Applications with power to give more while taking less input can’t stay out of sight for long. Take Google for an example. Do we even need to discuss how they came to rise? Google knows more about us than we do about our self. This is because they autocomplete our sentence right after starting. Similar feature requires implementation of react autocomplete / autosuggest component with javascript where with just a native textarea makes life whole easy.

The recommendation and suggestion system has been for a long time. A special focus has been turned towards them to improve the performance. From an android keyboard to e-commerce sites suggestions make things easy increasing the user experience. On top of that they are also one of the pillars for success since users don’t need to rely on external source.

Awesome React Autocomplete and Autosuggest Components

Thinking of having a auto suggest feature in your application to boost your applications popularity? You have come to the right place if so. We have covered a range of similar libraries ready to make your awesome right away. There’s only one condition to that. You will have to stick with us till the end to find out which will work best for you.


I wish I could autocomplete my sentence right here. However, there are some examples I would like you to see below before that.

1. React Autosuggest

The mobile friendly react autosuggest is a WAI-ARIA compliant which supports ARIA attributes and keyboard interaction. The react built component is highly customizable so that you can create autosuggest as per your custom requirement. These may include multiple sections and other.

Simple react autocomplete

Among the 4 types of native autocomplete in this react example, the first one is a basic suggestion layout showing all similar result without any category or type specification. Another one is multiple section with similar results showing as per their category which maybe in terms of date, album in case of music query and so on. Maybe you want a better UI with images and icons then apply your own style. Also long list appears in a scrollable manner.

Download from GitHub

2. React typeahead component

Mind your search history in YouTube or Netflix because this react native autocomplete component got no chill. The react library uses API from YouTube and Netflix to render suggestions on the basis of your video and show preferences.

React autosuggest textarea for youtube and netflix

Most of us including me might have a Google search bar as a widget in our phone’s home screen. How about a similar one for YouTube and Netflix? In fact, video streaming service is in rise these days and with these textarea widget made from react we can get autocomplete result and directly go to our favorite show. This little gap that react autocomplete textarea fills can be a matter of listening a spoiler or telling a spoiler.

Download from GitHub

3. React typeahead

React typehead is a javascript library that can do multiple things for your applications such as autocomplete a text, select multiple results or even provide a react-based type head.

react file search

The react javascript autocomplete tool works for any file name and its native file type as well. So don’t worry if you know only certain part of file name or know only what type of file that you are searching for since the library handles both very well.

Download from GitHub

4. React Places Autocomplete

In our previous post we discussed on components for google map but we forgot you may require a search bar first. As our apology we give you a javascript tool which will autocomplete your needs of place search queries.

autosuggest for google map

The library uses Google Maps Places Library along with providing full control on render to integrate with other libraries. Being an autosuggest you don’t have to depend on search button to see if you go correct input or not. With the feature of asynchronous google script loading your result is already there before you finish query.

Download from GitHub

5. Downshift

You can create an enhanced user experience with both autosuggest and dropdown feature from downshift. Not only autosuggest or dropdown but you can also create select or combobox component as bonus.

react autocomplete with downshift

The component that you will be getting are flexible and simple to use which maybe exactly what you were looking while searching for the autosuggest component.

Download from GitHub

6. React Tags

With react tags your application will support selection of multiple tags along with autosuggest for making things easy. I remember when I was working on my college project and I needed multiple time clock selection while giving option to users to easily cancel the selection. After few days of here and there working on both frontend and backend I finally got the solution. How I wish that I knew about this library tool back then so that I could focus on something more amazing.

react autofill textarea

Besides tag selection from suggestion we can also rearrange the ones already selected. All of these just from a simple library import.

Download from GitHub

7. React textarea autocomplete

Going a bit extra lets go beyond just autosuggestion for searching action lets see the implementation that all modern keyboards provide. The chemistry between two can be clearly seen when one completes the sentence of another. That’s why mobile phones are so important today. You don’t have to wait on words to come, just type few alphabets and let the library do the rest.

React textarea

The render function involves easy inclusion of emoji. Conversation is not complete without emojis these days and you should consider an easy way to include them. Just like react autocomplete textarea we have here.

Download from GitHub

8. Tokeninput component for React

How easy gmail has made it for us by with autosuggest for email contacts. You can achieve the same for your application with autosuggest on similar contacts along with multiple selection. It would be headache of next level if it wasn’t for gmail to think that same mail maybe for multiple people. Moreover, imagine an email marketing campaign with thousands of potential clients and you can’t send it in bulk. Now take a deep breath and feel relieved since that’s not the case.


Download from GitHub

9. React Autocomplete

When your application is dealing with small volume of data then you may see the suggestions instantly. However, it becomes an issue when there’s a ton of data to work with. By including a loading animation you can keep hold of even impatient users. Atleast feeling of things are being processed is better than no interaction at all.


Animation is the another feature of javascript library while autocomplete function is still the primary highlight. While most of the react autocomplete textarea will show just the similar results, it wouldn’t show how its similar. Here, the search query and similar result parts have faded font color while rest of the result portion are in normal font weight. Furthermore, category of the result are shown as a side label so that you can easily find the one result you are looking for.

Demo | Code

10. React Autosuggest

A native react autosuggest example with layout similar to a number of javascript library. Due to its simplicity it goes well with number of forms and search box to add functionality in your application. You may even find native autosuggest layout as default for a number of react applications.


Demo | Code

11. Autocomplete in React

There’s no denying that different people have different tendency to approach or different preference. When you ask some people which route they will follow while going from one place to another you can easily expect a number of different answers. Some may choose shortest route while some may prefer long route for their own reasons. So we have a autocomplete textarea with react and javascript if you’re a short pah person or go manually looking for every available options as dropdown for another.

Autocomplete  examples

The advantage is that if you know exactly what you are looking for then you can easily work with autosuggest. However, if you have no basis to work with dropdown still gives you a option to make things work.

Demo | Code

12. React Filter Box

In one of my native college projects I worked on search functionality (without react autocomplete though) by including different textarea for different tuples but wasn’t sure whether I should use OR logic or AND logic. Since some users maybe quite unsure what they are looking for they would prefer OR logic. However, some users might be looking for more accurate result by applying AND logic between multiple components. If I had the option for this react filter box I wouldn’t have to choose between user types. I could easily include both.

Filter Box examples

The filter box works like a normal SQL query but you don’t need to master that skill in order to use it. This is because the text area has autocomplete feature to support your search query. These suggestions will be provided on the basis of preceding selection so that you don’t have to worry about accuracy.

Download from GitHub

13. Autocomplete ReactJS

Animation goes very well with asynchronous loading option. Since you’re not reloading the content you may not even have any idea that you’ll get any result. As we said earlier loading animation is a great solution to that. However, you don’t have to stick with only traditional loaders since you can make a custom one to attract user’s attention even during waiting period.

React native autocomplete example for locations

For developers and designers with this react autocomplete you can make an agnostic component independent of any flux implementation or implement it to gain full control on autocomplete.

Demo | Code

14. React Autocompleted

Here you’ll see a react component which is based on container component design. This shows a list of suggestions from input file for every key up action.

multiple react autocomplete example for native applications

Some kind of tutorial is always helpful for users. However, shifting focus towards a separate tutorial can be extremely expensive. You also can’t expect a separate video tutorial for a simple search option. Just an addition of placeholder reflecting on examples of query can be helpful for this scenario.

Download from GitHub

15. React Email Autocomplete

Our previous post on form components we discussed on how forms should be intelligent, user friendly and should look towards accepting only correct format. While email validation was one of the part that we covered, email autocomplete is a feature that should come before it. Application focus shouldn’t be on just whether user input was correct or not but before that it should be intend to show correct format to users. Just an @ sign and a number of popular email service providers show up making things easy.

react autocomplete email example

The inspiration for the javascript autocomplete library comes from Jquery plugin. Also this react native autocomplete option just doesn’t add suggested result but highlights the expected result so that you can either select the suggestion or move on with typing.

Download from GitHub


Getting an react autocomplete bar or form label using javascript and other tools is fairly easy. Above it use of API from popular search engines and sites provide the data themselves. So you just need to consider proper management and user suitable layout. Consider user easiness while doing so and you will get user response that you are expecting.

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