In technical term loader are elements of the system that are responsible to load important libraries and programs during startup. This happens on the background and users may not exactly know what’s happening yet there’s need of informing the users that their work is progressing. React loader, react progress bar and react spinners can represent this background process for users in an efficient manner. Moreover ajax loader gives the result automatically on the completion without reloading. This makes loading spinner function as visual enhancement.

The react loader maybe a simple loop of graphics with or without textual description whereas react progress bar must align with task completed. This gives users accurate information about completion of process and estimated time remaining. As a result this will improve user experience with the application.

After going through collection of more than 10 react loader, react spinners and react progress bar here you’ll find out how to create and implement them. They are relatively based on basics of CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.


React Loader/Spinner/Progress Bars Component For Web and App Developer

Confusion comes with lack of variety or tones of variety. You may want to check these react loader and progress bars to find out which one suits your needs the most.

1. React Top Loading Bar

As the name suggests, this react loader shows progress bar at the top. There are multiple options for this react progress bar.

The first is start continous loading bar. This results in ajax loader to start from beginning and progress bar increases in certain amount after certain interval. There are also options to increase the progress bar by 10%, 30% and 50%. Static loading bar causes load bar to load only up to certain level. Another option of complete loads the progress bar to full level.

React Progress Bar

Besides, there’s also option to change appearance. That is change color exhibits different colors for load bar and help buttons.

Demo Code

2. React Spinners Kit

Author Dmitry Morozoff gives us more than 30 react spinners. These loading spinner will definitely meet needs of a number of applications.

React spinners and react progress bars

Demo shows varieties of shapes. Moreover, they exhibit different behaviors. Games, movie websites, health applications etc. are few areas implementing such react spinners. Not only for loading but these loading spinner can be used for screensavers as well.


3. RC Progress

Synchronized react progress bar and loading spinner is what this topic offers. Although both react loader will serve the same purpose its the matter of which feels appealing and aligns with other front end components of application.


RC Progress

4. React Block UI

React block UI has feature of disabling some UI components for users based on some condition. This feature will come in handy for applications which may offer different packages of service. Premium users may have access to all while other package users are not allowed to use some contents. Moreover, there is also a separate component which works with redux to help block and unblock automatically based on redux action types.


React progress bar

5. React Loaders

These are another set of light weighted react loader. 25+ different loaders make loading screen attractive.

Loading Spinner

All of these react loader are automatic and don’t respond to mouse action. Since they are repeated; these react loader don’t reflect on how much progress is complete. It’s like playing in a repeat mode subsequently, giving impression of static loading element.

Rotating balls and related loading spinner are like universal loader. If in any confusion go for them and it will still match the needs. Similarly, line scale loading spinner are good match for music and sound relevant topics.


6. React Progress Button

Initially the demo contains of two similar buttons. Once the button is clicked a circular loading animation is shown for a while. The end result is two different type of buttons. This shows the dynamic nature of the ajax loader.

Ajax Loader

Take an example of verification system. Say user credentials are asked from user interface. If correct credentials is correct loader subsequently results in button leading entry to desired page. However, if credentials are incorrect display danger react spinner.


7. Progress Label Component

This react loader contains three concentric rings of different colors. Colors circulate in its own orbit suggesting progess on the background.

React loader

The loading spinner shows interrelation between multiple tasks that contributes to progress bar. Furthermore, the progress label component comes with few setups. Some of them being setting start and end degree, progress width, track width and likewise corner width.


8. React Loading

We have another set of react loaders here. Author indicates importing from different react libraries to achieve these loader.

Balls seem to be in a queue fashion exiting from right end and entering from left. This shows loader’s possible implementation on queue management system. Furthermore, react progress bar and bubbles that move forward by increasing its length indicates progress in loading.

React progress bar

Many of these loading spinner are encountered in our daily computer and mobile application usage. Mostly while opening the system.


9. React Redux Loading Bar

The react loader by Mironov not only demonstrates the loading spinner or progress bar but shows the after result also. As the user enters fetch photos a top progress bar appears and upon completion displays few photos in slider fashion. This is a good example of AJAX loader. Since reloading is not necessary this improves the user experience.


Ajax loader

10. React Loader

Consider a website is going through some maintenance or is down. What should be done in this situation ? Simple solution is to display a web page with react loader same as this displaying maintenance break or some similar information. This not only responds to the current need but shows professionalism while delivering informative content.


react loader

11. React Spin Kit

React spin kit is a collection of loading indicators animated with CSS for react. According to the author this version of react loader currently only supports Browserify and webpack.

Spin Kit

Users have option to configure few set ups if necessary. However, by default the spinkits will fade its spinner at 1 second. Detail configuration manual for client side and server side has been mentioned in the document by author for further reference,



This commercial site offers a range of premium react spinners and react loader. However, some compatibility might be encountered over different browsers. IE at least partially supports CSS animation and transformation whereas SMIL isn’t compatible for older versions.

React progress bar and loading spinner

Different library and modules are available in this site to enhance loading feature for web projects. Besides custom loader generator, source code are present in the site make sure to check them out.


13. React LoadCon

Initially you’ll need an eagle eye to notice demonstration for react loadcon. Can’t find it ? we’ll help you. The loading action reflects on tab bar for the web page.

Ajax loader and loading spinner

Although, inclusion of loader is cool on the page itself, using such react loader improves the experience for viewers. No matter how how cool a loading bar is it won’t make viewers wait for an eternity. Specially when user wants to be notified of action being completed, they prefer such features.


14. React Progress Label

Author Swift Carrot uses progress label components from KAProgressLabel with svg. The working mechanism of progress label has been mentioned before where progress start degree, end degree, progress complete, progress width, border width etc are defined as per requirement.

Progress spinner

Circular loading spinner are popular while starting systems. Furthermore gives the impression that system is being ready rather than leaving users in confused state.


15. React Content Loader

The react loader and spinners offered by danilowoz are SVG-powered component. They easily help to create placeholder loadings.

The main features of this loader are freedom of customization. Like in other few loading spinner, this one allows changing colors, speed and sizes. Moreover, they can be directly implement this sort of loading theme is what you are looking for.

React progress bar and loading spinner code

Lightweight loaders and content customization ability makes this react loader one of the universal loader of blog and social media related applications.


16. React Loader

The react loader is another example of ajax loader showing certain result after loading is complete. In this case a simple hello world appears after certain duration of circular bar loading. Reload button allows repetition of effect once again.

Ajax loader

Being an AJAX loader, asynchronous request is used to load data and loader is used to cover up until then. Author also describes few instructions for proper implementation of the AJAX loader. This includes tutorials on styling, JavaScript codes and usage.


17. React Ladda

This react loader has about 148 commits and 15 contributors till the date. With 12 releases this example of react loader seems to have gone through multiple enhancements fulfilling growing needs.

React loader and loading spinner code

The button is a react component responsible for rendering the desired result. Loading and progress set up are available to customize the loader. However, styling is not provided but can be done using simple CSS.



Summarizing all, there can be lag of even a few seconds for small applications while large sized applications need some time to load all the contents. Sometimes, it may not even be lag of the application. Internet connection be slow causing such effects. However, applications and web pages need to consider this while designing. Users needs to be aware that their work is in progress. Its just a matter of time before getting result.

React loaders, progress bars and spinners offer simple solution to this problem. They are relatively low weight and simple. A number of react loader easily matches the business requirements. Moreover, instructions provide customization of source code. This results in developing a loader uniquely matching any needs.

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