People want instant result these days. They have more important work to do rather than stay and search something in internet. Considering same thing Google came in the rise by quickly giving users what they want. However, different application may have different thing to offer. Search bar is one of the important react native component that comes under user interface taking input from them and providing the result. A bad layout and people may not even consider using your application. Therefore take reference from one example or two of react search component and decide best one for your application.

Search facility came up to ease things in an ocean of contents. So, getting difficulty with the the search component itself is something absolutely unacceptable. There’s very very less chance that an application may not provide search option. Maybe some straight forward gaming applications may not have that however I still can give a number of examples on same category that does. Specially, if the application deals with document in any manner it must have the search feature. There are somethings that should be compulsorily considered while including search component and other thing that can completely change dynamics of your application. We shall discuss on same in detail with the contents to follow below.

React Search Component Examples With Source Code

You may think what else can you expect from a search bar besides showing relevant results. Wait till you see 15+ examples of react native search component that we have brought for you. It is intended to enhance your users search experience guiding your application another step closer to perfection.


Find a number of components for search interface from the examples below.

1. React Search UI

The react search UI component offers the user experience that your content deserves. You don’t even have to wait to press enter to get result because for every key up action a list of similar results are shown. Besides the search bar there are a number of component for better experience.

input search bar UI example

When you search for any queries there may be results from multiple categories. You have the option to filter further by those categories or sort on a number of basis. With features such as dynamic filter, search bar, autocomplete etc, the input search bar UI goes well from modern web applications to e-commerce sites.

Download from GitHub

2. Spresso Search

The Spresso search is a visual meta search engine built with TypeScript, React, Redux and Express. This search bar is not just a part of the react UI layout but can be considered as a complete UI component on itself. This is because it is very similar to google’s home page which is directly to the point. It knows that user is there for search operation so without any delay it directs to a page just containing search bar option to get things going.

search bar example

Download from GitHub

3. React Instant Search

This example of react search is a high level UI component to directly communicate with Algolia search engine’s API. It enables you to create a search application easily. This enables you to focus more on other UI components and important functionalities because you are free from understanding every component of the search engine.

react native input search bar example

If you’re still not convinced on why to use react instant search as your native search bar then I will give few more reasons. Firstly, its built with best search practices and follows react principles. Moreover, you can customize components at your will so feel free to give your own touch of perfection.

Download from GitHub

4. Reactive Search

Combine react and elastic search and in as a result your get a lovely application. This is because the resulting application gets UI components for building data driven search experiences. UI leads to user experience and with this layout you can save 10 times the time to focus on them since it handles all details.

react search component for all occasion

In the same package we get more than 30 themes that are lightning fast. Alternatively you can customize your components to integrate already built components easily. With cross platform support and custom queries support, it gives the result that users are looking for.

Download from GitHub

5. React Search Field

If you’re looking for an elegant search field component in react then have a look at this one. It looks as a simple and shy react input field that does some serious search operations. There are 3 basic ways to carry out the search operation here. First is to show results dynamically. That is for every set of keys entered, matching results are shown. Other options include search result on enter or click action. Either way you can choose the best one according to user preference.

react input search field

Download from GitHub

6. React Search Box

This example of react search bar is a simple input field that auto suggests the result as user types in. Auto suggest is very useful feature in situations where users may not know exactly how to proceed with their search. They may know just start or end or some part in the middle. A good search application must do alot of work expecting less input from user.

react autocomplete search bar example

Although the layout is really simple that doesn’t look to offer much there’s whole a lot you can do with it. You can define the operation for focus, for key input as well as change appearance to match your application’s theme. Furthermore, height and width isn’t a issue because all those things are customizable as per will.

Download from GitHub

7. React Instant Search

By now or even before you have known how search bar functions. You are just here to see a number of styles and additional features to add to it. So how about a react search component within a suggestion list. Suggestions are a great way to give idea to users about the offerings from the application. Even though user may not have thought of something in the beginning, a glance at the suggestion list and a number of things pop in their mind.

Instant Search

Demo | Code

8. React Movie Search

A react native search bar for every application, website or system dealing with movies whether that be a movie download or review site. The layout is beautiful in itself with collection of recent movies at display. If its not the recent movie that you are looking for simply type the movie title and on each instance you will get the relevant results. Keep typing until you get the result you have been looking for.

movie search

One thing that I hate in other search bar specifically one movie site is that as I search in the search bar a number of results appear but I need to select one of them to see detail. Well what if I am not sure about the movie and need to see the results in big layout rather than just dropdown. Sometime I just press enter thinking I will get into suggestion contents. However, I get into wrong movie by that. This component example of react native search bar removes that entirely. I hope that site also implements the same interface so that I can enjoy my movies with more peace.

Demo | Code

9. Search List with ReactJS

The example is very similar to native search bar result of any react application related to contact. However, I would wish this example to support search based on name as well as number. Currently search operation is on the basis of name only but this is just a prototype that can be developed in any way we like. You won’t see any search icon because the search results are asynchronous.

Search List

Demo | Code

10. React Search Filter

Another search bar that comes along some suggestion list to help users search even though they have no idea from where to start. The suggestion list is also the container for the search results. Therefore, as the users input their queries the results are filtered within the layout. We can really say the style is appealing because its just a plain layout with css just for font styles. However, alot can be done with customization for giving it the looks as we desire. We can’t complain much about the functionality though.

bootstrap search component

Demo | Code

11. React – simple search

This example of reach search component is similar like the one we just talked about. It is same in the sense that initially it comes with a suggestion list for users to think of. However, it search interface and result box are clearly distinctive unlike previous one. This one too supports asynchronous search as you type. However, search is based on single entity although there;s additional things linked along. It would be a real gem of an application if filtering could be done on the basis of a number of related entities.

simple search

Demo | Code

12. React Search Input

Finally our wish has been fulfilled. We have a simple react search component that will give results matching either of the available entity. Therefore, removing the dependency from single entity and giving users more freedom to search.

Search Input

It doesn’t always happen that the users are exactly aware of the entity. If that was the case they may not even require to perform the operation. However, providing results by taking less input from the search bar is the reflection of powerful react application.

Download from GitHub

13. React SearchKit

React search kit has the layout similar to GitHub. Talking about the operation of react native search component as you type the query in the input bar you see a number of results that can be filtered and sorted on the basis of a number of other criteria. Moreover, pagination allows better readability of the search results.

react kit

After more than 10 examples what this particular example of react search component has to offer? So the main features include easy to use UI components that can be overridden to give your custom touch. Alternatively, create your own extensible components in a simple way.

Download from GitHub

14. Real-time search with React

Another search component that comes with suggestion list at the very beginning because you know what they can do. Author came up with this react search component as a practice task while learning react. So, you may want to try some from the link below.

Real-time searching

Demo | Code

15. React Search Bar

Wanna catch some Pokemon? Well you need to find one before catching and what better place to start your search than a react search bar. This example of search component shows results as if they are slide down from the search interface. Styling seems fairly simple which may be included in the very Pokemon game for what reasons you will exactly know from the link below.

Search Bar

Demo | Code

16. React JS Search json

The final search component in the list is comparatively unique than other react examples. This is because unlike other search component this one looks like a static web page just showing some contents. However the entire screen except some at top is a result container. All the contents come as a part of result under their own category. Its only after we start typing further details are shown. However, you would like to give something more for users to get the search bar.

json react search

Demo | Code


The function of a search interface is fairly simple and common for almost all of those available there. However, its the matter of how comfortable your users feel with that interface. In this article we covered a range of features to provide for your search bar. So, put yourself in place of your users, know them and put what they would expect from the application of the best of your application.

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