Search boxes and bars are basic components on each website. Depending on any undertaking the clients are involved, this can be one of the most basic parts. This straightforward expansion to any website can improve the UI of any website improving client experience overall. You can, as a rule, find these on the navigation bars or header menus unmistakable and now and again covered up. In addition to the fact that this makes things easier to understand and congenial permits site-wide navigation with a straightforward snap. So today in this article, we will discuss the top and best example of Search Bar and Search box example using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JS which can fit for any of your website design. You can use these JS Search form for free and customize them later accordingly.

What’s more, on the off chance that you are in search of the ideal method to actualize inventive search boxes onto your site, at that point you are at the right spot. While you are busy, why not include that style of offer with interesting designs? Today we have attempted to make a rundown of the most ideal HTML search boxes including choices for enlivened, straightforward, sharp, and then some.

Every one of these we have referenced beneath includes demo pictures and furthermore a link to their code pieces. Regardless of whether you need to get a head start to your own custom design or essentially looking for completely made bars and boxes, you will get everything.

JavaScript Search Box Design Examples with Source Code

Search furnishes clients with a straightforward method to find what they’re looking for and can be invaluable on content-substantial destinations. Subsequently, it merits taking some additional opportunity to guarantee that your search territory is alluring, recognizable and simple to-utilize.


So right away, how about we get onto the listing.

1. Animated JavaScript Search Box Example

JavaScript/JS Search box

Starting off straightforward and clean, this is a design that makes certain to keep things exquisite and minimal. It begins as a straightforward search icon that grows to uncover the space to enter your search. The handle likewise advances into a leave button which returns the search box into it’s original position.

This is by all accounts sufficiently basic at the same time, the code structures with CSS, HTML and JS is amazing and progressed. It is likewise responsive which implies that this search box design alters according to the distinctive screen size.


2. JS Search Box Animation Code Snippet

JavaScript/JS Search box Animation

Animation is constantly a treat. Here we have the ubiquitous magnifying glass icon that, when clicked, transforms into a full search bar. Clicking on the “X” sends the entire thing starting over from the beginning. This could be a pleasant answer for littler screens in that you can just hide the field when not in use.


3. SVG Search Icon Box Toogle Transition And Underline Focus

SVG JavaScript/JS Search box

This example offers comparative usefulness to the one above. Instead of having a full border to show the bar, this one just uses an underline. Click anywhere outside and you will be directed to the original state.

This might be a moderately little thing, however it could give a lift with regards to ease of use. Again, a possibly strong decision for squeezed spaces.


4. Expanding Search Bar Design with jQuery

Expanding JavaScript/JS Search box

This is another animation impact for the search boxes. On clicking over the ‘Go’ button, it easily expandinto a search box. The animation impact takes just a couple of screen space subsequently you can press it in any piece of the website.

Click anywhere else other than the search field and then you can only see the button. The developer has shared the code in the CodePen editor, henceforth you can have a superior hands-on involvement in the code.


5. JS Search Form Concept with Different Options

JavaScript/JS Search box Concept

There might be times when clients need to search just explicit territories of your site. While a custom search isn’t actually another idea, it hasn’t generally been that outwardly appealing of a procedure.

That is the thing that makes this custom JS search form so smooth. It sports a progression of icons, each representing an alternate zone where a search can be performed. The client just snaps which territory they need to search simple!


6. Material Design JS Fullscreen Search Form Transition

Material Design JavaScript/JS Search box

Google’s Material Design is being utilized a lot nowadays. So it’s just characteristic that the design language be applied to search also. It’s likewise decent that, once clicked, this search field assumes control over the whole screen.

This permits clients to concentrate exclusively on their search and, with a little work, designers might add other related information to the showcase.


7. Simple Animation Search Bar JavaScript Example

Simple JavaScript/JS Search box

A design by Milan Milosev, this is another stunning example to get things appealing and mesmerizing for the clients. The straightforward icon energized with CSS and JS, and designed with HTML, the general structure is very clever. Orange and white as the shading palette additionally jump out additional to the watcher’s eyes. Indeed, even the animation is very interesting fundamentally.

The search icon or the magnifying glass separates itself forming a totally new component. The handle transforms into a cross while the circle at that point changes itself to a round-edged box where the clients can type in their searches. When tapped on again, both these parts come back to their original state


8. JavaScript Search Box Move to Fixed Header

JavaScript/JS Search box Fixed Header

On cell phones, clients might be in for a mess of scrolling. In any case, on the off chance that they can’t find what they’re looking for, it regularly implies that they’ll need to go right back to the site’s header in request to perform a search.

Here we have a “sticky” search bar that will connect itself to the top of the screen as you look down the page. This convenient component can make life that a lot simpler for clients.


9. Expanding Search Text Box/button Web Code Snippet

Expanding JavaScript/JS Search box web

The creator of this design has really made this for text input fields, however it fits for search box designs too. In this example likewise the animation impacts are utilized to make a novel search box. Click on the search icon to expand it into a full search bar.

Since it is an idea model, it has a couple of imperfections which you have to fix before using it on your website.


10. Awesome Animated Search Form JS Design Concept

Awesome JavaScript/JS Search box

This design is certainly one to speak to the clients. With the interesting shading palette, the creator has executed extraordinary ideas to get this marvelous outcome. What’s more, the shading isn’t the main appealing factor here. Using JS, the search form executes awesome animations in an interesting and innovative way. The adjusted square to designate the search bar develops snap to uncover the entire structure.

It likewise transforms from a square to a hover in a smooth change. Exit or cross icon which shows up nearby the development additionally comes in and out of the presentation. Certainly exceptional, this makes certain to connect with your clients in quite a few different ways.


11. JS Header Search Form In Web Menu

JavaScript/JS Header Search box

In the event that you are looking for something more less difficult and expert as opposed to too a lot of distracting components, at that point this example of JS Search form is the perfect thing for you. What’s more, the incredible thing here is that the creators has made numerous alternatives to look over also.

Combining CSS, HTML and furthermore JS for smooth performing progress, these examples execute an alternate development and animation. From slide down impact to replacing the entire menu to show the search box, you can settle on anybody from the listing here.


12. CSS3 SearchBox with On-focus SuggestionBox

CSS3 JavaScript/JS Search box

In this design, the designer has given us 4 sets of Search box. All 4 of them differs in color. Simply click over the field and the suggestion will appears out with a drop down impact. Shadow and depth effect utilizes in the design perfectly to distinguish the search boxes from the background.

Since this is a demo version, so you do not get any hover effects for the suggestion, but you can add it in no time.


13. JS Animated Search Box with Source Code

Animated JavaScript/JS Search box with source code

This is another variety of search button design that utilizes the classing shape change impact. With a dynamic and eye-catching foundation, the search button icon is set in the middle. When tapped on, ana animation shows up and the icon changes into a single line where you can type in your search.

Smart with the animation, the structure depends totally on the CSS, HTML and JS for the general final product. You also have a cross icon at the top right to close the search bar.


14. JavaScript Website Search Box Design Animation

JavaScript/JS Website Search box

Presently this search box is one that is certainly innovative and stand-out. While the nuts and bolts and the preliminary is equivalent to some other, it varies in different visual viewpoints. The striking shading palette stands apart the most in an appealing way. With an intense foundation and a highly contrasting icon in the inside, it will stand apart on your site also.

When clicked over, the icon grows to uncover the text holder where you can type in your search. A cross icon likewise is present to close the search bar.


15. HTML Icons Search Bar With CSS and JavaScript

HTML Icons SearchBar

This is one of the most useful Search bar example in this rundown. Here, you get a list of icons with its specific name. Also a search bar is present at the top. The border likewise gets animated when you click over the search bar.

As soon as you start to type on the search box, the icons shows up depending upon what you write. Not understandable? For instance, if you just type a letter ‘S’, then all the icons which has letter ‘S’ in it shows up and the rest is not seen.


16. Header Search Form Bar with Notification, Message

Header SearchBar

As this collection is all about Search boxes, this design more focus on the dropdown impact. On the header part, a search bar is at the left and after that a bell icon is present. As you click on the bell icon, a dropdown impact is seen. You can see much of this icon to showcase the notification.


17. Flat CSS JS Search Box Concept Loading Animation

Flat CSS JS SearchBox

This is another extraordinary search box you can use on your site. It includes a basic search icon and a place to enter your text. The search bar executes a basic shading progress when drifted over. What’s more, when tapped on, it changes into a loading animation.

Generally speaking, a quite basic, and expert looking search box or bar example for your website design, it depends completely on HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript/JS.


18. Awesome JavaScript Search Bar with Source Code

Awesome JavaScript SearchBar

If you use iphone, you can relate this search icon for sure. The search icon is present at the right side which glows a little on hover. On hover, the icon shifts to the left and a full search bar is seen with a cross icon at the end.

On clicking the cross icon, it again changes into the original state.


19. JavaScript Bouncy Website Search Box with Animation Effect And Border

JavaScript Bouncy Website SearchBox

A vivified Bouncy Website Search Box or Bar example, this is an a la mode and formidable choice using simply straightforward CSS, JS/JavaScript and HTML has figured out how to include all the appealing animations, impacts and components successfully.

Starting out with a search icon which on click changes into a full search box taking the icon to the end. The shading plan in the background spotless and eye-catching factor. The text Search designated to feature the text territory is additionally supplanted when the clients type in their inquiry.


20. Fancy Search Box Using SVG + CSS + jQuery

Fancy SearchBox

Presently similarly as the name says, this is a really fancy, sharp and restless design of search box that will without a doubt leave anybody intrigued. Sponsored up with a purple gradient foundation, the box is enlivened in an interesting and engaging way. It begins as a straightforward adjusted edged box with the text and icon to designate the search region.

Be that as it may, when tapped on, the box diminishes itself to form a single line under the text. The icon on the box is likewise enlivened to change positions from left to right. Creator of this example has utilized both CSS, HTML and even a touch of JS to include that animating factor. At the point when a particular question is composed in, the search button in form of a straightforward bolt shows up on the right-hand side.


21. Expanding Search Box with Dropdown Filter

Expanding SearchBox

On the off chance that you are planning to utilize the search box as one of the components on your webpage, the straightforward design will be a decent decision. Blue shading is utilized for the call to action button which features and show the search choice.

In front of the search box, you have space to include a classification drop down choice. With no trade off in highlights, the developer has given you a decent looking search box design which you can use in a wide range of websites.


22. JavaScript Header Nav with Animated Search Box Expands

JavaScript Header Nav with Animated SearchBox

This one is a full page design which you can further use for your web based projects with some modification. At the top left, you have the choice to add your brand logo. And at the right, a search icon is present which on click changes into a search box.


23. JavaScript Search Button & Box Code SNippet

JavaScript Search Button

Do you remember seeing this animation somewhere else? I guess its in the Hamburger animation. You know how the hamburger menu transforms into a cross icon on click.

The same goes in this design. Instead of a hamburger menu icon, a search icon is present in here which changes to a cross icon and just below it, we have the space to type in.


24. Expanding Animated Search Box Using Jquery

Expanding Animated SearchBox

Smooth, spotless and very much coded, this CSS and JS search box example is one more shocker on our rundown today.

So smooth, so stunning, it is difficult to accept that the creator has figured out how to get this outcome with only CSS and a bit of JS. The basic navigating icon that grows and uncovers the search bar changes is a practically mesmerizing development.


25. Wikipedia Search Engine Using HTML CSS and JS Code

Wikipedia Search Engine Using HTML CSS and JS

You can relate this design to the Wikipedia Search engine. There is a search box for you to search for your items. Likewise there are two buttons to give you the appropriate results depending upon what you search.

You can surely use this into your website design or any of the projects.


26. Spotify Search UI Concept Example

Spotify Search UI

How would you make a search area that the two sticks out while not sticking out like an irritated thumb? Using some straightforwardness is one approach to do it.

Here we have a translucent search field that sits on top of a full screen picture. The white fringe is solid, in any case, and that makes for a decent special visualization while not overtaking the page.


27. JS Search Wikipedia With Rotating Button

JS Search Wikipedia With Rotating Button

On the off chance that you need to utilize a design with smooth animation, at that point this will be your alternative. On the off chance that click on the search icon, it rotates into a search bar giving a wonderful 3D impact. The search icon changes into the search bar. The foundation shading and the design truly makes this example excellent.

The JavaScript/JS, HTML and furthermore CSS is utilized for this search box or bar example, that you can implement int your website design. The basic code has improved this choice to learn search bar.


28. Advance Search Panel Box Example with JavaScript/JS

Advance SearchBox Example

As the name refers, this one is an advanced Search bar. At the top left, you can add your company logo. Likewise at the right, there is a search icon which on click shows up the search bar at the content area.

For the search bar, you have the text area, the option to search for a particular item, and setting option.


29. Conceptual Search Input Design Concept

Conceptual Search Input Design

Talking about inventive and innovative design, this enlivened search input is a fantastic choice. The blue and green gradient foundation jumps out according to the watchers. Furthermore, using HTML, CSS and JS/JavaScript search box example, the creator has figured out how to get this stunning final product for your website design. Starting out with what appears to be a straightforward white search icon, it changes it’s positioning just as extends to uncover the search region where the clients can enter their searches.

While everything including the sizing, hues, and even the text styles utilized are pre-defined. Be that as it may, you can change and customize it to your inclination if needs be.


30. Expandable JavaScript Increasing Input Search View

Expandable JavaScript Increasing Input Search

We just can’t get enough of the blue and white combination as here is one more marvelous example. A variety by Shaw, this too is enlivened to change from a straightforward icon to a search box using JS and CSS. Another detail that adds to the intrigue is the unpretentious shading change from a darker to the lighter shade alongside the progress.

The JavaScript search bar additionally includes a search button on the right-hand side which shows up and breaks down with the development of the bar. Quite straightforward yet viable in its own specific manner, this is an ideal method to actualize search boxes or bars on your site.


31. JS Expanding Input Search Bar Form Example

JS Expanding Input SearchBar

Steve Gardner, the creator of this amazing search box or bar form example has executed HTML, CSS just as combined JS/JavaScript codes to get this amazing outcome for your website design. The blue and white shading nearby the expert looking bars and icons are the point of convergence. Furthermore, obviously, the smooth animation and impacts make it all the more engaging for the clients.

Indeed, even the shading progress from light blue to a shade darker is spotless as anyone might imagine. The text region is related to a basic round-edged box with a search button as an afterthought. Everything about this is minimal and clean which settles on it the ideal decision regardless of what design your site follows.


32. Digital Static Search Box Animation

Digital Static SearchBox Animation

Making utilization of the stunning digital search, this example of JavaScript /JS search box or bar by Brandon Kennedy is another extraordinary expansion to our rundown today for your website.

Presently talking about the animation, on clicking the search icon, an impact shows up to display the search box where the clients can type in their inquiries.



Search fields can assume an imperative job in keeping clients on your website. Furthermore, the examples above are verification that you can give some valuable upgrades without a mess of additional exertion.

Thus, on the off chance that you’ve fail to give a lot of consideration with regards to the look and usefulness of your site’s search include, this will give you an extraordinary spot to begin.

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