you will like this hamburger menu CSS for your website without a doubt.


31. Sliding Full Screen Menu Panels

Sliding Full Screen Menu Panels

In the design, you can see four different columns separated by a thin line. The menu button is present in the top right with a round corner. On click, the panels slide to the left to show the menu. Fading transition utilizes for the menu. Also, the background changes from white to dark when the menu shows up.

Likewise to close the menu, simply click on the rounded corner button in the right.


32. JS Full Screen Navigation Main Menu Website Examples

JS Full Screen Navigation hamburger Main Menu Website Examples

Mike koro structured this full screen menu style. He utilizes CSS transitions and JS to make it. As should be obvious from the image, it is basic. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you see beyond the image, it will give a superior navigation experience for clients.

Snap the hamburger menu button, and categories will show up. You can tap the X icon on the off chance that you need to expel the categories. This is a portable neighborly structure yet can also accessible for navigation through a desktop.

The unbiased color of the menu makes it fit for any theme of your blog or websites. It doesn’t cover other contents of the site, and that is a + for your crowd or blog visitor.


33. JavaScript Overlay Fullscreen Menu with Hero Effect

JavaScript Overlay FullScreen Menu with Hero Effect

This is another hover animation model for menu options. As you can see, this model uses line menu style. A full-page menu is present in the design. On the left, a hamburger icon is present. And on the right side, social icons are present.

Whenever you click on the hamburger icon, you can see the menu that shows up. On hover, the menu also gets crossed with a straight line. The animation impacts are basic and perfect so you can utilize this line menu style in a wide range of professional websites without any hesitation.


34. JS Simple And Cool Full screen Hamburger Navigation Menu

Simple And Cool Navigation Menu Animation

This menu configuration gives you inspiration for hover impacts. The creator of this menu has utilized basic yet compelling animation in this one. You can utilize this animation all things considered on a music website and on any website. Also, the underline effect is present on hover. To collapse the menu, simply click the cross icon.

Impacts kept smooth and basic so that the client will see them effectively. This impact best suits for primary menu options, in the event that you are wanting to give sub-menu options, you may need to change this menu structure a bit.


35. JavaScript Fullscreen Overlay Menu Code Snippet

FullScreen Overlay Menu

Flo made this JavaScript Hamburger FullScreen overlay menu style. In only one tick, you’ll also see every one of the categories – even the categories under these principle categories.

This sort of menu is organized at this point straightforward. Every one of the things you need are in a solitary button. It is a bit of leeway for visitors who are searching for a particular thing.

In Loncarek style, you will see that he made various menus which is simpler for a client to narrow down the categories they are looking for. He utilized CSS HTML and jQuery to do this icon. Also, the color is unbiased, which makes it simpler to peruse on.



So being a website specialist, your first priority is to remember the most extreme content for your page utilizing least space. Better believe it overall that ought to be appealing and simple to bargain for clients.

So as opposed to getting a corner of the page with every one of the menus you have, giving full screen menu navigation will be better though. Of late, when you realize that even will make things alluring then there’s no reason for picking some other options. Is there?

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