The scrollbar is the pointer to move page either horizontally or vertically. The react custom scrollbar is also, same in the functional method but with custom style, their looks may differ. The scrollbar helps us to navigate through the web pages or applications. The scrollbar is movable in a predetermined direction only. Custom scrollbar in CSS or JavaScript scrollbar are really useful.

React scrollbar are popular because of their customizable property. These scrollbars are lightweight so the size and load time is fast. The custom scrollbar is popular because the user can change the style of the scrollbar as their wants.

As we know these scrollbars helps to make the page attractive so it raises the user’s experience. There are many types of react custom scrollbar found but in this article, we are going to discuss some custom scrollbar.

Best React Custom Scrollbars Component For Dynamic Content Scroll

Let’s discuss some react custom scrollbar in brief. The brief discussion on the react custom scrollbar are as below:


1. React Custom Scroll

React Custom Scroll is the different form of the scrollbar which is usable for the project. Among the three different types of the scrollbar, the first one seems a common type of scrollbar. The second scrollbar is clean and smooth but the last one is funny as giraffe image represents the scrollbar. The last two scrollbars only appear on the page hover so the user can have a clear view of the content on the page.

Custom Scrollbar

This custom scrollbar is available with the full documentation and guideline to use. This project is available in Github so its open source and you can easily use it in your project. The scrollbar is clean and also, it works smoothly too.


2. React scrollbars component

This react scrollbars are customizable as well as it is native scrollbars for mobile devices. There are four types of custom scrollbar available to use. All of this scrollbar is smooth and has lots of features that we love to use them in our projects. The scrollbar has some scroll effect to the page for the user experience.


This project provides full documentation on the use of the scrollbar. The guideline is there with the required information for installation into the project. This project is one of the popular for custom scrollbar because of its features.


3. SimpleBar

SimpleBar is simple scrollbar with documentation and lots of different scrollbars to choose. It lets you design the scrollbars as per the user wants as well as it is lightweight. SimpleBar supports every modern version of the browsers. This custom scrollbar replaces the default scrollbar.


We can use SimpleBar by just importing it to the project. We can download and use it in our project. There is a serious note which says SimpleBar is not meant to be used on the body element.


4. Custom Scroll Bar for Chrome

This custom scrollbar is by Mathieu Richard in Codepen. This is CSS scrollbar with understandable code. There are five different types of scrollbar. The scrollbar is clean and simple so they can be easily integrated into the projects. The use of CSS helps to apply style for the customization of the scrollbar.

Custom Scroll Bar for Chrome

These scrollbars are specially designed for the chrome browser. We can see minimal use of the elements in the code also the simple CSS makes it easy for the customization.


5. Custom ScrollBar

Custom ScrollBar is a simple example of a scrollbar that uses CSS and JavaScript. The user can scroll through the article and we can see the scrollbar scrolling with the article. This is the normal type of scrollbar. The simple use of the syntax helps make scrollbar be usable for the projects.

custom scrolling

The eventListner in JavaScript plays a major role in scrolling of the scrollbar on the mouse’s movement.


6. CSS Scroll Bars

This example has lots of scrollbar option available also this is CSS scrollbar. This example is popular due to its verities in the scrollbar. The scrollbar is of different colors and style as well as with effects. Also, the custom scrollbar in CSS may boost the user experience while surfing through that screen.

CSS Scroll

This is a great example of custom scrollbar CSS related. Use of major elements of CSS has made this really simple to use and understand.


7. Scrollbar component for React

This scrollbar is built for the react application. Its easy for the user to use this scrollbar as the guidelines for using this scrollbar is really easy and simple. The scrollbar is for both x-axis as well as for y-axis. The CSS is fully customizable. The position of the scrollbar is also totally customizable. We can change the scroll speed by changing the mouse wheel speed.

Custom Scrollbar

We can see full documentation on the project. This scrollbar has support for all app. Also, one of the main features of this scrollbar is, it supports touch screen too.


8. React scrollbars custom

This is another preferable scrollbar with different types of the scrollbar. This acts as the native browser scrollbar. Its universally supported by every browser. The zoom in the screen is also supported by this scrollbar too. This is fully customizable so the user can create their own type of scrollbar.

React Custom Scrollbar

The documentation and guideline in this project are available in a proper format. The explanation of every class or element is given to the user so it would be easy for the user.


9. React custom scrollbars

This is a custom scrollbar for react application that behaves like a native scrollbar. The scrollbar is visible only when the mouse hovers over the article. The example includes all the file, so the user can understand it. The use of JavaScript is clear. The JavaScript does all the main work. It is the source of the data. The data is then passed to HTML.

React Custom  Scrollbar

This can be a good example of JavaScript scrollbar. We can customize the style of scrollbar from the javaScript file. This example is available in Codesandbox where you can test it.



We have lots of scrollbars that we can use in our project. Also, some CSS and some uses JavaScript but all of them are customizable. The scrollbar helps bring ease in scrolling through the screen. Some use the animation effect too. The major feature for scrollbar must be lightweight because it helps to scroll in a smooth way. As well as it needs to act as a native scrollbar. The universal browser support will make scrollbar available for every browser.

The custom scrollbar can be really useful as we can use scrollbar as per our wants. Though there are lots of choices, we need to select clean, lightweight as well as smooth scrollbar for our project.

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