Pictures are simple and effective way to give information on a short instant. They can create a quick impression in the mind of users. A collection of slideshow gives the user idea of the page’s offering. You can create a simple slider using CSS only or add some dynamic animation effects using react JS carousel component. Depending upon each requirement we have a number of example for react JS carousel including jQuery carousel.

React JS carousel are lightweight yet flexible components for website. Flexible in the sense that this comes with a number of configuration options like transition behavior, speed and so on. They save space while giving away as much information as possible in a sequence of pattern. However, using these carousel may not be for every website. They must be implemented so that they don’t cause any distraction or confusion but rather should be used in a right way. Some of that could be introduction related content in home page, collection of images in gallery section or small suggestion section for related contents.


15+ Different ReactJS Carousel Slider Component Collection With Source Code

Here we have a collection of more than 15 react JS carousel examples with demo and source code to discuss with you:

1. React BootStrap Carousels

Basically, we have a slider here which can be seen on so many websites today. The elements which can be either image or slides of text can navigate on both direction making cyclic slideshow. That means once the navigation reaches the end of slide, navigation on same direction will show slide located at first place. However, the react carousel is not responsible for normalizing dimension of slides. So you may need to work on that separately.

React carousel slider example
Carousel Slider Example

You can check the code and further details from here.

2. Minimal carousel component for React

This example of react carousel uses two directions for sliding to next one. Horizontal is set to default. In this style slide go in the horizontal direction i.e. left to right and vice versa. Another slide option is vertical where slide style is from top to bottom and vice versa.

The change of slide changes the entire background so it feels as if we got into completely new page. The slide show is automatic but indicators are present for navigation. However, the present slide pointer can’t be used for navigation purpose. They just provide information on slide’s position.

React carousel example
Multiple style carousel slider

In this react carousel all attributes are optional. Check further details or download this open source from GitHub.

3. React Carousel Image Gallery

You might want to check this react JS carousel in mobile if possible. This is because of swipe support feature. Most carousels offer at most 2 navigation options whereas this one offers 4 navigation options: left/right indicators, dotted pointer, swiping and direct selection in mini gallery.

What mini gallery you may ask? So this example of carousel contains a large single image first and below are all other images in the slide just below it. Thumbnails just to summarize the things.

React carousel
React Gallery

Talking about settings, there are a number of configuration option available. The first one resides within the slide and allows whether or not to allow automatic slideshow. Other settings include play interval, slide duration, thumbnail positioning and so on. In addition, the carousel slider works for both video and images making it a complete gallery package. Check the complete documentation from GitHub.

4. React id swiper

Is a cool touch slider what you are looking for? Is your intended target mobile users? Are you looking to implement the slider in mobile application ? If yes, the you don’t need to go anywhere else.

React id swiper
Coverflow carousel

The carousel example here consists of slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior know as Swiper. It can cause compatibility issue with older browsers or non mobile applications so you need to choose this react JS carousel wisely for maximum result. Click here to see more on this.

5. React Responsive Carousel

This is a light weight, powerful and customizable carousel component for react apps. Responsive design, mobile friendly layout, swipe sliding, auto play, navigation setup, multi type support are few among many amazing features. Notable changes from other react JS carousels are inclusion of caption in image which makes background darker on hovering. Moreover, on top right corner you can see current image’s position and total number of images in the slide. Finally, the navigation indicator have darker yet low opacity black background.

Responsive carousel slider example
Responsive Carousel

If you want to contribute to this carousel design please feel free to go to the link or may even discuss on any issue you face.

6. React Coverflow

The inspiration seems to come from apple’s iTunes. We can see similar kind of layout for music in iTunes where one can slide across the cover images of album or artist. Clicking on the cover image would show music available under that category and ultimately allow to play it.

slider for music cover
React Coverflow

Current selection stays with no orientation towards z-axis wheres adjacent and remaining slides make certain angle with z-axis. This carousel slider supports scroll in component, optional navigation buttons offers various property.

7. React cards and slick carousel

You may feel like booking your next vacation after watching this react cards and slick carousel example. This is a very creative and efficient way to deliver content on vacations and tour related offerings. The front end shows images of destination and upon hover some details appear within the image on translucent black background. The details may be option to book the vacation, reviews or itinerary information. Regardless of the actual implementation it will be great visual treat for visitors.

Sliders for travelling
Travel Sliders

Selecting and dragging seems to navigate the items but doesn’t feel smooth. It can be compatibility issue which won’t exist for mobile version. Get source code for this react JS carousel from here.

8. Simple React carousel

A simple example of react carousel shows the power of jQuery carousel by disseminating powerful slide content. Like other carousels the slideshow is bidirectional and cyclic but the transition from last slide to first slide feels really smooth. Moreover, unlike few other carousels jump from one slide to another say from first to third doesn’t go through slides that are in between them. This gives a smooth slideshow for users something that should be considered while designing carousel.

Simple carousel

Demo and code available from check by clicking here.

9. React Carousel

If you’re looking for some cool carousel for projects related to social media then this one might just be for you. Not exactly to the Instagram’s layout but this one surely gives similar vibes.

carousel for social media
React Carousel

Author Maxime Preaux gives a small amount of delay in between the image slide. This can make one feel as if its not change of the image rather transformation from same image to another. Indicators occupy half of the width each like two buttons of half the screen size on a mobile phone. Code and demonstration available from code pen.

10. React Image Slider

The react image slider includes the indicator buttons within the slide which optimizes the space to certain degree. The transition effect is like the newer image is overlapping the older one like that of a card distribution. A photo album on Facebook might follow same design while viewing.

React slider
React Image slider

However, one flaw found was that navigation from first to last image wasn’t possible but inverse functioned properly. This makes this example of react JS carousel unidirectional to some extent. See if you can improve the code by clicking here.

11. React carousel

This jQuery carousel example seems to be mixture of a calendar view and native media player design making it a good component to design a sticky calendar or even minimized version of a music player.

carousel examples

The code requires each adjacent content 1,2,3,4,5 in this case to be defined together in JavaScript. Meanwhile, CSS deals with background color of each content and positioning details. Since its a simple jQuery carousel example with few lines of code, there’s obviously a lot of changes one can offer to improve or even implement in your project. Do you think you could offer any improvement for this one?

12. Carousel react

Judging by the amount of CSS and JavaScript code this one is a clear example of jQuery carousel. The react carousel hugely depends on JavaScript by contributing about 70% of the behavior and features.

Carousel react  code

Like in many carousels, the one currently in selection is focused and on center while remaining are slightly smaller with faded content.The transition is bidirectional but not cyclic and indicators have to be triggered for slideshow.

Find code and demo for the react carousel example here.

13. Carousel component built with React

Maybe entire react community was brought together by this carousel design. The count results to a total of 1079 commits and 117 contributors subsequently making 23 releases.

Source code for carousel
React from GitHub

Before trying this example of great team work you may want to install some CSS and font style as suggested in document. You can try this react carousel using code sandbox or import using link provided here. There are nearly 30 different examples to choose from. These examples range from simple slider to having multiple variable width slides within and many more type of react JS carousel.

14. React AwesomeSlider

Author defines this example of react carousel named awesomeslider as extendable, highly, customizable, production ready react component. The slider is capable of rendering both image and video.

Best animated carousel examples
Animated Carousel

One key inclusion that stands this from rest is the animation of indicators. The indicators disappear in a flexible fashion indicating slideshow. There are multiple types of transition effect. The first one is a simple transition from left to right and vice versa. Other effects are folding and scale-out effects. These effects add dynamic feeling of looking at a rotating cube and overlapping of image respectively. Finally, we also have touch enabled carousel slider which may not work on PC browsers. So get your smart phones and try it here.

15. React items carousel

This looks to be another promising jQuery carousel design in react community. You can go through the documentation and also be a contributor by following the instructions provided. Click here and find what it has to offer.

React Source code
React GitHub

By default there are 3 cards for the demo but simple props are available allowing users to configure the carousel as per requirement. Settings also include free flow option, number of slides to scroll and son on.

16. React Animated Slider

What could be possible requirements when designing a slider? Selection among vertical or horizontal transition? Autoplay or trigger slides? Smooth transition effects? You just name it, this react animated slider contains all. What’s more interesting is that it includes text animation over image slides. As a result of change in slide the previous text simply fades away, new slides shifts in and the next text content appear comparatively slowly.

Animated slider
React animated slider

You can check the demo for jQuery carousel by following here. Easy choice for implementation of this jQuery carousel slider could be a electronic e-commerce site. These designs could be basically used in home page, suggestion bar, product show case etc along with link to purchase or see details available through text content.

17. Pure React Carousel Component

This one is acyclic carousel slider that supporting swipe functionality. Besides swiping and mouse trigger the carousel has functionality to use key combination for sliding. This means you don’t need to worry about mouse interfering slides if it was issue previously. There are five combinations provided for next slide, previous slide, first slide, last slide and enabling/disabling autoplay.

Carousel example
Carousel component

For this react JS carousel a set of eight props are available. They are for rendering controls in different positions around the carousel. Option to improve accessibility is present in the form of voice over message every time slide changes. You may want to practice yourself after hearing this so go on to the code by clicking here.


To conclude things few of the react carousel examples described above gives the idea to depict information in pictorial way and how to arrange them in a best possible way matching the needs. Codes are available for you to test yourself and learn more. So go through the codes and try things that will best suit your project. Also check our other contents on web designing for more.

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