As we have been dealing with designed history, we could be familiar with the fact that menu navigation occupies only a corner. But for the small pages or one-page browsing site, making space for such a menu had been a problem. So lately, the concept of full screen overlay menu navigation has been used as a trending design. But the concept may not go well with big pages like Amazon with extremely large categories of the menu bar. But for the moderate kind of webpage’s, this kind of menu navigation has been a point of attraction.

With a click in the header button, the user will be able to view the menu navigation. It then covers the entire page you dealing with. Then shows you can freely scroll over the menus, this could rather be made attractive with a ripple effect, color effect and even some animation. Well, adding these effects it all upon your choice and creativity.

Full Screen Overlay Menu Navigation Design Examples with Source Code

Although being the newer trend, CodePen including some other sites as well have already been forward with many of such menu navigation. So choosing one among many may be something that can take time and effort. That is why; we claim that the list below shall be useful for you.

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1. SVG Shape Overlays Examples

SVG Shape Overlays

This has the complete package of full-page navigation with animation and ripple effects. This GitHub product is attractive and light-weighted.

We you have a overlook over demo you can see that it is really cool and attractive.

Download | Demo

2. Full Screen Overlay Menu

Full Screen Overlay Menu

It has the codes of HTML, CSS and JS over codepen. It is flexible with its size and color. You can easily extend the menus and add other effects on your own will.

This is the pen created by Kabir shah. Though it is less attractive as SVG, this is well known for its simplicity.

Demo and Code

3. Full Screen Overlay

Full Screen Overlay

This one looks like the full screen overlay menu in so much of aspect but gives space for some figures and social media options.

It is also coded in all three forms i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript by Entries. It is also light weighted and flexible.

Source Code

4. Overlay Nav Code Snippet

Overlay Nav

This is also a CodePen code by Angela. It is longer than compared to other sites so gives you a better addition of effects. It adds border, color fading, opacity and visibility and animation.

So allows a better manipulation with coding make it a lot flexible.
Source Code

5. Full-Screen Nav Design Example

Full Screen Nav

This is the GitHub code for full-screen overlay menu navigation. It could be easily downloaded and added to your webpage. The display is simple and elegant.

It also includes the ripple effect and comes in ready to use forms including an attachment with an initial page. The things that could be easily manipulated are types of animation and display.

Download | Demo

6. Overlay Style and Effects

Overlay Style and Effects

This is also the GitHub code like full screen navigation. The best part of this one is the larger number of effects it gives for appearance.

The fade in color, shapes and size can easily be manipulated. Although, this is not as flexible as those given by CodePen.

Code Demo

7. Flexbox Overlay Navigation

Flexbox Overlay Navigation

This menu navigation over CodePen was created by Mirko Zoric. It is well coded in HTML, CSS, and JS.

Above all menus, it adds a beautiful background image that can be changed based on your choice. It is lightweight and responsible.

View Code

8. Animated Overlay Menu

Animated Overlay Menu

This one is also a simple full page menu navigation by Faisal Saeed. It differs from other CodePen creation if having tabulated form of menu bar.

This tabulated form gives a unique look and is efficient. It is also flexible and can easily be manipulated as your will.

Source Code

9. Overlay Menu with Source Code

Overlay Menu

This CodePen by Georgios Tsirigos is only in HTML and CSS. It is best when you have large number of menu list as it adds a search button automatically.

It also gives link of menu navigation your with initial page of your webpage unlike some other CodePen creation.

View Code

10. Responsive Overlay Navigation

Responsive Overlay Navigation

Not only the menu bar navigation, but this one gives you certain item of your initial page as well. So this can be called a full package for your webpage.

It is a flexible, full screen and coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by Mario Loncarek.

Demo and Code

11. jQuery FatNav Design

jQuery FatNav

Code | Demo

12. Accessible Overlay Menu

Accessible Overlay Menu

Demo and Code

13. Overlay Menu Mobile

Overlay Menu Mobile



Being a web designer, your first priority is to include maximum content on your page using minimum space. Yeah above all that should be attractive and easy to deal for users. So instead of getting a corner of page with all the menus you have, providing full page overlay navigation will be better idea.

Lately, when you know that even shall make things attractive then there’s no point in choosing some other options. Is there?

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